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The Getty Center

Istituzione Pubblica
The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1679
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel 310.440.7300
fax 310.440.7751
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Do  10:00-17:30
Sa  10:00-21:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Sigmar Polke  12
Man Ray  20
David Hockney  50
Walker Evans  134

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Edgar Degas  208 8
Peter Paul Rubens    7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 565 59
  The Art Institute of Chicago, USA 99 40
  The National Gallery of Art, USA 98 29
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 94 7
  International Center of Photography (ICP), USA 79 38

 Mostre   7
27.06. - 15.10. (da domani)
  Mostra personaliHappy Birthday, David Hockney

06.06. - 17.12. (ancora per piú di 5 mesi)
Description Mostra collettiveThe Birth of Pastel

23.05. - 13.08. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
Description Mostra personaliThomas Annan: Photographer of Glasgow

23.05. - 13.08. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
  Mostra personaliNow Then: Chris Killip and the Making of In Flagrante

09.05. - 30.07. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
Description Mostra collettiveThe Lure of Italy: Artists' Views

28.03. - 30.07. (ancora per piú di 12 mesi)
Description Mostra collettiveConcrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space

14.02. - 02.07. (ancora per 6 giorni)
  Mostra personaliIn Focus: Jane and Louise Wilson - Sealander
anno di fondazione: 1954
Manuel Álvarez-Bravo  1902-2002, MX
William Anastasi  1933, US
Eugène Atget  1857-1927, FR
Herbert Bayer  1900-1985, AT, US
Virginia Beahan  , US
Pierre Bonnard  1867-1947, FR
Dove Bradshaw  1949, US
Anne Brigman  1869-1950, US
Horace Bristol  1908-1997, US
Kaucyila Brooke  1952, US
Nicole Cohen  1970, US
John Coplans  1920-2003, UK
Ralston Crawford  1906-1977, CA
Edward S. Curtis  1868-1952, US
Gohar Dashti  1980, IR
Fred Holland Day  1864-1933, US
Edgar Degas  1834-1917, FR
Luc Delahaye  1962, FR
Thomas Eakins  1844-1916, US
William Eggleston  1939, US
Peter Henry Emerson  1856-1936, UK
Ruud van Empel  1958, NL
Frederick H. Evans  1853-1943, UK
Walker Evans  1903-1975, US
Jaromír Funke  1896-1945, CZ
Arnold Genthe  1869-1942, US
Vincent van Gogh  1853-1890, NL
Alex Harris  1949, US
Lewis Hine  1874-1940, US
David Hockney  1937, UK
André Kertész  1894-1985, HU
Olga Kisseleva  1965, FR, RU
Heinrich Kühn  1866-1944, DE, AT
Dorothea Lange  1895-1965, US
Helge Leiberg  1954, DE
Max Liebermann  1847-1935, DE
Laura McPhee  1958, US
Lee Miller  1907-1977, US
Tina Modotti  1896-1942, IT
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy  1895-1946, HU
Claude Monet  1840-1926, FR
Edvard Munch  1863-1944, NO
Nadar  1820-1910, FR
Dorothy Norman  1905-1997, US
Camille Pissarro  1830-1903, FR
Sigmar Polke  1941-2010, DE
Martin Puryear  1941, US
Timm Rautert  1941, DE
Man Ray  1890-1976, US
Pierre-Auguste Renoir  1841-1919, FR
Arthur Rothstein  1915-1985, US
Albert Rudomine  1892-1975, RU, UA
Lucas Samaras  1936, US, GR
August Sander  1876-1964, DE
George H. Seeley  1880-1955, US
Shen Wei  1977, CN
Stephen Shore  1947, US
Walter Sickert  1860-1942, UK
Aaron Siskind  1903-1991, US
Frederick Sommer  1905-1999, US
Edward Steichen  1879-1973, US
Joel Sternfeld  1944, US
Alfred Stieglitz  1864-1946, US
Paul Strand  1890-1976, US
Josef Sudek  1896-1976, CZ
Madoka Takagi  1956-2015
Edmund Teske  1911-1996, US
Doris Ulmann  1884-1934, US
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Carleton Watkins  1829-1916, US
Weegee  1899-1968, US
Edward Weston  1886-1958, US
Garry Winogrand  1928-1984, US
Paul Wolff  1887-1951, FR
Xing Danwen  1967, CN
 Mostre anteriori   208
  Mostra personaliGerard David: An Early Netherlandish Altarpiece Reassembled
Description Mostra collettiveThe Sculptural Line
  Mostra personaliGet to know Bouchardon: Sculptor, Draftsman, Perfectionist.

Description Mostra personaliDegas: “Russian Dancers” and the Art of Pastel
Description Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Electric!
  Mostra personaliRobert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium

  Mostra collettiveThe Younger Generation: Contemporary Japanese Photography
  Mostra personaliIshiuchi Miyako: Postwar Shadows
Description Mostra collettiveLight, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography

Description Mostra personaliJosef Koudelka: Nationality Doubtful
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Tokyo
  Mostra collettiveConvergences: Selected Photographs from the Permanent Collection
  Mostra personaliMinor White: Manifestations of the Spirit
  Mostra personaliThe Exceptional James Ensor
  Mostra personaliYvonne Rainer: Dances and Films
  Mostra personaliIn Focus: Ansel Adams
  Mostra personaliJackson Pollock's Mural, 1943
  Mostra collettiveA Royal Passion
  Mostra personaliHiroshi Sugimoto: Past Tense

  Mostra collettiveDisegno: Drawing in Europe, 1520–1600
  Mostra personaliAbelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door
  Mostra collettiveAt the Window: The Photographer's View
  Mostra personaliWerner Herzog: Hearsay of the Soul
  Mostra personaliIn Focus: Ed Ruscha
  Mostra collettiveJapan's Modern Divide: The Photographs of Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto
  Mostra personaliLooking East: Rubens's Encounter with Asia

  Mostra personaliFlorence at the Dawn of the Renaissance: Painting and Illumination, 1300–1350
  Mostra personaliIn Focus: Robert Mapplethorpe
  Mostra personaliThe Photographs of Ray K. Metzker and the Institute of Design
  Mostra personaliMesserschmidt and Modernity
  Mostra personaliGustav Klimt: The Magic of Line
  Mostra personaliDrama and Devotion: Heemskerck's "Ecce Homo" Altarpiece from Warsaw
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Picturing Landscape
  Mostra collettiveThe Getty Research Institute: Recent Print Acquisitions
  Mostra personaliHerb Ritts: L.A. Style
  Mostra collettivePortraits of Renown: Photography and the Cult of Celebrity
  Mostra collettiveRenaissance Drawings from Germany and Switzerland, 1470–1600

  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Los Angeles, 1945–1980
  Mostra collettiveImages of the Artist
  Mostra collettiveModern Antiquity: Picasso, de Chirico, Leger, and Picabia in the Presence of Antique
  Mostra personaliLyonel Feininger Photographs, 1928 - 1939
  Mostra collettiveNarrative Interventions in Photography
  Mostra personaliPacific Standard Time: Crosscurrents in L.A. Painting and Sculpture, 1950-1970
  Mostra personaliFrom Start to Finish: De Wain Valentine's Gray Column
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: The Sky
  Mostra collettiveLuminous Paper: British Watercolors and Drawings
  Mostra collettiveA Revolutionary Project: Cuba from Walker Evans to Now
  Mostra collettiveParis: Life & Luxury
  Mostra collettiveSpirit of an Age: Drawings from the Germanic World, 1770–1900
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: The Tree

  Mostra personaliFelice Beato: A Photographer on the Eastern Road
  Mostra collettivePhotography from the New China
  Mostra collettiveThe Secret Life of Drawings
  Mostra personaliObsidian Mirror-Travels: Refracting Ancient Mexican Art and Archaeology
  Mostra collettiveImagining the Past in France, 1250–1500
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Still Life
  Mostra collettiveIlluminated Manuscripts from Belgium and the Netherlands
  Mostra collettiveFrom Line to Light: Renaissance Drawing in Florence and Venice
  Mostra collettiveEngaged Observers: Documentary Photography since the Sixties
  Mostra personaliThe Spectacular Art of Jean-Léon Gérôme
  Mostra personaliPrinting The Grand Manner: Charles Le Brun And Monumental Prints In The Age Of Louis Xiv
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Tasteful Pictures
  Mostra personaliLeonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture: Inspiration and Invention
  Mostra collettiveBuilding the Medieval World: Architecture in Illuminated Manuscripts
  Mostra collettiveUrban Panoramas: Opie, Liao, Kim
  Mostra personaliA Record of Emotion: The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans

  Mostra collettiveDrawings by Rembrandt and His Pupils: Telling the Difference
  Mostra collettiveDrawing Life: The Dutch Visual Tradition
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: The Worker
  Mostra personaliIrving Penn: Small Trades
  Mostra collettiveCapturing Nature's Beauty: Three Centuries of French Landscapes
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: Making a Scene
  Mostra collettiveCast in Bronze: French Sculpture from Renaissance to Revolution
  Mostra personaliFoundry to Finish: The Making of a Bronze Sculpture
  Mostra personaliTemptation and Salvation: The Psalms of King David
  Mostra collettiveWalls of Algiers: Narratives of the City
  Mostra personaliPaul Outerbridge: Command Performance
Description and image Mostra personaliJo Ann Callis: Woman Twirling
  Mostra collettiveMade for Manufacture
  Mostra collettiveTaking Shape: Finding Sculpture in the Decorative Arts
  Mostra collettiveGerman and Central European Manuscript Illumination
  Mostra personaliLa Roldana's Saint Ginés: The Making of a Polychrome Sculpture
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: The Portrait
  Mostra personaliInterjections: Lucian Freud Still Life

  Mostra collettiveDrawing the Classical Figure
  Mostra collettiveCaptured Emotions: Baroque Painting in Bologna, 1575–1725
  Mostra collettiveTango with Cows: Book Art of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1910-1917
  Mostra collettiveThe Belles Heures of the Duke of Berry
  Mostra personaliJim Dine: Poet Singing (The Flowering Sheets)
  Mostra personaliDialogue among Giants: Carleton Watkins and the Rise of Photography in California
  Mostra collettiveSur le motif: Painting in Nature around 1800
  Mostra collettiveA Light Touch: Exploring Humor in Drawing
  Mostra personaliPlease Be Seated: A Video Installation by Nicole Cohen
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus: The Landscape
  Mostra collettiveFaces of Power and Piety: Medieval Portraiture
  Mostra personaliBernini and the Birth of Baroque Portrait Sculpture
  Mostra personaliThe Marvel and Measure of Peru: Three Centuries of Visual History, 1550-1880
  Mostra collettiveMaria Sibylla Merian & Daughters: Women of Art and Science
  Mostra personaliBernd and Hilla Becher: Basic Forms
  Mostra personaliAugust Sander: People of the Twentieth Century
  Mostra collettiveImagining Christ
  Mostra collettiveTen Years in Focus: The Artist and the Camera
  Mostra personaliLessons from Bernard Rudofsky
  Mostra personaliConsuming Passion: Fragonard's Allegories of Love
  Mostra collettiveRare Finds: Ten Years of Collecting Manuscripts
  Mostra collettiveTen Years of Drawings: What, How, and Why

  Mostra personaliAndré Kertész: Seven Decades
  Mostra personaliThe Goat's Dance: Photographs by Graciela Iturbide
  Mostra collettiveChina on Paper: European and Chinese Works from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Nineteenth Century
  Mostra collettiveIn Focus - The Nude
  Mostra collettiveTaddeo and Federico Zuccaro: Artist-Brothers in Renaissance Rome
  Mostra personaliPlease Be Seated: A Video Installation by Nicole Cohen
  Mostra personaliRecent History: Photographs by Luc Delahaye
  Mostra personaliEdward Weston: Enduring Vision
  Mostra collettiveEvidence of Movement
  Mostra collettiveDefining Modernity: European Drawings, 1800–1900
  Mostra collettiveDefining Modernity: European Drawings, 1800–1900
  Mostra personaliManet's Bar at the Folies-Bergere
  Mostra personaliOudry's Painted Menagerie
  Mostra personaliMedieval Beasts
  Mostra collettiveRadiant Darkness: The Art of Nocturnal Light
  Mostra personaliA Place in the Sun - Photographs of Los Angeles by John Humble
  Mostra personaliThe Old Order and the New: P. H. Emerson and Photography, 1885-1895
  Mostra personaliZoopsia - New Works by Tim Hawkinson
Description Mostra collettiveArt, Anti-Art, Non-Art: Experimentations in the Public Sphere in Postwar Japan, 1950-1970
  Mostra personaliSigmar Polke - Photographs, 1968–1972
  Mostra collettiveMade for Manufacture: Drawings for Sculpture and the Decorative Arts
  Mostra collettiveFrench Manuscript Illumination of the Middle Ages

  Mostra personaliThe Gospels in Medieval Manuscript Illumination
  Mostra collettiveWhere We Live: Photographs of America from the Berman Collection
  Mostra personaliGuercino: Mind to Paper
  Mostra collettivePublic Faces/Private Spaces: Recent Acquisitions
  Mostra collettiveFrom Caspar David Friedrich to Gerhard Richter
  Mostra collettiveA tumultuous assembly. Visual poems of the Italian Futurists
  Mostra collettiveLandscape in the Renaissance
  Mostra personaliCasting Nature: François-Thomas Germain's Machine d'Argent
  Mostra collettiveRubens and Brueghel: A Working Friendship
  Mostra collettiveRubens and His Printmakers
  Mostra personaliEliot Porter - In the Realm of Nature
  Mostra personaliEnsor's Graphic Modernism
  Mostra personaliThe Cult of Saints
  Mostra collettiveReckless Behaviour
  Mostra collettiveCarmontelle's Transparency: An 18th-Century Motion Picture
  Mostra personaliDegas at the Getty
  Mostra collettiveArt, Anti-Art, Non-Art: Experimentations in the Public Sphere in Postwar Japan, 1950-1970
  Mostra personaliCourbet and the Modern Landscape
  Mostra personaliAgitated images. John Heartfield and German photomontage
  Mostra personaliRobert Adams - Landscapes of Harmony and Dissonance

  Mostra collettiveDrawings from Leonardo to Titian: A North Italian Itinerary
  Mostra personaliJulius Shulman, Modernity and the Metropolis
  Mostra personaliTitian and the Commander: A Renaissance Artist and His Patron
  Mostra collettivePictures for the Press
  Mostra personaliScene of the Crime - Photo by Weegee
  Mostra collettivePaper Art: Collecting Drawings in Holland, 1600-1800
  Mostra personaliShrine and Shroud
  Mostra personaliRembrandt's Late Religious Portraits
  Mostra collettiveThe Artist Turns to the Book
  Mostra collettiveLight and Water
Description Mostra personaliThe Photographs of Frederick Sommer - A Centennial Tribute
Description Mostra personaliThree Roads Taken - The Photographs of Paul Strand
  Mostra personaliFor Your Approval: Oil Sketches by Tiepolo
  Mostra collettiveMasterpieces in Miniature
Description Mostra personaliAll the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton
  Mostra personaliJacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile
  Mostra collettiveDrawn to Rome: French Neoclassical Sketchbooks and Prints
  Mostra collettiveA Revolutionary Age: Drawing in Europe, 1770–1820

  Mostra personaliImages of Violence in the Medieval World
  Mostra collettivePast Presence: Objects of Study at the Getty Research Institute
Description Mostra personaliCézanne in the Studio: Still Life in Watercolors
Description Mostra personaliThe Prismatic Palette: Four Centuries of Watercolor
  Mostra collettiveImagining the Orient
Description Mostra collettiveSea Tails: a viedeo collaboration
Description Mostra personaliSpirit into Matter: The Photographs of Edmund Teske
  Mostra collettiveVisions of Grandeur: Drawing in the Baroque Age
  Mostra collettiveWindow onto Spain: Drawings and Prints from Ribera to Goya
Description and image Mostra collettiveRecent Acquisitions

  Mostra collettiveClassical Connections: The Enduring Influence of Greek and Roman Art
  Mostra collettiveComic Art: The Paris Salon in Caricature
  Mostra collettiveCasting Characters: Portraits & Studies of Heads
  Mostra personaliJean-Antoine Houdon
  Mostra personaliJulia Margaret Cameron, Photographer
  Mostra personaliPhotographs of Artists by Alexander Liberman
  Mostra collettiveMichelangelo to Vasari: Drawing the Figure in Renaissance Florence
Description Mostra collettiveStrange days - Photographs from the Sixties y Winogrand, Eggleston and Arbus
  Mostra collettivePicturing the Natural World
  Mostra collettiveBetween Heaven and Earth: Images of Christ and the Virgin
Description Mostra personaliRobert Motherwell - A la pintura (to painting)
Description Mostra collettiveSurrealist Muse - Lee Miller, Roland Penrose and Man Ray
  Mostra personaliBill Viola - the passions

  Mostra collettiveMise en Page: The Art of Composing on Paper
  Mostra collettiveLandscapes of Myth
Description Mostra personaliAbout Life - The photographs of Dorothea Lange
Description Mostra personaliThe Grapes of Wrath: Horace Bristol's California Photographs
  Mostra personaliOrazio Gentileschi in Genoa: Paintings for the Palazzo Sauli
  Mostra collettiveFrench Drawings in the Age of Greuze
Description Mostra personaliThe danube Exodus - The Rippling Currents of the River
Description Mostra personaliGustave Le Gray, Photographer
  Mostra collettiveDutch Drawing of the Golden Age
  Mostra collettiveThe Geometry of Seeing: Perspective and the Dawn of Virtual Space

Description Mostra personaliManuel Alvarez Bravo - Optical Parables
  Mostra personaliWalker Evans - before + after
Description Mostra collettiveMexico: From Empire to Revolution
  Mostra collettiveShaping the Great City: Modern Architecture in Central Europe 1890 - 1937

  Mostra personaliRaphael at the Getty
  Mostra collettivePainting on Light: Drawings and Stained Glass in the Age of Durer and Holbein
  Mostra collettiveDepartures - 11 artists in the Getty

  Mostra personaliBrassaï - the eye of Paris
  Mostra personaliEdgar Degas, photographer
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