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Art Gallery of Ontario

Istituzione Pubblica
Art Gallery of Ontario
Dundas Street West 317
M5T 1G4 Toronto, ON
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 416 979 6648
fax +1 416 979 6635
orario di apertura:
Ma, Gio, Ve  11:00-18:00
Me  11:00-20:30
Sa, Do  10:00-17:30

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Pablo Picasso  2
Gerhard Richter  4
Joseph Beuys  5
Cindy Sherman  6

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Henri Matisse  46 5
Pablo Picasso  2 5
Greg Curnoe  10505 4
Michael Snow  546 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 638 54
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 131 12
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 125 20
  Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canada 112 43
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spagna 96 42

 Mostre   6
29.06. - 17.09. (tra 35 giorni)
  Mostra personaliRita Letendre: Fire & Light

29.06. - 18.02. (tra 35 giorni)
  Mostra collettiveEvery. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood

22.04. - 30.07. (ancora per piú di 2 mesi)
Description Mostra personaliGeorgia O’Keeffe

13.04. - 10.12. (ancora per piú di 6 mesi)
  Mostra personaliMark Lewis: Canada

04.03. - 23.07. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
  Mostra personaliThe Decades Project: 1930-1939

03.03. - 27.05. (ancora per piú di 11 mesi)
  Mostra personaliYayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors
anno di fondazione: 1900
David Altmejd  1974, CA
Carl Andre  1935, US
Roy Arden  1957, CA
Miroslaw Balka  1958, PL
Joseph Beuys  1921-1986, DE
Eugène Boudin  1824-1898, FR
Daniel Buren  1938, FR
Paul Cézanne  1839-1906, FR
Robin Collyer  1949, UK
Julia Dault  1977, CA
Eugenio Dittborn  1943, CL
Paterson Ewen  1925-2002, CA
Geoffrey Farmer  1967, CA
Mounir Fatmi  1970, MA
General Idea  CA
Vincent van Gogh  1853-1890, NL
Betty Goodwin  1923-2008, CA
Lawren Harris  1885-1970, CA
Rachel Harrison  1966, US
Mona Hatoum  1952, LB
Peter Hill  , CA
Angelika Hoerle  1899-1923, DE
Hans Hofmann  1880-1966, US
Simen Johan  1973, NO
Emily Joyce  1976, US
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
On Kawara  1933-2014, JP
Franz Kline  1910-1962, US
Jannis Kounellis  1936-2017, IT, GR
Cornelius Krieghoff  1815-1872, NL, CA
Guillermo Kuitca  1961, AR
William Kurelek  1927-1977, CA
Jac Leirner  1961, BR
Mark Lewis  1958, CA
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
Morris Louis  1912-1962, US
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer  1967, MX
René Magritte  1898-1967, BE
Kelly Mark  1967, CA
Roberto Matta  1911-2002, CL
Mario Merz  1925-2003, IT
David Milne  1882-1953, CA
Keith Milow  1945, UK
Joan Miró  1893-1983, ES
Claude Monet  1840-1926, FR
Jonathan Monk  1969, UK
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
James Wilson Morrice  1865-1924, CA
Robert Motherwell  1915-1991, US
Claes Oldenburg  1929, SE, US
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Camille Pissarro  1830-1903, FR
Michelangelo Pistoletto  1933, IT
David Rabinowitch  1943, CA
Royden Rabinowitch  1943, CA
Pierre-Auguste Renoir  1841-1919, FR
Kelly Richardson  1972, CA
Gerhard Richter  1932, DE
Martha Rosler  1943, US
Mark Rothko  1903-1970, US
Tino Sehgal  1976, DE, UK
SEO  1977, KR
Cindy Sherman  1954, US
Alfred Sisley  1839-1899, FR
Robert Smithson  1938-1973, US
Michael Snow  1929, CA
Nancy Spero  1926-2009, US
Julian Stanczak  1928, PL
Simon Starling  1967, UK
Frank Stella  1936, US
Jana Sterbak  1955, CZ
Yves Tanguy  1900-1955, FR
Thomas J. Thomson  1877-1917, CA
Jeff Wall  1946, CA
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Rebecca Warren  1965, UK
 Mostre anteriori   211
Description and image Mostra personaliAnthony Caro: Sculpture Laid Bare
Description Mostra personaliFrancis Alÿs: A Story of Negotiation
Description Mostra collettiveMystical Landscapes: Masterpieces from Monet, Van Gogh and more
Description Mostra collettiveToronto: Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989
Description Mostra collettive2016 Aimia Ago Photography Prize
Description and image Mostra personaliWalter Scott
Description Mostra collettiveAv Isaacs: Shaping the Scene
Description Mostra personaliTheaster Gates: How to Build a House Museum
Description Mostra personaliPierre Huyghe’s Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt)
Description Mostra personaliHurvin Anderson: Backdrop
Description Mostra personaliThomas Ruff: Object Relations
Description Mostra collettiveOutsiders: American Photography and Film, 1950s–1980s
Description Mostra personaliInto the Woods: An Icon Revisited - Part 2
  Mostra personaliSong Dong’s Communal Courtyard
Description and image Mostra personaliThe Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris

  Mostra personaliJ.M.W. Turner: Painting Set Free
  Mostra personaliAnne Collier
  Mostra collettive2015 Aimia | Ago Photography Prize
Description Mostra personaliLiz Magor: Surrender
  Mostra personaliPiet Mondrian: Before Abstraction
Description Mostra personaliInto the Woods: An Icon Revisited - Part 1
Description Mostra personaliStephen Andrews - Pov
  Mostra personaliFrom the Forest to the Sea: Emily Carr in British Columbia
  Mostra personaliSilke Otto-Knapp - Land lies in water
  Mostra personaliBasquiat
  Mostra personaliMemory Unearthed: The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross

  Mostra personaliIntroducing Suzy Lake
  Mostra personaliAlex Colville
  Mostra personaliGeoffrey Farmer: Every day needs an urgent whistle blown into it
  Mostra collettiveFan the Flames: Queer Positions in Photography
  Mostra personaliMatthew Barney - Drawing Restraint
  Mostra personaliScott McFarland ⁻ Snow, Shacks, Streets, Shrubs
  Mostra personaliLost in the Memory Palace: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
  Mostra collettiveFrancis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty
  Mostra personaliBruce Nauman’s Words on Paper
  Mostra personaliJennifer Marman & Daniel Borins: piETa

  Mostra collettiveThe Great Upheaval: Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Collection, 1910-1918
  Mostra collettiveBrian Jungen and Duane Linklater: Modest Livelihood
  Mostra personaliKenojuak Ashevak: In Memoriam
  Mostra collettiveDavid Bowie is
  Mostra personaliChester Brown and Louis Riel
  Mostra personaliAi Weiwei: According to What?
  Mostra personaliJoe Talirunili: Migrations and Movements
  Mostra personaliMarina Abramovic and Ulay: Rest Energy
  Mostra personaliJason Evans: A Long, Long Time Ago
  Mostra personaliSorel Etrog
  Mostra personaliToronto Now – Nicole Collins: Giotto’s O
  Mostra personaliKim Adams: Recent Works
  Mostra personaliPatti Smith: Camera Solo

  Mostra personaliJosef Sudek: The Legacy of a Deeper Vision
  Mostra personaliEvan Penny: Re Figured
  Mostra collettiveThe Grange Prize 2012
  Mostra collettiveLisa Myers and Autumn Chacon: Noise Cooking
  Mostra personaliMichael Snow: Objects of Vision
  Mostra personaliLibby Hague: Sympathetic Connections
  Mostra collettiveToronto Now – Katie Bethune-Leamen: Shiny, Object, Person
  Mostra personaliBerenice Abbott: Photographs
  Mostra personaliMax Dean: Album
  Mostra personaliZhang Huan: Ash Paintings and Memory Doors
  Mostra personaliPicasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris
  Mostra personaliAnnie MacDonell: The Fortune Teller
  Mostra personaliYael Bartana: ...And Europe Will Be Stunned
  Mostra collettiveNow: A Collaborative Project With Sean Martindale And Pascal Paquette

  Mostra personaliJohn Dickson: Cold War
  Mostra collettiveChagall and the Russian Avant-Garde
  Mostra personaliPaul Butler: The Greg Curnoe Bicycle Project
  Mostra collettiveSongs of the Future: Canadian Industrial Photographs, 1858 to Today
  Mostra personaliHaute Culture: General Idea
  Mostra personaliPainting on Paper: The Drawings of Robert Motherwell
  Mostra personaliThe Passion of Kathleen Munn
  Mostra collettiveAbstract Expressionist New York
  Mostra personaliJon Sasaki: Pine
  Mostra collettiveInuit Modern: The Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection
  Mostra personaliWhere I was born… : A Photograph, a Clue, and the Discovery of Abel Boulineau
  Mostra personaliWhere I was born… : A Photograph, a Clue, and the Discovery of Abel Boulineau
  Mostra collettivePaterson Ewen: Inspiration and Influence
  Mostra personaliBlack Ice: David Blackwood Prints of Newfoundland

  Mostra personaliLaurel Woodcock
  Mostra personaliHenry Moore
  Mostra collettiveAt Work: Hesse, Goodwin, Martin
Description Mostra personaliShary Boyle: Flesh and Blood
  Mostra personaliJulian Schnabel: Art and Film
Description and image Mostra personaliToronto Now. Will Munro: Total Eclipse
  Mostra personaliFrans Masereel: The Pulse of Paris
  Mostra collettiveThe Storyteller
  Mostra collettiveToronto Now — 11:11
  Mostra personaliToronto Now: Dean Baldwin
  Mostra collettiveSculpture as Time: Major works. New Acquisitions.
Description Mostra personaliAnselm Kiefer: Palmsonntag
  Mostra personaliWangechi Mutu: This You Call Civilization?
  Mostra personaliFrançoise Sullivan
  Mostra collettiveRembrandt/Freud: Etchings from Life

  Mostra personaliAlexander Calder: The Paris Years 1926–1933
  Mostra personaliEdward Steichen: In High Fashion, the Condé Nast Years 1923–1937
  Mostra collettiveBeautiful Fictions: Photography at the AGO
  Mostra personaliSarah Anne Johnson. House on Fire
  Mostra personaliAngelika Hoerle: The Comet of Cologne Dada
  Mostra collettivePainting as a Weapon: Progressive Cologne 1920–33 / Seiwert – Hoerle – Arntz
  Mostra personaliGershon Iskowitz Prize Exhibition: Françoise Sullivan

  Mostra personaliBernini in Focus
  Mostra collettiveChuck Close/Bob Holman
  Mostra collettiveHungry God
  Mostra collettiveFloating Artworks
  Mostra personaliEmily Carr - New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon

  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams
  Mostra personaliPresent Tense - Ultra-red
  Mostra personaliMatisse - A Figurative Femininity
  Mostra personaliSwing Space - Tino Sehgal
  Mostra personaliAndy Warhol/ Supernova - Stars, Deaths and Disasters 1962–1964
  Mostra personaliPeter Doig - Works on Paper
  Mostra personaliFrank Gehry - Art + Architecture
  Mostra personaliDavid Milne - Watercolours

Description and image Mostra personaliJill Crossen-Sargent - Works, 1968–1985
Description Mostra collettiveTransformation City
  Mostra personaliSwing Space: Present Tense 31
  Mostra personaliSwing Space: Media Art Space
Description and image Mostra collettiveThe Shape of Colour - Excursions in Colour Field Art, 1950-2005
  Mostra collettiveSwing Space: Wallworks
Description Mostra personaliMassive Change - The Future of Global Design
  Mostra collettiveThe Transformative Power of Art
Description Mostra personaliChristo and Jeanne-Claude - Works from the Weston Collection
Description Mostra personaliPresent Tense: Kori Newkirk
Description and image Mostra personaliThe Group of Seven and the Art Gallery of Ontario - Past, Present and Future

Description Mostra personaliSocial Graces
Description and image Mostra personaliModigliani - Beyond the Myth
Description and image Mostra personaliEye of the Beholder - Canadian Portraits of the 1940s and 1950s
Description and image Mostra collettiveReading Portraits - Reality, Appearance, Interpretation
Description and image Mostra personaliKazuo Nakamura: A Human Measure
Description and image Mostra personaliMark Lombardi: Global Networks
Description and image Mostra collettiveIN SITU - Photographic Studies of Artists
Description and image Mostra personaliManufactured Landscapes. The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky
Description and image Mostra personaliSpeaking about Landscape - Speaking to the Land

Description and image Mostra personaliDegas Sculptures
  Mostra personaliE. Haanel Cassidy Photographs
Description Mostra personaliPresent Tense: Mark Bell
  Mostra personaliIn Light - Francis Alÿs
  Mostra personaliTom Thomson
Description Mostra personaliRebecca Belmore: The Named and the Unnamed
Description Mostra personaliPresent Tense: Harun Farocki
  Mostra personaliKäthe Kollwitz

  Mostra personaliDavid Urban
  Mostra collettiveProvisional Worlds
  Mostra collettiveParadise Revisited
Description Mostra collettiveGauguin to Matisse: French Masterpieces from Russia's Hermitage Museum
  Mostra personaliTissot and the Victorian Woman
Description and image Mostra personaliJonathan Monk
Description and image Mostra personaliJanet Cardiff: Whispering Room
Description and image Mostra personaliJosef Sudek
Description Mostra personaliAndré Masson Inside/Outside Surrealism
Description and image Mostra collettiveCologne Dada - Selections from the Fick-Eggert Collection
Description and image Mostra collettiveMirror, mirror, on the Wall
Description and image Mostra personaliWilliam Wegman: Fashion Photographs
Description Mostra personaliIn Light: Euan Macdonald
  Mostra collettiveNo Escapin' This
Description and image Mostra personaliY E S YOKO ONO
Description and image Mostra personaliArturo Herrera

  Mostra collettiveF2F - New Media Art from Finland
Description and image Mostra personaliStanley Spencer
  Mostra personaliGoya’s Los Caprichos
Description and image Mostra personaliNiki Lederer - Dog Show
  Mostra personaliEdward Weston and Affinities
Description Mostra personaliGwen MacGregor
  Mostra personaliGreg Curnoe and the London Scene
  Mostra personaliParis Itineraries - Photographs by Eugène Atget

  Mostra personaliInstant Coffee
Description Mostra collettiveThe Bigger Picture
  Mostra personaliThe Magic Toy Shop
Description Mostra personaliAndré Kertész: To Look Again
  Mostra personaliQuiet Harmony
Description Mostra personaliMatisse from The Baltimore Museum of Art
  Mostra personaliPresent Tense - Geoffrey Farmer
Description and image Mostra personaliWilliam Kentridge - WEIGHING … and WANTING
  Mostra collettiveA Friendship - Harold, Virginia, Juliet, and Man Ray
Description and image Mostra personaliA Practical Dreamer - The Photographs of Man Ray
Description and image Mostra personaliSu-en Wong: Girl as Covergirl
Description and image Mostra personaliHelmar Lerski - Lichtbildner/Photographs

Description and image Mostra personaliJoyce Wieland - The Female Nude
Description Mostra personaliArthur Rothstein - A Portfolio of Photographs
Description and image Mostra personaliCindy Sherman - Retrospective
Description and image Mostra personaliHelen McNicoll - A Canadian Impressionist
Description and image Mostra collettiveEquinox
Description Mostra personaliPresent Tense: Juan Geuer
Description Mostra personaliPresent Tense: Karen Henderson
Description Mostra collettiveA Collector's Vision - J.S. McLean and Modern Painting in Canada
Description Mostra personaliDon't Kiss Me - Disruption of the Self in the Work of Claude Cahun
Description Mostra personaliPresent Tense: Nestor Kruger
   19th-Century Photographs of Japan - Western Visions, Japanese Identities
   The Invisible Made Visible - Angels from the Vatican
Description Mostra collettivewaste management
Description Mostra personaliTom Dean - Selected Works Past and Present
  Mostra collettiveMastery and Elegance Two Centuries of French Drawings from the Collection of Jeffrey E. Horvitz

  Mostra personaliThomas Gainsborough - The harvest wagon
  Mostra personaliFerdinand Hodler - views & visions

  Mostra personaliGerhard Richter. Helga Matura

  Mostra personaliEllsworth Kelly - works on paper
  Mostra personaliGerhard Richter. Paintings

  Mostra personaliNaum Gabo - Sixty Years of Constructivism
  Mostra personaliEric Fischl: Paintings
  Mostra personaliGeneral Idea 1968 - 1984

  Mostra personaliThe etchings of James McNeill Whistler
  Mostra personaliHockney Paints the Stage

  Mostra collettive10 Canadian Artists in the 1970s

  Mostra personaliAdolph Gottlieb - Pictographs

  Mostra personaliDe Chirico by de Chirico

  Mostra personaliFrancis Picabia

  Mostra collettiveDine, Oldenburg, Segal : painting/sculpture

  Mostra personaliPiet Mondriaan

  Mostra personaliMobiles and Stabiles by Calder, the Man Who Made Sculpture Move

  Mostra collettivePost painterly abstraction

  Mostra personaliAuguste Rodin: An Exhibition of Sculptures and Drawings

  Mostra personaliBarbara Hepworth. carvings and drawings, 1937-1954
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