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Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum

Istituzione Pubblica
Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum
Bilderdijklaan 10
5611 NH Eindhoven
Paesi Bassi
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +31 (0)40 238 10 00
fax +31 (0)40 246 06 80
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa, Do  11:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2
Joseph Beuys  4
Gerhard Richter  5
Lawrence Weiner  8
Sol LeWitt  9

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Douglas Gordon  27 10
Lawrence Weiner  8 10
René Daniëls  2049 8
Donald Judd  69 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, USA 229 59
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 196 23
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spagna 94 54
Lisson Gallery Lisson Gallery, Regno Unito 90 19
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 85 16

 Mostre   2
27.06. - 04.10. (tra 24 giorni)
Description and image Mostra collettiveA REPUBLIC OF ART : French Regional Collections of contemporary Art. From the 80's to Today

07.03. - 14.06. (ancora per 12 giorni)
Description and image Mostra personaliForward!
anno di fondazione: 1936
Marina Abramovic  1946, RS
Carl Andre  1935, US
Karel Appel  1921-2006, NL
Karin Arink  1967, NL
Art & Language  UK
Atelier van Lieshout  NL
Fiona Banner  1966, UK
Robert Barry  1936, US
Georg Baselitz  1938, DE
Joseph Beuys  1921-1986, DE
Manon de Boer  1966, NL
Christian Boltanski  1944, FR
Georges Braque  1882-1963, FR
Stuart Brisley  1933, UK
Marcel Broodthaers  1924-1976, BE
Jean Brusselmans  1884-1953, BE
Pavel Büchler  1952, UK
Heinrich Campendonk  1889-1957, DE
Marc Chagall  1887-1985, FR, RU
Sarah Charlesworth  1947-2013, US
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  FR, BG
Constant  1920-2005, NL
Walter Dahn  1954, DE
René Daniëls  1950, NL
Robert Delaunay  1885-1941, FR
Richard Devereux  1956, UK
Jan Dibbets  1941, NL
Braco Dimitrijevic  1948, BA
Theo van Doesburg  1891-1931, NL
Jean Dubuffet  1901-1985, FR
Marlene Dumas  1953, NL, ZA
Maria Eichhorn  1962, DE
Jeroen Eisinga  1966, NL
Dan Flavin  1933-1996, US
Lucio Fontana  1899-1968, IT, AR
Fortuyn / O'Brien  NL
Hamish Fulton  1946, UK
Gilbert & George  UK
Kees de Goede  1954, NL
Dan Graham  1942, US
Jenny Holzer  1950, US
Douglas Huebler  1924-1997, US
Jörg Immendorff  1945-2007, DE
Asger Jorn  1914-1973, DK
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
Vasily Kandinsky  1866-1944, RU
Mike Kelley  1954-2012, US
Joseph Kosuth  1945, US
Herman Kruyder  1881-1935, NL
Bart van der Leck  1876-1958, NL
Fernand Léger  1881-1955, FR
Eugène Leroy  1910-2000, FR
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
El Lissitzky  1890-1941, RU
Richard Paul Lohse  1902-1988, CH
Richard Long  1945, UK
Lucebert  1924-1994, NL
Mark Manders  1968, NL
Laurent Mareschal  1975, FR
Paul McCarthy  US
Mario Merz  1925-2003, IT
Joàn Miró  1893-1983, ES
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy  1895-1946, HU
Piet Mondrian  1872-1944, NL
Juan Muñoz  1953-2001, ES
Joost van Oss  1956, NL
Piet Ouborg  1893-1956, NL
A. R. Penck  1939, DE
Constant Permeke  1886-1952, BE
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Michelangelo Pistoletto  1933, IT
Serge Poliakoff  1900-1969, RU
Sigmar Polke  1941-2010, DE
Royden Rabinowitch  1943, CA
Arnulf Rainer  1929, AT
Oliver Ressler  1970, AT
Gerhard Richter  1932, DE
Julião Sarmento  1948, PT
Thomas Schütte  1954, DE
Gustave de Smet  1877-1943, BE
Nedko Solakov  1957, BG
Jonas Staal  1981, NL
Frank Stella  1936, US
Superflex  DK
Charley Toorop  1891-1955, NL
Ulay  1943, DE
JCJ Vanderheyden  1928-2012, NL
Toon Verhoef  1946, NL
Dmitry Vilensky  1964, RU
Marijke van Warmerdam  1959, NL
Lawrence Weiner  1942, US
Guido van der Werve  1977, NL
Stephen Willats  1943, UK
Albert Carel Willink  1900-1983, NL
Tintin Wulia  1972, ID
 Mostre anteriori   254
  Mostra personaliMarcel Broodthaers - Poet And Artist
  Mostra collettiveAfghan Art Awards - Afghan Union In The Netherlands

  Mostra collettiveConfessions Of The Imperfect - 1848 – 1989 – Today
  Mostra personaliElisabeth Tonnard - Artists' Books 2003-2014
  Mostra personaliStaging The Message - The Open Work Of Jan Van Toorn
Description Mostra collettivePositions
Description Mostra personaliHito Steyerl

Description and image Mostra collettiveThe Museum of Arte Útil
Description Mostra personaliTrevor Paglen - Code Names
  Mostra personaliSupertoll! - Tijs Rooijakkers In Het Oog
  Mostra collettiveMaking Use - Dutch Art Institute In Het Van Abbemuseum
  Mostra personaliMark Lewis - Pull Focus
  Mostra personaliManon De Boer - Encounters
  Mostra collettiveBlack Or White
  Mostra personaliErzen Shkololli - Pejë, Kosovo, 1998
  Mostra collettiveOntdek Kunst Uit Afghanistan - Afghanistan Research Project
  Mostra personaliSheela Gowda - Open Eye Policy
  Mostra personaliJewyo Rhii - Walls to Talk to

  Mostra collettiveLissitzky - Kabakov, Utopie En Werkelijkheid
  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic - Sources in the Air
  Mostra personaliArt, Property of Politics IV: Freethinkers' Space Continued
  Mostra personaliPiero Gilardi – Collaborative Effects
  Mostra collettiveThese Socks Are Not White
  Mostra personaliRené Daniëls - An Exhibition is Always Part of a Greater Whole
  Mostra personaliYael Bartana - ... and Europe will be stunned
  Mostra personaliJohn Baldessari - video works 1970-1977
  Mostra collettiveSpirits of Internationalism 6 European collections, 1956 - 1986

  Mostra personaliRot - Roth - Ròt
  Mostra collettiveThe Collectors Show Part Of Vanuit Hier - Out Of Here
  Mostra collettiveThe Pilgrim, the Tourist, the Flaneur (and the Worker) Play Van Abbe Part 4
  Mostra personaliSecret Powers for Identity Security and Self-Respect in Troubling Times

  Mostra collettiveTricksters Tricked (un)covering Identity
  Mostra personaliAhmet Ögüt - Het Oog
  Mostra personaliDemonstration Aesthetics
  Mostra collettiveIn-between Minimalisms - Play Van Abbe, Part 2: Time Machines
  Mostra personaliTo the Margin and Back - Andrzej Wróblewski
  Mostra collettiveFree Sol Lewitt
  Mostra collettiveIn-between Minimalisms & Free Sol Lewitt
  Mostra personaliAntonis Pittas - Het Oog (The Eye)
  Mostra personaliSimon Benson - Written Matter

  Mostra collettivePlay Van Abbe - Part 1 - The Game and the Players
  Mostra personaliJCJ Vanderheyden
  Mostra personaliLissitzky+ Part 1: Victory over the Sun
  Mostra personaliJoe Baer
  Mostra personaliLynda Benglis
  Mostra personaliJutta Koether
  Mostra personaliOne on One. Pieter Laurens Mol. Lament Superior Plug In #37
  Mostra personaliUrgent Matters
  Mostra personaliPaul Heimbach
  Mostra personaliThe Unanimous Life
  Mostra personaliBurgi Kühnemann

  Mostra personaliJan Slothouber
Description Mostra collettiveHeartland
  Mostra collettiveBe(com)ing Dutch
  Mostra personaliMinerva Cuevas
  Mostra personaliAernout Mik
  Mostra personaliMladen Stilinovic

  Mostra collettiveBecoming Dutch - Eindhoven Caucus
   Cityplan - The most modern design for Eindhoven
  Mostra collettiveForms of Resistance Artists and the desire for social change from 1871 to the present
   Het Apollohuis Publications
  Mostra collettiveSummer tour in the Van Abbemuseum
  Mostra personaliplug in
  Mostra collettiveBüchler / Mograbi / Stark
  Mostra personaliMarc Mulders
  Mostra collettiveA Bright Glade
  Mostra personali“Wo stehst Du mit deiner Kunst, Kollege?”
  Mostra collettiveByars & Beuys
  Mostra personaliAllan Kaprow - Kunst als leven – Art as Life
   Be[com]ing Dutch: the Gatherings
  Mostra collettiveGroothertogdom Brabant

  Mostra personaliMachteld Teekens
  Mostra personaliLee Lozano
  Mostra personaliPrinted works
  Mostra collettiveAcademy, Learning from the Museum
  Mostra personaliStichting October en Carol ROBERTSON
  Mostra personaliToos Nijssen
  Mostra collettiveWhat happened to Art
   Meanwhile... behind the scene
  Mostra collettiveThe Subversive Charm of the Bourgeoisie
  Mostra personaliStijn Peeters
  Mostra personaliMorellet and Light Art
  Mostra collettiveThree artists, three different ways of looking at our world
  Mostra personaliLibrary presentation - Ria van Eyk, Iceland Books

  Mostra personaliOsvaldo Romberg
  Mostra personaliLily van der Stokker
  Mostra collettiveEindhovenIstanbul
  Mostra personaliLawrence Weiner
  Mostra personaliRichard Long 60
  Mostra collettiveVerhalen uit Europa
Description and image Mostra personaliDavid Claerbout
Description and image Mostra personaliRobert Kuśmirowksi
Description and image Mostra personaliJef Geys
  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic
  Mostra collettiveNo Ghost Just a Shell
Description and image Mostra collettivejournal # 8: Manon de Boer and Brussels
Description Mostra collettiveFrom the collection - Un coup de dés
  Mostra personaliStanley Brouwn - works 1960-2005

Description and image Mostra personaliNEDERLAND NIET NEDERLAND, The purchase of Dutch art: 1980 - 2004
Description and image Mostra collettiveJournal #7: Tomma Abts - Vincent Fecteau
   Open dossier - One on One Historical
Description Mostra personaliPaul McCarthy - Brain Box Dream Box
Description and image Mostra personaliAd Snijders - A Garden Between Woman and Paint
Description Mostra personaliJoseph Kosuth - Redefining the Context of Art: 1968 - 2004
Description Mostra personaliJournal # 6 - Tino Sehgal
Description and image Mostra collettiveOne on One - Installations from the collection (1968-1988)
   Wendingen magazine
Description and image Mostra personaliJournal # 5 Lucy McKenzie – Deathwatch
Description and image Mostra personaliJulião Sarmento – Echo
Description and image Mostra personaliDouglas Gordon: Letters, telephone calls, postcards, miscellaneous, 1991 - 2003

Description and image Mostra personaliJCJ Vanderheyden
Description Mostra collettiveCollection display - Painting from the Interbellum
   Small boxes
Description and image Mostra personaliNach Kippenberger
Description and image Mostra personaliJOURNAL # 4: Joe Scanlan - Pay For Your Pleasure (Reprise)
Description and image Mostra personaliMartin Kippenberger - Tiefes Kehlchen (Deep Throat), 1991
Description and image Mostra personaliJournal #2: Erik Wesselo
Description Mostra collettiveCollection Display - Positions in Painting: 1970 – 1985
Description Mostra personaliDidier Vermeiren - Collection de Solides
  Mostra collettiveJOURNAL #1 - Jennifer Tee
Description Mostra personaliJeroen de Rijke & Willem de Rooij
Description Mostra personaliMatt Mullican - Matt Mullican under Hypnosis, 1996
Description Mostra collettiveFrom Broodthaers to Horn
  Mostra collettiveOVER WIJ / ABOUT WE • from Picasso to AnnLee • No Ghost Just a Shell

Description Mostra personaliPierre Huyghe - interludes
Description Mostra personaliBen Akkerman - Recent paintings, early temperas

Description Mostra collettiveNeighbours
Description Mostra collettiveTwisted - Urban and Visionary Landscapes in Contemporary Painting
   In the vitrines: Bartleby & Co
Description Mostra personaliMike Kelley - Categorical Imperative and Morgue, 1999
Description Mostra personaliClaes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen - A documentary exhibition on the statue
Description Mostra personaliJeroen de Rijke & Willem de Rooij
Description Mostra personaliJaki Irvine
Description Mostra personaliAndreas Gursky
Description Mostra personaliCraigie Horsfield
Description Mostra personaliBruce Nauman - Early film and videoworks
Description Mostra personaliAernout Mik - primal gestures, minor roles

Description Mostra personali19 Rue Hautefeuille - A series of etchings by Nono Reinhold
Description Mostra personaliMichael Raedecker - extract
Description Mostra personaliGer van Elk - The Cadillac and the nun
  Mostra collettiveThe Collection V: The Beginning
Description Mostra personaliEdwin Zwakman - Façades
Description Mostra personaliGer van Elk - The horizon, a mental perspective
Description Mostra personaliAlex Vermeulen - s.o.h. 3 (states of humanity) the mental urban labyrinth
   Photographic works from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum
   The Collection III: the choice of Jean Leering
Description Mostra collettiveCollection Tony Herbert - Works by Jean Brusselmans, Constant Permeke, Gust De
Description Mostra personaliJeroen Eisinga - The Idiot
   Works on paper from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum
Description Mostra collettiveCinéma Cinéma - Contemporary Art and the Cinematic Experience

Description Mostra personaliJason Rhoades
Description Mostra collettiveA Choice from the Collection
Description Mostra personaliRené Daniëls retrospective
Description Mostra collettiveYoung Dutch Art

  Mostra personaliAn installation by Douglas Gordon
  Mostra personaliAn installation by James Coleman
  Mostra personaliJan Vercruysse: Portraits of the Artist
  Mostra personaliStanley Brouwn
  Mostra personaliAntonietta Peeters
  Mostra personaliMike Kelley; Paul McCarthy; Bruce Nauman; Franz West
  Mostra collettiveMatt Mullican & Lawrence Weiner
  Mostra personaliErzsébet Baerveldt
  Mostra personaliSteve McQueen
  Mostra personaliUlay / Abramovic
  Mostra collettiveOld friends inside and outside the museum
  Mostra personaliSuchan Kinoshita
  Mostra personaliMarijke van Warmerdam

  Mostra personaliTwo works by Sol LeWitt
  Mostra collettiveTravaux Publics [Public Works]
  Mostra collettiveID
  Mostra personaliJulião Sarmento
  Mostra collettiveSelection from the collection
  Mostra personaliRené Jolink
  Mostra personaliA.P. Komen/Karen Murphy
  Mostra personaliAnn Hamilton

  Mostra personaliMoholy-Nagy
  Mostra personaliMarijke van Warmerdam
  Mostra collettiveNew acquisitions for the collection 1994/95
  Mostra personaliDouglas Gordon
  Mostra personaliJob Koelewijn
  Mostra personaliEl Lissitzky
  Mostra personaliBill Viola
  Mostra collettiveRecent Acquisitions of Dutch Art
  Mostra personaliRené Daniëls
  Mostra collettiveMike Kelley/Paul McCarthy
  Mostra personaliTony Oursler
  Mostra personaliThe Broodthaers Kabinet

  Mostra personaliMiroslaw Balka

  Mostra personaliRebecca Horn

  Mostra personaliJean-Marc Bustamante

  Mostra personaliEl Lissitzky - architect, painter, photographer, typographer

  Mostra personaliBenjamin Katz - Photographien
  Mostra personaliHenk Visch

  Mostra personaliRichard Serra: 10 Sculptures for the Van Abbe

  Mostra personaliGilberto Zorio
  Mostra personaliCarl Andre

  Mostra personaliEric Fischl: Paintings
  Mostra personaliPalermo - Werke 1963-1977
  Mostra personaliGeneral Idea 1968 - 1984

  Mostra personaliRémy Zaugg - een vel Papier, gids
  Mostra personaliGeorg Baselitz - Zeichnungen 1958 - 1983
  Mostra personaliHans Haacke

  Mostra personaliHermann Nitsch - das Orgien Mysterien Theater 1960 - 1983

  Mostra personaliArmando

  Mostra personaliJohn Baldessari: Werken 1966-1981
  Mostra personaliOn Kawara - continuity, discontinuity, 1963-1979
  Mostra personaliWilliam N. Copley

  Mostra personaliGerhard Richter. Zwei gelbe Striche

  Mostra personaliGisela Andersch - schilderijen, tekeningen, collages
  Mostra personaliAnselm Kiefer
  Mostra personaliGiovanni Anselmo

  Mostra personaliGerhard Richter. Schilderijen / Paintings
  Mostra personaliCork Marcheschi
  Mostra personaliJoseph Kosuth - tekst - kontekst
  Mostra personaliJo Baer - paintings 1962 - 1974

  Mostra personaliBarry Flanagan - sculpture 1966 - 1976
  Mostra personaliPeter Roehr
  Mostra personaliUlrich Rückriem

  Mostra personaliLaura Grisi
  Mostra personaliSigmar Polke
  Mostra personaliDaniel Buren - Ailleurs / Elders
  Mostra personaliLucassen
  Mostra personaliEdgar Fernhout
  Mostra personaliAlan Charlton

  Mostra personaliHans Biezen, foto's van Jet
  Mostra personaliCarel Visser - beelden, tekeningen, collages

  Mostra personaliHar Sanders. Schilderijen tekeningen, grafiek. 64-73
  Mostra personaliBruce Nauman
  Mostra personaliGer van Elk

  Mostra personaliAd Reinhardt
  Mostra personaliFranz Erhard Walther - vroege werken, 1955-63

  Mostra personaliRichard Paul Lohse

  Mostra personaliKeith Sonnier - 1. Soundpiece. 2. Dark light piece. 3. Lightpiece
  Mostra personaliDon Judd

  Mostra personaliPiero Manzoni

  Mostra personaliTheo van Doesburg
  Mostra personaliAbakanowicz : 2- en 3-dimensionale weefsels
  Mostra personaliBeuys
  Mostra personaliRobert Morris
  Mostra personaliHeerich - kartonplastieken, tekeningen en schilderijen

  Mostra personaliAnton Heyboer
  Mostra personaliLucio Fontana
  Mostra personaliMoholy-Nagy

  Mostra personaliArakawa
  Mostra personaliChristo

  Mostra personaliMarcel Duchamp - schilderijen, tekeningen, ready-mades, documenten

  Mostra personaliNicolas Schöffer

  Mostra personaliMartien Coppens - de kunstenaar en de wereld

  Mostra personaliCorneille
  Mostra personaliKarel Appel

  Mostra personaliLe Fauconnier
  Mostra personaliIsaac Israels

  Mostra collettiveHiroshima 1945 - door Iri Maruki en Toshiko Akamatsu

  Mostra personaliCharley Toorop
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