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National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea - Gwacheon

Istituzione Pubblica
National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea - Gwacheon
San 58-4 (Gwangmyeong-gil 209), Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-d 427-701
Corea del Sud
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel 82-2-2188-6000
fax 82-2-2188-6123
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa, Do  09:00-18:00
National Museum Of Contemporary Art Korea - Deoksugung
Deoksugung Palace 5-1 Jeong-dong, Joong-gu
100-120 Seul
Corea del Sud
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
National Museum Of Contemporary Art Korea - Seoul
30 Samcheong-ro, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu
110-200 Seul
Corea del Sud
mappa della città
ricerca hotel

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Joseph Beuys  5
Nam June Paik  48
Imi Knoebel  60
Bernd & Hilla Becher  138
Chuck Close  160

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Nam June Paik  48 5
Chung Chang-sup  5455 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 117 8
  Gallery Hyundai, Corea del Sud 58 20
  Gana Art Gallery, Corea del Sud 36 18
  Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Germania 32 4
  ZKM | Zentrum fr Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Germania 31 10

anno di fondazione: 1986
Dong Sook Ahn  1922, KR
Arman  1928-2005, FR, US
Bae Bien-U  1950, KR
Bernd & Hilla Becher  DE
Joseph Beuys  1921-1986, DE
Kwan Sik Byeon  1899-1976, KR
Yeong Won Byon  1921-1988, KR
Kwun Sik Byun  
Byung-Hoon Choi  1952, KR
Woo Sung Chang  1912, KR
Woon Sang Chang  1926-1982, KR
Chang-Hong Ahn  1953, KR
Phyung Hwi Cho  1933, KR
Seok Jin Cho  1853-1920, KR
Yong Seung Cho  1912-1946, KR
Jae Deok Choi  
Min Hwa Choi  1954, KR
Woo Seok Choi  1899-1964, KR
Kyung Chu  1905-1979, KR
Kyungwoo Chun  1969, KR
Chun Kyung-Ja  1924-2015, KR
Bum Tai Chung  
Hak Soo Chung  1884, KR
Ki Ho Chung  
Chung Chang-sup  1927-2011, KR
Costantino Ciervo  1961, IT
Chuck Close  1940, US
Tae Jin Ha  1938, KR
Ha Chong Hyun  1935, KR
Baek Ryeon Heo  1891-1977, KR
Jong Myong Hong  1922, KR
Seon Wung Hong  
Sung Moon Hong  
Doo Jin Hwang  
Jin Hwang  , KR
Woon Young Ji  1852, KR
Ji Seok-Cheol  1953, KR
Yeondoo Jung  1969, KR
Chang Won Kang  1906-1977, KR
Bok Jin Kim  1901-1940, KR
Byung-Jong Kim  1953, KR
Chong Tai Kim  1903-1935, KR
Eun Ho Kim  1892-1979, KR
Hong Shiz Kim  1897-1966, KR
Hwan Kee Kim  
In Soon Kim  
Jae Hong Kim  
Ji Hee Kim  
Jon Young Kim  
Jung Heun Kim  1946, KR
Jung Hyun Kim  1915-1976, KR
Jung Hyun Kim  1901-1953, KR
Jung Sook Kim  1917-1991
Ki Chan Kim  
Ki Chul Kim  
Ok Sun Kim  , KR
Soo Myung Kim  
Young Jin Kim  1961, KR
Young Ki Kim  1911, KR
Young Sook Kim  
Kim Hong Joo  1945, KR
Kim Kang Yong  1950, KR
Kim Ki-chang  1916-2001, KR
Kimsooja  1957, KR
Imi Knoebel  1940, DE
Ko Hui-dong  1886-1965, KR
Hyun-Jin Kwak  1974, KR
Kim Kwan-ho  
Jin Kyu Kwon  1922-1973, KR
Sun Cheol Kwon  1944, KR
Kwon Young-woo  1926-2013, KR
Cheul Yi Lee  
Do Young Lee  1894-1934, KR
Jong Goo Lee  
Kyong Seung Lee  , KR
Kyung Soo Lee  1941, KR
Ma Dong Lee  1906-1981, KR
Myung Bok Lee  
Sang Beom Lee  1897-1972, KR
Sang Bum Lee  
Seung Taek Lee  1932, KR
Soo Auck Lee  1918-1990, KR, KP
Wal Chong Lee  1945, KR
Yong Bak Lee  
Yoo Tae Lee  1916-1999, KR
Young Il Lee  1904-1984, KR
Lee Choungwoo  
Lee In-Sung  1912-1950, KR
Lee jangsub  1978, KR
Ok Sang Lim  
Bok Jin Min  
Kyoung Kap Min  1933, KR
Min Joung-ki  1949, KR
Hae Sok Na  1896-1946, KR
Na Hae-suck  1896-1946, KR
Soo Hyeon No  1899-1974, KR
Noh Won-Hee  1948, KR
Simon Norfolk  1963, UK
Ji Ho Oh  1905-1982, KR
Yong Gil Oh  1946, KR
Eric Orr  1939-1998, US
Yon Moon Paek  1906-1979, KR
Mun-Ki Paik  
Nam June Paik  1932-2006, US, KR
No Soo Pak  1927, KR
Chul Joon Park  
Re Hyun Park  , KR
Seo-Bo Park  1931, KR
Seung Moo Park  1893-1980, KR
Park Saeng Kwang  1904-1985, KR
Park Young-Sook  1947, KR
Greg Parker  , US
Chul Ryang Rhee  
Ryu Kyung Chai  1920-1995, KR
Jin Dal Seo  1908-1947, KR
Dong Pyo Seung  
Hyo Sang Seung  
Chook Cha Shim  1929, KR
Hyun Seok Shim  
Young Sang Shin  1935, KR
Eung Sung Son  1916-1979, KR
Song Soo Nam  1938, KR
Hai Lim Suh  
Suh Se-ok  1929, KR
Sung Chae Hyu  1915, KR
Ung-No Lee  1904-1989, FR, KR
Bill Viola  1951, US
Massimo Vitali  1944, IT
Chong Nye Wang  
Whang In-Kie  1951, KP
Yeun Hee Yoo  1948, KR
Yoo Young Kuk  1916-2002, KR
Keun Byung Yook  1957, KR
Young Ja Yoon  
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