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Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR)

Istituzione Pubblica
Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR)
Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Bruxelles
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel + 32 (0)2 507 84 44
fax + 32 (0)2 507 82 00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Gerhard Richter  4 7
René Magritte  230 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 1161 477
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 420 71
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 380 97
  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), USA 258 200
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spagna 229 364

 Mostre   1
29.03. - 20.08. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
  Mostra personaliYves Klein Theatre Of The Void
anno di fondazione: 1928
 Mostre anteriori   201
  Mostra personaliPol Bury In The Centre. Discover The Archives

  Mostra personaliPicasso. Sculptures
  Mostra collettiveA Feverish Era In Japanese Art - Expressionism In The 50’S And 60’S
  Mostra personaliJafar Panahi - three photos from the series 'les nuages'.
  Mostra collettiveCongo Art Works Popular Painting
  Mostra collettiveThe Power of the avant-garde
  Mostra collettiveFacing The Future - Art In Europe 1945-68
  Mostra personaliAmos Gitai - Chronicle Of An Assassination Foretold
  Mostra collettiveOpen Spaces | Secret Places. Works From The Sammlung Verbund, Vienna
  Mostra personaliAfter Scale Model: Dwelling In The Work Of James Casebere
  Mostra collettiveDey Your Lane ! Lagos Variations
  Mostra personaliVincen Beeckman - The Gang
  Mostra collettiveNext Generation, please
Description Mostra collettiveImagine Europe - In Search Of New Narratives
  Mostra personaliEverything Architecture
  Mostra personaliTheo Van Doesburg - A New Expression Of Life, Art And Technology
  Mostra personaliRembrandt In Black & White
  Mostra personaliDaniel Buren - A Fresco
Description Mostra collettiveThe Power Of The Avant-Garde

  Mostra personaliTina Gillen
  Mostra collettiveImagine Istanbul
  Mostra personaliPascale Marthine Tayou - Boomerang
  Mostra collettiveYoung Belgian Art Prize 2015
  Mostra personaliMekhitar Garabedian - Un Bel Été Quand Même
  Mostra personaliJuergen Teller - Pictures Of Vivienne Westwood
  Mostra personaliThe Honey Dress - A film by Jean-Philippe Toussaint
  Mostra personaliAnne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Work On Paper
  Mostra personaliOla Vasiljeva. The Limp Of A Letter
Description Mostra collettiveVisionary Structures. From Johansons To Johansons
  Mostra collettiveFACES NOW. European Portrait Photography since 1990

  Mostra personaliKader Attia - Continuum Of Repair: The Light Of Jacob's Ladder
  Mostra collettiveThe Yellow Side Of Sociality - Italian Artists In Europe
  Mostra collettiveWoman - The Feminist Avant-Garde Of The 1970S - Works From The Sammlung Verbund, Vienna
  Mostra collettiveWHERE WE'RE AT! Other voices on gender
  Mostra collettiveNo Country For Young Men
  Mostra personaliMichael Borremans - As sweet as it gets
  Mostra personaliZurbaran

  Mostra personaliJonas Mekas / The Fluxus Wall
  Mostra personaliBert Danckaert - No Exit
  Mostra personaliHamza Halloubi - Nature Morte
  Mostra collettiveYoung Belgian Art Prize 2013
  Mostra personaliOn Kawara. One Million Years
  Mostra personaliMichelangelo Antonioni.
  Mostra personaliGiorgio Morandi
  Mostra personaliValerie Mannaerts - Orlando
  Mostra personaliClaudio Parmiggiani
  Mostra personaliManiac Shadows
  Mostra collettiveChanging States: Contemporary Irish Art & Francis Bacon’s Studio
  Mostra personaliNeo Rauch - The Obsession of the Demiurge - Selected Works 1993-2012
  Mostra personaliAntoine Watteau
  Mostra personaliA.W.-M.P.-13-2013

  Mostra personaliMichelangelo Pistoletto - Multiconfessionele En Seculiere Bezinningsplaats
  Mostra personaliColour One
  Mostra personaliMonument Film
  Mostra personaliFurniture Designer
  Mostra personaliApplications Et Autres Chantiers
  Mostra personaliConstant Permeke - Retrospectieve
  Mostra personaliThierry De Cordier
  Mostra personaliNudes
  Mostra personaliCharif Benhelima
  Mostra personaliHere, Anywhere
  Mostra collettiveSense of Place - European Landscape Photography
  Mostra personaliJunctions
  Mostra personaliPanos Kokkinias
  Mostra collettiveStage And Backstage
  Mostra personaliI Don't Know Why
  Mostra personaliKurt Ryslavy: Nothing is readymade
  Mostra personaliRetrospective - Per Kirkeby
  Mostra personaliCy Twombly - Photographs 1951–2010

Description Mostra personaliRoman Polanski
Description Mostra personaliPaulo Mendes da Rocha
Description Mostra collettiveArt In Brazil (1950 - 2011)
  Mostra collettiveExtremes - Photographie Brésilienne 1840/2011
  Mostra personaliDyptich Series - Jérôme Latteur
Description Mostra collettiveBeyond the Document - Contemporary Belgian Photographers
Description Mostra collettiveThe Power of Fantasy - Modern and Contemporary Art from Poland
Description Mostra collettiveJeff Wall - The Crooked Path
  Mostra personaliJordi Colomer - What is to come
  Mostra personaliMaurice Frydman - Plasticités
  Mostra personaliLuc Tuymans. Retrospective

  Mostra personaliJack Freak Pictures
  Mostra personaliKnockin' on heaven's door
  Mostra collettiveUn Rêve Utile: Photographie Africaine 1960-2010
  Mostra personaliRoger Ballen - Rétrospective
Description and image Mostra collettiveEl Ángel Exterminador - A Room for Spanish Contemporary Art
  Mostra personaliShaping Forces
  Mostra personaliJunctions
  Mostra collettiveEl horizonte del topo | The Mole's Horizon
  Mostra personaliEl Greco
Description Mostra collettiveFrida Kahlo y su mundo

  Mostra collettiveStill Life - Chinese Contemporary Photography
  Mostra collettiveThe State of Things
  Mostra collettivel'union fait la forme
  Mostra personaliJan de Cock
  Mostra personaliSophie Calle
Description and image Mostra collettiveBernar Venet & Jacques Charlier - Disorder
  Mostra personaliRobbrecht & Daem - Pacing through Architecture

  Mostra personaliJean-Marc Bustamante - Le Grand Tour
  Mostra collettiveCobra & Co - Engravings and prints
  Mostra collettiveActually, I am someone
  Mostra personaliCrossing Surda
Description and image Mostra collettiveNever-Part - Histories of Palestine
Description Mostra personaliThe hundred and eight Torments of Mankind
  Mostra personaliBae, Bien-U - Sacred Wood
  Mostra personaliKimsooja - Lotus: Zone of Zero 2008
  Mostra personaliYoung-Jae Lee - 111 Bowls
  Mostra personaliPlan for yhe Big Brawl
Description and image Mostra collettiveIt's not only Rock 'n' Roll, Baby!
  Mostra personaliSioux in Paradise
  Mostra personaliJan Fabre: le temps emprunté
  Mostra personaliPaul Klee - Theater here, there and everywhere
  Mostra collettiveLes Archives de l´Imagination
  Mostra personaliFilip Dujardin

  Mostra collettiveMelting ice
  Mostra collettiveIngenium.Photographie et Ingeniosite 1846 - 2006
  Mostra personaliCandida Höfer
  Mostra collettiveHell'o monsters
  Mostra collettiveVisit(e) - Art contemporain en Allemagne - Sélection de la collection d'art contemporain de la République Fédérale d'All
   A Vision for Brussels Imagining The Capital Of Europe
  Mostra collettiveRegards sur l'Europe - L'Europe et la peinture allemande du XIXe siècle
  Mostra collettiveKristall
  Mostra personaliJan Lauwers - Restlessness
  Mostra personaliSan Keller
  Mostra collettiveAtmos

  Mostra personaliA4 - Xavier Mary
  Mostra personaliFaire un éffort: Tris Vonna-Michell - Down the rabbit-holl
  Mostra collettiveClick Double Click
  Mostra personaliJana Sterbak
  Mostra collettiveclick doubleclick, the documentary factor
  Mostra collettiveArt'itudes
  Mostra personaliAcid on my Sphinx
  Mostra personaliThéo Van Rysselberghe

  Mostra personaliRaphaël Van Lerberghe - A4
  Mostra personaliSerhiy Bratkov
  Mostra collettiveFreespace
  Mostra personaliPassage
  Mostra collettiveRussian avant-garde
Description Mostra personaliLili Dujourie
  Mostra personalii miss you
Description and image Mostra personaliThe Return of the Swallows - Five Years in the Making - Els Dietvorst
Description Mostra personaliFaçade 5 - Luc Deleu
  Mostra collettiveVisionary Belgium,C’est arrivé près de chez nous
Description Mostra collettiveMagritte Privé
Description Mostra collettiveBelgique visionnaire
Description Mostra collettiveIntimités photographiques - 13 femmes et un chien

Description Mostra personaliRevolution/Restoration part 2
  Mostra personaliDenkmal 23 - Jan De Cock
Description and image Mostra personaliKarel Appel. Itinéraire Voyage de Rudi Fuchs au coeur de l'art du Pays-d'En-Bas
Description Mostra personaliAyse Erkmen - Installation d'Art Contemporain
Description Mostra collettiveFreespace
Description Mostra personaliJean Arp. L'invention de la forme

  Mostra personaliRik Wouters

  Mostra personaliDu mentir-faux

  Mostra personaliMark Wallinger

  Mostra personaliLygia Clark
  Mostra personaliWilliam Kentridge
  Mostra collettiveAustria Im Rosennetz
  Mostra personaliPeter Friedl

  Mostra personaliKurt Ryslavy - Verkaufswerk N° 18
  Mostra collettiveDe kunst van het verzamelen

  Mostra personaliAugust Sander

  Mostra personaliAlighiero e Boetti - Origine et Destination

  Mostra collettiveBuren – Parmentier
  Mostra collettivePictures for the Sky: Art Kites

  Mostra personaliJohn Baldessari: Oeuvres Recentes

  Mostra personaliGilbert & George - the complete pictures 1971 - 1985

Description and image Mostra collettiveLa Metropole Retrouvée

  Mostra personaliMarcel-G. Lefrancq

  Mostra personaliPanamarenko

  Mostra collettiveAmerican Art in Belgium

  Mostra personaliGerhard Richter. Peintures 1962 - 1975

  Mostra personaliFestival Europalia-France 1975

  Mostra personaliKonrad Klapheck
  Mostra personaliRobert Ryman
  Mostra personaliLouise Nevelson

  Mostra collettiveHenry Moore to Gilbert & George: Modern British Art from the Tate Gallery

  Mostra collettiveMetamorphose de Dinges

  Mostra collettiveGerhard Richter, Blinky Palermo, Günther Uecker

  Mostra personaliMax Beckmann

  Mostra personaliRauschenberg: Illustrations for Dante's Inferno
  Mostra personaliArshile Gorky - paintings and drawings

  Mostra personaliMatta

  Mostra collettiveDynamo – Mack, Piene, Uecker
  Mostra collettiveCastellani et Manzoni

  Mostra personaliRozo
  Mostra collettiveArt Espagnol contemporain

  Mostra personaliAlexander Calder
  Mostra personaliGiuseppe Santomaso
  Mostra personaliScanavino
  Mostra personaliVasarely - Peinture Cinétique

  Mostra personaliLasar Segall

  Mostra collettiveThe New American Painting

  Mostra collettiveHiroshima 1945 - door Iri Maruki en Toshiko Akamatsu
  Mostra personaliPaul Klee

  Mostra personaliPicasso - Guernica
  Mostra personaliDeyrolle
  Mostra personaliHerbin

  Mostra personaliJulio Gonzalez
  Mostra personaliFranz Marc

  Mostra personaliVasarely

  Mostra collettiveE.L.T. Mesens présente trois peintres surréalistes René Magritte, Man Ray et Yves Tanguy
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