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The National Gallery of Art

Istituzione Pubblica
The National Gallery of Art
4th and Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20565
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 (202) 737-4215
orario di apertura:
Lu, Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa  10:00-17:00
Do  11:00-18:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Pablo Picasso  2
Ed Ruscha  9
Roy Lichtenstein  28
Richard Serra  29

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Rembrandt van Rijn    43
Pablo Picasso  2 28
Albrecht Dürer    26
Henri Matisse  46 24
Paul Gauguin  345 22

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 727 50
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 196 17
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 119 34
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 105 20
  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), USA 93 29

 Mostre   1
09.04. - 09.07. (ancora per 11 giorni)
Description Mostra collettiveFrédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism
anno di fondazione: 1937
Direttore: Earl A. Powell III
Harriet Bart  1941, US
Romare Bearden  1911-1988, US
Dove Bradshaw  1949, US
Georges Braque  1882-1963, FR
Günter Brus  1938, AT
Alexander Calder  1898-1976, US
Julia Margaret Cameron  1815-1879, UK
Mary Cassatt  1844-1926, US
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  FR, BG
Daniel Clarke  1971, US
Pierre Clerk  1928, CA
Willie Cole  1955, US
Gohar Dashti  1980, IR
Stephen Dean  1968, FR
Burhan Dogancay  1929-2013, TR
Thomas Eakins  1844-1916, US
William Eggleston  1939, US
Frank Gerritz  1964, DE
Sam Gilliam  1933, US
William Harnett  1848-1892, US, IE
Barkley L. Hendricks  1945, US
Winslow Homer  1836-1910, US
Marine Hugonnier  1969, FR
Jasper Johns  1930, US
Joshua Johnson  1763-1832, US
Wassily Kandinsky  1866-1944, RU
Bodo Korsig  1962, DE
Jacob Lawrence  1917-2000, US
Roy Lichtenstein  1923-1997, US
Robert Lobe  1945, US
Edward Loper  
René Magritte  1898-1967, BE
Henri Matisse  1869-1954, FR
Joan Miró  1893-1983, ES
Piet Mondrian  1872-1944, NL
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Thomas Moran  1837-1926, US
Barnett Newman  1905-1970, US
Hermann Nitsch  1938, AT
Richard Nonas  1936, US
Joseph Norman  1957, US
Georgia O'Keeffe  1887-1986, US
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Horace Pippin  1888-1946, US
Jackson Pollock  1912-1956, US
Martin Puryear  1941, US
Edda Renouf  1943, US
Mark Rothko  1903-1970, US
Ed Ruscha  1937, US
Richard Serra  1939, US
David Smith  1906-1965, US
Edward Steichen  1879-1973, US
Alfred Stieglitz  1864-1946, US
Gilbert Stuart  1755-1828, US
Madoka Takagi  1956-2015
Henry O. Tanner  1859-1937, US
Alma Thomas  1891-1978, US
Bob Thompson  1937-1966, US
Jack Tworkov  1900-1982, US
Bernar Venet  1941, FR
Édouard Vuillard  1868-1940, FR
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
James L. Wells  1903-1993, US
Charles White  1918-1979, US
 Mostre anteriori   642
  Mostra personaliPeter Paul Rubens: The Three Magi Reunited
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Masterworks from the Corcoran, 1815-1940

  Mostra personaliEl Greco: A 400th Anniversary Celebration from Washington Area Collections
  Mostra personaliCaptain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer of India and Burma, 1852–1860
  Mostra collettiveFrom Neoclassicism to Futurism: Italian Prints and Drawings, 1800–1925
  Mostra collettiveModern American Drawings and Prints from the Kainen Collection
  Mostra personaliCelebrating Van Gogh at the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveDegas/Cassatt
  Mostra personaliAndrew Wyeth - Looking Out, Looking In
  Mostra personaliGarry Winogrand
  Mostra collettiveModern German Prints and Drawings from the Kainen Collection

  Mostra personaliCharles Marville: Photographer of Modernity
  Mostra personaliCharles Marville - Photographer of Paris
  Mostra collettiveTell It with Pride: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial
  Mostra collettiveYes, No, Maybe
  Mostra collettiveNorthern Mannerist Prints from the Kainen Collection
  Mostra personaliIn the Tower: Kerry James Marshall
  Mostra personaliA World of Bonds: Frederick Sommer’s Photography and Friendships
  Mostra personaliEdvard Munch: A 150th Anniversary Tribute
  Mostra collettiveDiaghilev and the Ballets Russes, 1909–1929: When Art Danced with Music
  Mostra collettiveOrientalism: A Selection of Prints and Drawings
  Mostra personaliAlbrecht Dürer - Master Drawings, Watercolors, and Prints from the Albertina
  Mostra collettivePre-Raphaelites: Victorian Art and Design, 1848-1900
  Mostra collettivePre-Raphaelites and the Book
  Mostra collettiveColor, Line, Light: French Drawings, Watercolors, and Pastels from Delacroix to Signac
  Mostra personaliIn the Library

  Mostra personaliEllsworth Kelly Colored Paper Images
  Mostra personaliMichelangelo's David-Apollo
  Mostra personaliRoy Lichtenstein - A Retrospective
  Mostra personaliPissarro on Paper
  Mostra collettiveImperial Augsburg: Renaissance Prints and Drawings, 1475–1540
  Mostra personaliThe Serial Portrait: Photography and Identity in the Last One Hundred Years
  Mostra collettiveShock of the News
  Mostra personaliJohn Cage - Rocks, Paper, Fire
  Mostra personaliCornelis van Dalen
  Mostra collettiveFrom the Library: Citizens of the Republic Portraits from the Dutch Golden Age
  Mostra personaliElegance and Refinement: The Still-Life Paintings of Willem van Aelst
  Mostra personaliThe McCrindle Gift: A Distinguished Collection of Drawings and Watercolors
  Mostra personaliGeorge Bellows
  Mostra personaliIn The Tower: Barnett Newman
  Mostra personaliDeacon Peckham's Hobby Horse
  Mostra personaliJoan Miró: The Ladder of Escape
  Mostra collettiveI Spy: Photography and the Theater of the Street, 1938–2010
  Mostra personaliColorful Realm: Japanese Bird-and-Flower Paintings by Itō Jakuchū (1716–1800)
  Mostra collettiveCivic Pride: Group Portraits from Amsterdam
  Mostra personaliModern Lab: Material Interventions
  Mostra collettiveFrom the Library: The Fleeting Structures of Early Modern Europe
  Mostra personaliPicasso's Drawings, 1890–1921: Reinventing Tradition
  Mostra personaliThe Baroque Genius of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione

  Mostra personaliMark Rothko - Seagram Murals
  Mostra personaliThe Solemnity of Shadows: Juan Laurent's Vision of Spain
  Mostra personaliIn the Tower: Mel Bochner
  Mostra personaliAntico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes
  Mostra personaliHarry Callahan at 100
  Mostra personaliWarhol: Headlines
Description Mostra personaliThe Invention of Glory: Afonso V and the Pastrana Tapestries
  Mostra collettivePublishing Modernism: The Bauhaus in Print
  Mostra personaliA New Look: Samuel F. B. Morse's Gallery of the Louvre
  Mostra personaliA Masterpiece from the Capitoline Museum, Rome: The Capitoline Venus
  Mostra collettiveDeclaration of Independence: The Stone Copy
  Mostra collettiveItalian Master Drawings from the Wolfgang Ratjen Collection: 1525–1835
  Mostra personaliThe Gothic Spirit of John Taylor Arms
  Mostra personaliGabriel Metsu, 1629–1667
  Mostra personaliLewis Baltz: Prototypes/Ronde de Nuit
  Mostra personaliIn the Tower: Nam June Paik
  Mostra personaliGauguin: Maker of Myth
  Mostra collettiveVenice: Canaletto and His Rivals
  Mostra personaliLarger Than Life: Ter Brugghen's Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene

  Mostra collettivePicturing the Victorians: British Photographs and Reproductive Prints from the Department of Image Collections
  Mostra collettiveThe Pre-Raphaelite Lens: British Photography and Painting, 1848–1875
  Mostra personaliArcimboldo, 1526–1593: Nature and Fantasy
  Mostra personaliEdvard Munch: Master Prints
  Mostra collettiveThe Body Inside and Out: Anatomical Literature and Art Theory: Selections from the National Gallery of Art Library
  Mostra collettiveGerman Master Drawings from the Wolfgang Ratjen Collection, 1580-1900
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Modernism: The Shein Collection
  Mostra personaliBeat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg
  Mostra personaliHendrick Avercamp: The Little Ice Age
  Mostra collettiveFrom Impressionism to Modernism: The Chester Dale Collection

  Mostra collettiveIn the Darkroom: Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age
  Mostra personaliRobert Bergman: Portraits, 1986–1995
  Mostra personaliEditions with Additions: Working Proofs by Jasper Johns
  Mostra collettiveThe Darker Side of Light
  Mostra collettiveRenaissance to Revolution: French Drawings from the National Gallery of Art, 1500–1800
Description and image Mostra collettiveThe Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection: Selected Works
  Mostra collettiveThe Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection: Selected Works
  Mostra personaliTullio Lombardo and Venetian High Renaissance Sculpture
  Mostra personaliAn Antiquity of Imagination: Tullio Lombardo and Venetian High Renaissance Sculpture
  Mostra personaliThe Budapest Horse: A Leonardo da Vinci Puzzle
  Mostra collettiveThe Art of Power: Royal Armor and Portraits from Imperial Spain
  Mostra personaliJudith Leyster, 1609–1660
  Mostra personaliStanley William Hayter: From Surrealism to Abstraction
  Mostra personaliEdouard Manet's "Ragpicker" from the Norton Simon Foundation
  Mostra personaliLuis Meléndez: Master of the Spanish Still Life
Description Mostra collettiveJaromír Funke and the Amateur Avant-Garde
  Mostra personaliGauguin Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection: Selections from Breton Sketchbook No. 16
  Mostra personaliCaught in the Act — The Artist at Work: Selections from the Paul Katz Archive and Related
  Mostra personaliIn the Tower: Philip Guston
  Mostra collettivePride of Place: Dutch Cityscapes of the Golden Age
  Mostra personaliLooking In: Robert Frank's "The Americans"

  Mostra personaliJan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered
  Mostra collettiveOceans, Rivers, and Skies: Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, and Alfred Stieglitz
  Mostra personaliGeorge de Forest Brush: The Indian Paintings
  Mostra personaliMartin Puryear
  Mostra personaliRichard Misrach: On the Beach
  Mostra collettiveMedieval to Modern
  Mostra personaliMax Ernst - The Illustrated Books
  Mostra collettiveImpressed by Light: British Photographs from Paper Negatives, 1840–1860
  Mostra collettiveBronze and Boxwood: Masterpieces from the Robert H. Smith Collection

  Mostra collettiveFaces and Figures: Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra collettiveThe Baroque Woodcut
  Mostra personaliLet the World In
  Mostra personaliJ. M. W. Turner
  Mostra collettiveBritish Picturesque Landscapes
  Mostra personaliEdward Hopper
  Mostra personaliDesiderio da Settignano: Sculptor of Renaissance Florence
  Mostra collettiveFoto: Modernity in Central Europe, 1918–1945
  Mostra collettiveModernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945
  Mostra collettiveIn the Forest of Fontainebleau: Painters and Photographers from Corot to Monet
  Mostra personaliClaude Lorrain - The Painter as Draftsman: Drawings from the British Museum
  Mostra personaliPaul Mellon and the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveCrosscurrents: American and European Masterpieces from the Permanent Collection
  Mostra personaliRembrandt's "Titus" from the Norton Simon Museum
  Mostra collettivePrivate Treasures: Four Centuries of European Master Drawings
  Mostra collettiveFabulous Journeys and Faraway Places: Travels on Paper, 1450 – 1700
  Mostra collettiveHomer, Eakins, and Bellows: American Paintings 1870–1925
  Mostra personaliEugène Boudin at the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveCrosscurrents: American and European Masterpieces from the Permanent Collection
  Mostra personaliStates and Variations: Prints by Jasper Johns
  Mostra collettiveParis in Transition - Photographs from the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliJasper Johns - An Allegory of Painting, 1955–1965

  Mostra personaliStrokes of Genius - Rembrandt
  Mostra collettiveThe Artist's Vision: Romantic Traditions in Great Britain
  Mostra collettivePrayers and Portraits: Unfolding the Netherlandish Diptych
  Mostra personaliConstable's Great Landscapes: The Six–Foot Paintings
  Mostra collettiveThe Streets of New York: American Photographs from the Collection, 1938–1958
  Mostra collettiveSelections from the Collection of Edward R. Broida
  Mostra personaliAlexandre-Louis-Marie Charpentier
  Mostra personaliHenri Rousseau. Jungles in Paris
  Mostra collettiveBellini, Giorgione, Titian, and the Renaissance of Venetian Painting
  Mostra personaliGauguin Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection: Selections from Breton Sketchbook No. 16
  Mostra personaliCharles Sheeler - Across Media
  Mostra collettiveMaster Drawings from the Woodner Collections
  Mostra collettiveThe Poetry of Light
  Mostra collettivePhotographic Discoveries - Recent Acquisitions
  Mostra personaliAmorous Intrigues and Painterly Refinement
Description and image Mostra collettiveDada
Description and image Mostra personaliCézanne in Provence

  Mostra collettiveRenaissance to Rococo
Description Mostra personaliNicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters, Thirty Years
  Mostra personaliAudubon's Dream Realized: Selections from "The Birds of America"
  Mostra collettiveMasterpieces in Miniature: Italian Manuscript Illumination from the J. Paul Getty Museum
  Mostra collettiveMonumental Sculpture from Renaissance Florence
  Mostra personaliPieter Claesz: Master of Haarlem Still Life
Description and image Mostra personaliThe Prints of Félix Buhot: Impressions of City and Sea
Description and image Mostra personaliWinslow Homer in the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliAsher B. Durand's "Kindred Spirits"
Description and image Mostra personaliIrving Penn: Platinum Prints
  Mostra collettiveImpressionist and Post-Impressionist Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
Description Mostra personaliRoy Lichtenstein: A New Gift of Drawings
  Mostra personaliGilbert Stuart
Description Mostra personaliToulouse - Lautrec and Montmartre
  Mostra personaliJan de Bray and the Classical Tradition
Description and image Mostra personaliCotton Puffs, Q-tips®, Smoke and Mirrors: The Drawings of Ed Ruscha
Description and image Mostra personaliAndré Kertész
  Mostra personaliRembrandt's Late Religious Portraits
  Mostra personaliRembrandt's Religious Etchings
  Mostra personaliThe Andy Goldsworthy Project

Description and image Mostra collettiveFauve Painting in the Permanent Collection
  Mostra collettiveItalian Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra collettiveSix Centuries of Prints and Drawings: Recent Acquisitions
  Mostra personaliGerard ter Borch
  Mostra collettivePastels of the Eighteenth Century: Recent Acquisitions
Description and image Mostra personaliAll the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852 - 1860
Description Mostra personaliDan Flavin: A Retrospective
  Mostra collettivePastels of the Eighteenth Century: Recent Acquisitions
Description and image Mostra personaliHudson River School Visions: The Landscapes of Sanford R. Gifford
  Mostra collettiveDrawings of Town and Country from the Armand Hammer Collection
Description and image Mostra collettiveAmerican Masters from Bingham to Eakins: The John Wilmerding Collection
  Mostra personaliThe Cubist Paintings of Diego Rivera: Memory, Politics, Place
  Mostra personaliDrawings of Jim Dine
  Mostra personaliVerrocchio’s David Restored: A Renaissance Bronze from the National Museum of the Bargello, Florence

  Mostra personaliChristoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, 1783-1853
  Mostra collettiveColorful Impressions: The Printmaking Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France
Description Mostra personaliMark Rothko's Mural Commissions
  Mostra collettiveThe Age of Watteau, Chardin, and Fragonard
Description Mostra personaliPicasso - the cubist portraits of Fernande Olivier
Description Mostra personaliThe art of Romare Bearden
  Mostra personaliSmall Wonders: Dutch Still Lifes by Adriaen Coorte
Description Mostra personaliFrederic Remington - the color of night
  Mostra personaliJean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828): Sculptor of the Enlightenment
Description Mostra personaliErnst Ludwig Kirchner 1880-1938
  Mostra personaliThomas Gainsborough, 1727-1788
Description Mostra personaliÉdouard Vuillard

  Mostra collettiveItalian Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra collettiveDeceptions and Illusions
Description Mostra personaliWillem de Kooning - tracing the figure
  Mostra collettiveAn Artist's Artists: Jacob Kainen's Collection from Rembrandt to David Smith
  Mostra personaliAnne Vallayer-Coster: Painter to the Court of Marie Antoinette
  Mostra personaliGoya: Images of Women
  Mostra collettiveThe Flowering of Florence: Botanical Art for the Medici
  Mostra personaliChristo and Jeanne-Claude in the Vogel Collection

Description Mostra collettiveGerman expressionist paintings from the Saltzman family collection
Description Mostra collettiveA century of drawing - works on paper from Degas to LeWitt
Description Mostra collettiveBest Impressions - 35 years of prints and sculpture from Gemini G.E.L.
Description Mostra personaliHenry Moore
  Mostra personaliAelbert Cuyp
  Mostra personaliVirtue and Beauty: Leonardo's "Ginevra de Benci" and Renaissance Portraits of Women
Description Mostra collettiveSpirit of an Age - nineteenth-century paintings from the Nationalgalerie, Berlin
Description Mostra personaliJasper Johns - prints from four decades
  Mostra collettiveThe Unfinished Print
Description Mostra personaliCy Twombly - the sculpture
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Naive Paintings from the Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch Collection
Description Mostra personaliModern art and America - Alfred Stieglitz and his New York galleries

Description Mostra collettivePrints Abound: Paris in the 1890s, from the collections of Virginia and Ira Jack
  Mostra collettiveArt Nouveau, 1890-1914
  Mostra collettiveArt for the Nation: Collecting for a New Century
  Mostra collettivePrints and Drawings from the Permanent Collection
Description Mostra collettiveThe Impressionists at Argenteuil
  Mostra collettiveLandscape Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra collettiveThe Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe 1600-1750
  Mostra collettiveRaphael and His Circle: Drawings from Windsor Castle
  Mostra collettiveItalian Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra personaliGerrit Dou (1613-1675): Master Painter in the Age of Rembrandt
Description Mostra personaliO'Keeffe on Paper
Description Mostra collettiveTwentieth-Century American art - the Ebsworth Collection
Description Mostra personaliCarleton Watkins - the art of perception
  Mostra personaliMartin Johnson Heade
  Mostra personaliMax Weber's Modern Vision

  Mostra personaliJohannes Vermeer's The Art of Painting
  Mostra collettiveFrom Schongauer to Holbein: Master Drawings from Basel and Berlin
Description Mostra personaliBrassaï - The Eye of Paris
  Mostra personaliTilman Riemenschneider: Master Sculptor of the Late Middle Ages
  Mostra personaliThe Drawings of Annibale Carracci
Description Mostra personaliMary Cassatt
  Mostra personaliCaravaggio's The Taking of Christ
  Mostra personaliPortraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch
Description Mostra collettivePhotographs from the collection
Description Mostra personaliJohn Singer Sargent
  Mostra collettiveFrom Botany to Bouquets
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Impressionism and Realism: The Margaret and Raymond Horowitz Collection

  Mostra collettiveGifts to the Nation from Mr. and Mrs. John Hay Whitney
  Mostra personaliBernini's Rome
  Mostra personaliVan Gogh's Van Goghs: Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Description Mostra personaliAlfred Stieglitz - known and unknown
Description Mostra collettiveManet, Monet and the Gare Saint-Lazare
  Mostra collettiveArtists and the Avant-Garde Theater in Paris, 1887-1900
Description Mostra personaliMark Rothko
Description Mostra personaliDegas at the races
Description Mostra personaliAlexander Calder 1898 - 1976

  Mostra collettiveBuilding a Collection
  Mostra personaliLorenzo Lotto: Rediscovered Master of the Renaissance
  Mostra personaliM.C. Escher: A Centennial Tribute
  Mostra personaliThomas Moran
  Mostra personaliAugustus Saint-Gaudens' Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment
  Mostra collettiveWinslow Homer and the Civil War: Recent Acquisitions
  Mostra collettiveThirty-five Years at Crown Point Press
  Mostra personaliPicasso: The Early Years, 1892-1906
  Mostra personaliAlexander Calder: The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Klaus G. Perls
  Mostra collettiveThe Victorians: British Painting in the Reign of Queen Victoria, 1837-1901
  Mostra collettivePast Exhibitions Six Centuries/Six Artists

  Mostra personaliMichelangelo and His Influence
  Mostra collettiveGeorges de La Tour and His World
  Mostra personaliMenzel - la nevrose du vrai
  Mostra personaliThomas Eakins: The Rowing Pictures
  Mostra personaliIn the Light of Italy
  Mostra personaliGauguin Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection: Selections from Breton Sketchbook No. 16
  Mostra personaliJan Steen: Painter and Storyteller
  Mostra personaliScenes of Daily Life
  Mostra collettiveThe Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection: 1945-1995
  Mostra personaliHarry Callahan
  Mostra personaliThe Art of Louis-Léopold Boilly

  Mostra personaliJohannes Vermeer
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer
  Mostra personaliJohn Singleton Copley in England
  Mostra personaliAdriaen Brouwer: Youth Making a Face
  Mostra personaliMarc Chagall's Early Prints and Drawings
  Mostra personaliPrints by James McNeill Whistler and His Contemporaries
  Mostra personaliPiet Mondrian: 1872-1944
  Mostra personaliJames McNeill Whistler
  Mostra personaliArshile Gorky: The Breakthrough Years
  Mostra personaliClaes Oldenburg: An Anthology

  Mostra collettiveItalian Renaissance Architecture
  Mostra personaliToulouse-Lautrec: Marcelle Lender in "Chilpéric"
  Mostra personaliThe Prints of Roy Lichtenstein
  Mostra personaliRobert Frank: Moving Out
  Mostra personaliMilton Avery: Works on Paper
  Mostra collettiveThe Waking Dream: Photography's First Century, Selections from the Gilman Paper Company Collection
  Mostra collettiveFrom Minimal to Conceptual Art
  Mostra personaliJan van Eyck's Annunciation
  Mostra personaliWillem de Kooning: Paintings
  Mostra collettiveDrawings of Landscape and Architecture from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra personaliJasper Francis Cropsey's The Spirit of War and The Spirit of Peace
  Mostra personaliEgon Schiele
  Mostra personaliHans Memling's Saint John the Baptist and Saint Veronica

  Mostra personaliJohn James Audubon: The Watercolors for The Birds of America
  Mostra personaliGiambologna's Cesarini Venus
  Mostra personaliLovis Corinth: Master Prints and Drawings from the Marcy Family Collection and the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliGauguin Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection: Selections from Breton Sketchbook No. 16
  Mostra collettiveGreat French Paintings from the Barnes Foundation: Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Early Modern
  Mostra personaliGeorges de La Tour's Repentant Magdalene
  Mostra personaliHelen Frankenthaler: Prints
  Mostra personaliWilliam M. Harnett
  Mostra personaliJohn Singleton Copley's Watson and the Shark

  Mostra collettiveFigure Studies and Compositional Drawings from The Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra personaliEllsworth Kelly: The Years in France, 1948-1954
  Mostra collettiveSeries and Sequences: Contemporary Drawings and Prints from the Permanent Collection
  Mostra personaliStieglitz in the Darkroom
  Mostra collettiveDürer to Diebenkorn: Recent Acquisitions of Art on Paper
  Mostra personaliKäthe Kollwitz
  Mostra personaliErnst Ludwig Kirchner: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints
  Mostra personaliAlice Neel
  Mostra personaliHomage to Jacques Callot
  Mostra personaliGuercino: Master Painter of the Baroque
  Mostra personaliJohn Singer Sargent's El Jaleo
  Mostra personaliThe Saint Anne Altarpiece by Gerard David

  Mostra personaliWalker Evans: Subway Photographs and Other Recent Acquisitions
  Mostra collettiveItalian Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra personaliAlbert Bierstadt: Art and Enterprise
  Mostra personaliRembrandt's Lucretias
  Mostra personaliSoap Bubbles of Jean-Siméon Chardin
  Mostra personaliRauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange
  Mostra collettiveArt for the Nation: Gifts in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art

  Mostra personaliThe Art of Paul Strand
  Mostra personaliAnthony van Dyck
  Mostra collettiveSelected Baroque Paintings from Italian Banks
  Mostra personaliKazimir Malevich 1878-1935
  Mostra personaliGeorge Caleb Bingham
  Mostra personaliSargent's Javanese Dancers
  Mostra personaliEdvard Munch: Master Prints from the Epstein Family Collection
  Mostra personaliThe Drawings of Jasper Johns
  Mostra collettiveMasterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism: The Annenberg Collection
  Mostra personaliMatisse in Morocco: The Paintings and Drawings, 1912-1913
  Mostra personaliRembrandt's Landscapes: Drawings and Prints
  Mostra personaliMatisse: Jazz and Other Works on Paper from the National Gallery Collections and Promised Gifts
  Mostra personaliSelections and Transformations: The Art of John Marin
  Mostra personaliTitian, Prince of Painters
  Mostra collettiveReinstallation of Bellini/Titian Feast of the Gods

  Mostra personaliFrederic Edwin Church
  Mostra personaliFrans Hals
  Mostra collettiveItalian Etchers of the Renaissance and Baroque: Parmigianino to Giordano
  Mostra personaliMary Cassatt: The Color Prints
  Mostra collettiveStill Lifes of the Golden Age: Northern European Paintings from the Heinz Family Collection
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Eugène Boudin from the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliJohn Twachtman: Connecticut Landscapes
  Mostra personaliCézanne: The Early Years 1859-1872

  Mostra personaliThe Art of Paolo Veronese, 1528-1588
  Mostra collettiveThe Pastoral Landscape: The Legacy of Venice
  Mostra collettiveRaphaelle Peale Still Lifes
  Mostra personaliMichelangelo: Draftsman/Architect
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Fritz Hugh Lane
  Mostra personaliThe Flag Paintings of Childe Hassam
  Mostra personaliGauguin Drawings from the Armand Hammer Collection
  Mostra personaliThe Art of Paul Gauguin

  Mostra personaliTitian's Saint Sebastian
  Mostra personaliGeorgia O'Keeffe 1887-1986
  Mostra personaliRosso Fiorentino: Drawings, Prints, and Decorative Arts
  Mostra personaliWilliam Merritt Chase: Summers at Shinnecock 1891-1902
  Mostra personaliBerthe Morisot--Impressionist
  Mostra collettiveLe Repos (Portrait of Berthe Morisot)
  Mostra collettiveA Century of Modern Sculpture: The Patsy and Raymond Nasher Collection
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Drawings and Watercolors of the Twentieth Century: Selections from the Whitney Museum of American Art
  Mostra personaliAmerican Drawings and Watercolors of the Twentieth Century: Andrew Wyeth, the Helga Pictures
  Mostra collettiveNew York Interpreted: Joseph Stella, Alfred Stieglitz
  Mostra personaliDonatello at Close Range

  Mostra personaliThe Age of Correggio and the Carracci: Emilian Painting of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
  Mostra personaliGoya: The Condesa de Chinchón and Other Paintings, Drawings, and Prints from Spanish and American Private Collections an
  Mostra personaliAlexander Archipenko: A Centennial Tribute 1887-1964
  Mostra collettiveThe Age of Bruegel: Netherlandish Drawings of the Sixteenth Century
  Mostra personaliHenri Matisse: The Early Years in Nice 1916-1930
  Mostra collettiveItalian Master Drawings from the British Royal Collection
  Mostra personaliGeorge Inness
  Mostra collettiveImpressionist to Early Modern Paintings from the USSR: Works from the Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, and the Pushkin Museu
  Mostra personaliDrawings by Jacques de Gheyn
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer Watercolors
  Mostra personaliTitian: The Flaying of Marsyas

  Mostra collettiveThe Treasure Houses of Britain: 500 Years of Private Patronage and Art Collecting
  Mostra collettiveDürer to Delacroix: Great Master Drawings from Stockholm
  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams: Classic Images
  Mostra collettiveMaster Drawings from Titian to Picasso: The Curtis O. Baer Collection
  Mostra collettiveLeonardo to Van Gogh: Master Drawings from Budapest
  Mostra personaliStubbs: An Exhibition in Honor of Paul Mellon
  Mostra collettiveCollection for a King: Old Master Paintings from the Dulwich Picture Gallery
  Mostra personaliRobert Nanteuil: Portrait Engraver to the Sun King
  Mostra personaliLeonardo da Vinci Drawings of Horses from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle
  Mostra personaliMonotypes by Maurice Prendergast from the Terra Museum of American Art
  Mostra personaliThe Washington Family by Edward Savage: An Inaugural Celebration

  Mostra personaliDegas: The Dancers
  Mostra personaliOld Master Drawings from the Albertina
  Mostra personaliThomas Moran's Watercolors of Yellowstone
  Mostra personaliJohn James Audubon: The Birds of America
  Mostra collettiveThe Orientalists: Delacroix to Matisse, The Allure of North Africa and the Near East
  Mostra personaliWatteau: 1684-1721
  Mostra personaliMark Rothko: Works on Paper 1925-1970
  Mostra personaliMark Tobey: City Paintings
  Mostra personaliThe Legacy of Correggio: Sixteenth-Century Emilian Drawings
  Mostra personaliCaravaggio's Deposition from the Vatican

  Mostra collettiveLeonardo's Last Supper: Before and After
  Mostra personaliModigliani: An Anniversary Exhibition
  Mostra personaliPiazzetta: A Tercentenary Exhibition of Drawings, Prints, and Illustrated Books
  Mostra personaliJuan Gris
  Mostra personaliGainsborough Drawings
  Mostra personaliArp: The Dada Reliefs
  Mostra collettiveFive Surrealists from the Menil Collections
  Mostra personaliLucas van Leyden and His Contemporaries
  Mostra collettivePainting in Naples from Caravaggio to Giordano
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Alfred Stieglitz
  Mostra personaliImportant Information Inside: The Still-Life Paintings of John F. Peto
  Mostra personaliRaphael and America

  Mostra personaliGallery of the Louvre by Samuel F.B. Morse
  Mostra personaliManet and Modern Paris
  Mostra personaliDavid Smith: Seven Major Themes
  Mostra personaliBraque: The Papiers Collés
  Mostra personaliClaude Lorrain (1600-1682): A Tercentenary Exhibition
  Mostra personaliPicasso: The Bull
  Mostra personaliBellows: The Boxing Pictures
  Mostra personaliEl Greco of Toledo
  Mostra collettiveEighteenth-Century Drawings from the Collection of Mrs. Gertrude Laughlin Chanler
  Mostra collettiveMauritshuis: Dutch Painting of the Golden Age from the Royal Picture Gallery, The Hague
  Mostra collettiveDutch Figure Drawings from the Seventeenth Century

  Mostra personaliThe Morton G. Neumann Family Collection: Picasso Prints and Drawings
  Mostra personaliRodin Rediscovered
  Mostra personaliThe Drawings of Andrea Palladio
  Mostra personaliKandinsky: The Improvisations
  Mostra personaliHans Baldung Grien: Prints and Drawings

  Mostra personaliPicasso: The Saltimbanques
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Indian Life: Paintings by George Catlin
  Mostra collettiveThe Busch-Reisinger Museum: The Twentieth-Century Collection
  Mostra collettivePost-Impressionism: Cross-Currents in European and American Painting, 1880-1906
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Light: The Luminist Movement, 1850-1875

  Mostra collettiveOld Master Paintings from the Collection of Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza
  Mostra personaliMies van der Rohe: The Barcelona Pavilion
  Mostra personaliHonoré Daumier (1808-1879)
  Mostra collettiveSpanish Sculpture of the Twentieth Century
  Mostra personaliMondrian: The Diamond Compositions
  Mostra collettiveSelf-Portraits: Prints from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliPablo Picasso: The Vollard Suite
  Mostra collettivePast Exhibitions French Romanticism
  Mostra collettiveFrom Leonardo to Titian: Italian Renaissance Paintings from the Hermitage, Leningrad
  Mostra collettivePrints and Related Drawings by the Carracci Family
  Mostra personaliGrandma Moses: Anne Mary Robertson Moses (1860-1961)
  Mostra collettiveEarly German Drawings and Prints: Two Recent Acquisitions and Related Works
  Mostra personaliBerenson and the Connoisseurship of Italian Painting

  Mostra collettiveDrawings by Fragonard in North American Collections
  Mostra personaliHubert Robert: Drawings and Watercolors
  Mostra collettiveFrench Printmaking in the Time of Fragonard and Robert
  Mostra personaliEdvard Munch: Symbols and Images
  Mostra personaliPiranesi: The Early Architectural Fantasies
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Art at Mid-Century: The Subjects of the Artist
  Mostra collettiveAspects of Twentieth-Century Art I. Picasso and Cubism II. European Painting and Sculpture III. Henri Matisse: Cut-Outs

  Mostra personaliFrench Prints by Twentieth-Century Masters
  Mostra personaliMatisse: The Cut-Outs
  Mostra collettivePaper in Prints
  Mostra personaliSeventeenth-Century Dutch Drawings from American Collections

  Mostra personaliTitian and the Venetian Woodcut
  Mostra personaliMorris Louis: Major Themes and Variations
  Mostra personaliThe Eye of Thomas Jefferson
  Mostra personaliGoya in the Prado

  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer (1836-1910): Watercolors
  Mostra personaliJacques Callot: Prints and Related Drawings
  Mostra personaliThe Sick Girl by Edvard Munch
  Mostra collettiveRubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaens: Prints and Drawings

  Mostra collettiveVenetian Drawings from American Collections
  Mostra personaliM.C. Escher Prints
  Mostra personaliArt in the Age of Francesco Petrarca
  Mostra collettiveNineteenth-Century Sculpture

  Mostra personaliFrançois Boucher in North American Collections: 100 Drawings
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Art at Mid-Century 1
  Mostra collettiveSixteenth-Century Italian Drawings from the Collection of Janos Scholz
  Mostra collettiveVenetian Views: Etchings by Canaletto and Whistler
  Mostra personaliEtchings by Rembrandt
  Mostra collettiveImpressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings from the U.S.S.R.

  Mostra collettiveA Survey of the Mezzotint Technique, 1642-1962
  Mostra personaliFrederick Law Olmsted/U.S.A. (1822-1903)
  Mostra collettiveOld Master Drawings from Christ Church, Oxford
  Mostra personaliPrints by M.C. Escher
  Mostra personaliPrints by Edvard Munch from the Rosenwald Collection
  Mostra personaliCézanne Watercolors from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pearlman
  Mostra collettiveThe American Artist and Water Reclamation
  Mostra personaliThe Art of Wilhelm Lehmbruck
  Mostra collettiveRare Etchings by G.B. and G.D. Tiepolo

  Mostra personaliRodin Drawings, True and False
  Mostra collettiveColor Prints and Books from the Widener Collection
  Mostra personaliJohn Sloan 1871-1951
  Mostra personaliA Selection of John Gould's Bird Prints
  Mostra personaliThe Influence of Rembrandt on Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Landscape Prints
  Mostra personaliG.B. Piranesi: Etchings of Prisons, Views of Rome from the National Gallery of Art Collection
  Mostra personaliDürer in America: His Graphic Work
  Mostra personaliPrints by William Hogarth
  Mostra collettiveWilliam Hogarth: A Selection of Paintings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon
  Mostra personaliIngres in Rome

  Mostra personaliKäthe Kollwitz: Prints and Drawings
  Mostra collettiveBritish Painting and Sculpture, 1960-1970
  Mostra personaliMary Cassatt, 1844-1925
  Mostra collettivePast Exhibitions Protest and Social Comment in Prints
  Mostra collettiveLate Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century French Prints from the Rosenwald Collection
  Mostra collettiveNineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Paintings from the Smith College Museum of Art
  Mostra collettiveThe Reality of Appearance: The Trompe l'Oeil Tradition in American Painting
  Mostra personaliWilliam Blake's Graphic Art from the Rosenwald Collection

  Mostra collettiveThe Artist and Space
  Mostra personaliJoseph Wright of Derby: A Selection of Paintings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon
  Mostra personaliPast Exhibitions Audubon Prints: The Birds of America
  Mostra collettiveOld Master Drawings from Chatsworth
  Mostra personaliJohn Constable: A Selection of Paintings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon
  Mostra personaliLithographs by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec from the Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliRembrandt in the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Alphonse Legros
  Mostra personaliThe Birds of America by John James Audubon

  Mostra personaliPainter of Rural America: William Sidney Mount
  Mostra personaliJ.M.W. Turner: A Selection of Paintings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon
  Mostra personaliPrints by Lucas van Leyden from the National Gallery of Art Collection
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Alfred Stieglitz from the Alfred Stieglitz Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettivePaintings from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
  Mostra personaliThe Etchings of Charles Meryon (1821-1868)
  Mostra personaliPrints by Mark Catesby
  Mostra collettivePainting in France 1900-1967

  Mostra collettiveFifteenth-Century Engravings of Northern Europe from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveSwiss Drawings: Masterpieces of Five Centuries
  Mostra collettiveGilbert Stuart, Portraitist of the Young Republic
  Mostra personaliOne Hundred European Paintings and Drawings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B. Block
  Mostra personaliFestival Designs by Inigo Jones from the Collection of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth
  Mostra collettiveThree "Lost" German Paintings

  Mostra collettiveAn Exhibition of Christmas Card Prints from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveCanaletto and Bellotto Etchings from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveEngravings and Etchings by and after William Hogarth from the Rosenwald and Addie Burr Clark Memorial Collections
  Mostra personaliPiranesi Etchings from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra collettiveAn Exhibition of City Views from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century from the Collection of the National Gallery of A
  Mostra collettiveFrench Paintings from the Collections of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon and Mrs. Mellon Bruce
  Mostra personaliEtchings by Rembrandt in the Collection of the National Gallery of Art
  Mostra personaliPrints after Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, from the Rosenwald Collection

  Mostra collettiveDürer and His Time
  Mostra personaliJohn Singleton Copley: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra personaliSculpture and Drawings by Rodin
  Mostra personaliSketches by Constable from the Victoria and Albert Museum
  Mostra personaliExhibition of Rembrandt's Portrait of the Artist's Son Titus
  Mostra personaliThe Chester Dale Bequest
  Mostra personaliWax Sculptures by Degas
  Mostra collettiveEyewitness to Space, Paintings and Drawings Done for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  Mostra personaliLandscape Prints by Rembrandt and other Dutch Artists
  Mostra personaliThe Watercolor Drawings of John White from the British Museum
  Mostra collettivePrints by Albrecht Altdorfer, Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, and Schongauer from the National Gallery of Art Collection
  Mostra personaliExhibition of Portrait of a Man in a Fur-lined Coat by Rembrandt Lent by the Fuller Foundation

  Mostra collettiveDesigns for the Grave of the Late President John F. Kennedy
  Mostra personaliPiranesi Etchings of Prisons and Views of Rome from the National Gallery of Art Collection
  Mostra collettivePrints by Altdorfer, Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, and Schongauer from the National Gallery of Art Collection
  Mostra personaliWilliam Blake: Poet, Printer, Prophet
  Mostra personaliBlake's Engravings of Dante's Inferno and The Book of Job from the W.G. Russell Allen Collection
  Mostra collettiveDrawings of the 15th and 16th Centuries from the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne
  Mostra collettiveFifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century German Prints from the National Gallery of Art Collection
  Mostra personaliExhibition of Watercolors by Perkins Harnly from the Index of American Design
  Mostra personaliPortrait of the Artist's Mother: Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1, by James Abbott McNeill Whistler
  Mostra personaliPrints by Whistler from the National Gallery of Art Collection

  Mostra collettivePaintings from the Museum of Modern Art, New York
  Mostra personaliPrints by Käthe Kollwitz from the Rosenwald Collection in Commemoration of Human Rights Week
  Mostra collettiveEighteenth-Century Venetian Drawings from the Correr Museum
  Mostra personaliWatercolors by J.M.W. Turner from the British Museum
  Mostra personaliExhibition of Etchings and Mezzotints from J.M.W. Turner's Liber Studiorum
  Mostra collettiveModern Prints and Illustrated Books from the Rosenwald Collection
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Mary Cassatt
  Mostra personaliHercules and the Hydra and Hercules and Antaeus by Antonio del Pollaiuolo
  Mostra personaliJacques Callot: A Selection of Prints from the Collections of Rudolf L. Baumfeld and Lessing J. Rosenwald
  Mostra personaliMona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

  Mostra personaliJohn Gadsby Chapman, Painter and Illustrator: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveDrawings from the National Gallery of Art Collections
  Mostra collettiveEtchings by G.B. Tiepolo, G.D. Tiepolo, and Canaletto
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Prints Today--1962
  Mostra personaliEtchings and Lithographs by Edouard Manet
  Mostra collettiveExhibition of the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. André Meyer
  Mostra personaliLithographs by George Bellows

  Mostra personaliTutankhamun Treasures
  Mostra collettiveThomas Eakins: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra personaliTiepolo Drawings
  Mostra collettiveEtchings and Drawings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
  Mostra personaliLithographs and Etchings by Goya
  Mostra collettiveChinese Art Treasures
  Mostra collettiveThe Marie and Averell Harriman Collection
  Mostra personaliRembrandt Etchings

  Mostra collettiveThe Splendid Century: French Art of the Seventeenth Century
  Mostra personaliPrints by Hogarth
  Mostra personaliHonoré Daumier
  Mostra personaliPrints by Toulouse-Lautrec

  Mostra personaliPrints by Toulouse-Lautrec
  Mostra personaliWhistler Etchings

  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra personaliDrawings and Prints by Rembrandt
  Mostra personaliEtchings and Lithographs by Redon
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Alfred Stieglitz

  Mostra personaliThe Art of William Blake
  Mostra personaliAmerican Primitive Paintings
  Mostra personaliA Retrospective Exhibition of the Work of George Bellows

  Mostra personaliGoya Drawings and Prints

  Mostra collettiveRenaissance Prints
  Mostra collettiveLithographs by Bonnard, Vuillard, and Maurice Denis
  Mostra collettiveDrawings and Watercolors by Flemish and Dutch Masters

  Mostra personaliWatercolors and Drawings by Gavarni
  Mostra collettiveNineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Paintings from the Edward G. Robinson Collection
  Mostra collettiveNuremberg and the German World, 1460-1530

  Mostra collettiveTwentieth-Century French Paintings from the Chester Dale Collection
  Mostra personaliLithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec
  Mostra personaliEtchings and Drypoints by Alphonse Legros
  Mostra collettiveFrench Paintings from the Molyneux Collection
  Mostra personaliEtchings by Jacques Callot

  Mostra personaliEngravings by William Blake
  Mostra personaliEtchings by Whistler

  Mostra collettiveVollard, Connoisseur: Modern French Prints, an Exhibition from the Rosenwald Collection
  Mostra personaliPrints by Mary Cassatt
  Mostra collettivePrints by Muirhead Bone, David Y. Cameron, and James McBey

  Mostra collettiveArt Treasures from the Vienna Collections
  Mostra collettiveR. Horace Gallatin Collection (from the exhibition of June 26-July 25)
  Mostra collettiveR. Horace Gallatin Collection
  Mostra personaliPrints by Adriaen van Ostade
  Mostra personaliSeymour Haden Prints
  Mostra personaliLegros Prints
  Mostra collettiveGulbenkian Collection of Eighteenth-Century French Works of Art
  Mostra personaliStudies of Medieval Cathedrals
  Mostra personaliMichelangelo's David, from the Bargello Museum, Florence

  Mostra collettiveParis, the Favorable Climate
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Graphic Art from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day
  Mostra personaliPrints by James McNeill Whistler

  Mostra personaliPrints by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  Mostra personaliEtchings by James McNeill Whistler
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by William Blake
  Mostra collettiveWoodcuts, Lithographs, and Etchings by Paul Gauguin and Edvard Munch
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Alphonse Legros

  Mostra personaliLiber Studiorum by J.M.W. Turner
  Mostra personaliRodin: Sculpture, Drawings, and Prints
  Mostra personaliNew Acquisitions in the Rosenwald Collection
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Etchings, Woodcuts, and Lithographs in Memory of Addie Burr Clark
  Mostra personaliI Remember That
  Mostra collettiveHogarth and Rowlandson Prints from the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection

  Mostra collettiveItalian Eighteenth-Century Prints

  Mostra collettiveAmerican Battle Painting 1776-1918
  Mostra personaliRembrandt Prints and Drawings
  Mostra personaliNanteuil Engraved Portraits
  Mostra personaliEtchings and Lithographs by Goya

  Mostra personaliNavaho Pollen and Sand Painting
  Mostra collettivePolitical Caricatures by French and British Artists
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Paintings
  Mostra personaliThe Thomas Jefferson Bicentennial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliWhistler Etchings

  Mostra collettiveSeventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Prints - reopening of the exhibition September 1942
  Mostra collettiveSeventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Prints
  Mostra collettiveThree Triptychs by Contemporary Artists
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