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Private Galerie
Christel Dillbohner - e-announcement April/May 2006 (Don Soker)
Christel Dillbohner – Nach der Natur @ Don Soker Contemporary Art
Christel Dillbohner – Nach der Natur @ Don Soker Contemporary Art
  Christel Dillbohner

Nach der Natur

at Don Soker Contemporary Art

49 Geary Street, 4th floor, San Francisco, CA 94108

10:30 - 5:30 tues. - fri. / 11 - 5 sat.
Phone: 415.291.0966

The exhibition continues through

May 13, 2006

Christel Dillbohner is born and educated in Germany. Widely travelled throughout Europe, the United States and many countries in Asia, she lives in Berkeley, California where she maintains her studio and resides for relatively short periods of time between her travels. She is a passionate reader and researches cultural patterns and ideas whenever and wherever she lands.

"I have been interested in the layers and sedimentations of history and the occurrences in the natural world for some time now. In my work, I plot the co-ordinates of events in space and time, thus making connections between the past and the present. I also study closely the traces that specific events leave behind - on the mind, soul, and body. The results of this research are the theme of my solo exhibition at Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, called Nach der Natur.

Its central piece is a multipaneled "wax engraving" on paper. In seventeen one-hour sessions, I engraved W.G. Sebald's prose poem "Nach der Natur" into a layer of wax, which was applied on blackened mulberry paper (69" x 190"). After completion I then glazed the wax with white oil paint, which makes the fine (filigree) markings of my writing visible.

Sebald's "Elementargedicht" consists of three chapters, quasi a Triptych which introduces the vitae of three men and their conflict between the human condition and nature:

• A detailed description of the master piece by the 15th century German painter M. Grünewald, interspersed with his biographical details

• An account of the explorer G.W. Steller's travel with Vitus Bering's expedition to Kamchatka in the 1730s

• W.G. Sebald's own biography. He was born in 1944 and grew up in post-war Germany

I feel very close to the poem, which is steeped in my own cultural heritage. It expresses the human desire to explore and to discover, to understand and to grow. It describes the close connection between art and nature; brings up the substantial questions of life, love and death; and gives though an understanding of the human condition and melancholy."

Christel Dillbohner
Berkeley, CA, 2006

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