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The Power Plant

Institution Publique
The Power Plant
231 Queens Quay West
M5J 2G8 Toronto, ON
plan de ville
réservation hôtel
tel +1 (416) 973-4949
heures d'ouverture:
Mar, Mer, Jeu, Ven, Sam, Dim  12:00-18:00
Mer  12:00-20:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Glenn Ligon  137 4
Stan Douglas  314 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Etats-Unis 389 161
  Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canada 171 164
  MoMA PS1, Etats-Unis 168 191
  Metro Pictures Gallery, Etats-Unis 147 34
  Mercer Union, Canada 143 143

 Expositions   5
27.01. - 13.05. (dans 245 jours)
  Exposition individuelleKader Attia

29.09. - 31.12. (dans 125 jours)
  Exposition individuelleAmalia Pica

29.09. - 31.12. (dans 125 jours)
  Exposition de groupeUrban-Now--City-Life-in-Congo

29.09. - 13.05. (dans 125 jours)
  Exposition individuelleMichael Landy

24.06. - 04.09. (dans 28 jours)
  Exposition individuelleYdessa Hendeles: The Milliner’s Daughter
Ligne directrice
Année de fondation: 1987
 Expositions précédentes   253
  Exposition individuelleMaria Hupfield
  Exposition individuelleKapwani Kiwanga
  Exposition individuelleJonathas de Andrade

  Exposition individuelleYto Barrada
  Exposition individuelleMaria Loboda. - Some weep, some blow flutes
  Exposition individuelleFleck Clerestory Commission Program: Latifa Echakhch
  Exposition individuelleLatifa Echakhch: Cross Fade
  Exposition individuelleFranz Erhard Walther - Call to Action
  Exposition individuelleUlla von Brandenburg - It Has a Golden Red Sun and an Elderly Green Moon
  Exposition individuelleAude Moreau - The Political Nightfall
  Exposition individuellePatrick Bernatchez - Les Temps inachevés
  Exposition individuelleLeslie Hewitt - Collective Stance

  Exposition individuelleMark Lewis - Invention
  Exposition individuelleI See Words, I Hear Voices
  Exposition individuelleCarlos Amorales - Black Cloud
  Exposition de groupeThe Mouth Holds the Tongue
  Exposition individuelleMine
  Exposition individuelleBik Van der Pol - Eminent Domains
  Exposition de groupeThe Unfinished Conversation: Encoding/Decoding

  Exposition individuelleJulia Dault - Color Me Badd
  Exposition individuellePedro Cabrita Reis - fourteen paintings the preacher and a broken line
  Exposition individuelleShelagh Keeley: Notes on Obsolescence
  Exposition individuelleVasco Araújo - Under the Influence of Psyche
  Exposition individuelleAkram Zaatari - The End of Time
  Exposition individuellePedro Reyes - Sanatorium
  Exposition individuelleMike Nelson - Amnesiac Hide

Description Exposition individuelleMicah Lexier - One, and Two, and More Than Two
  Exposition individuelleJimmy Robert - Draw the Line
  Exposition de groupePostscript: Writing After Conceptual Art

  Exposition de groupeBeat Nation
  Exposition individuelleAlthea Thauberger - MaratSadeBohnice
  Exposition individuelleThe Clock
  Exposition individuelleContinuous Coverage
  Exposition de groupeTools for Conviviality
  Exposition individuelleDissenting Histories Artist Project: Dave Dyment
  Exposition individuelleDissenting Histories Artist Project: Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber
  Exposition individuelleKerry Tribe: Speak, Memory
  Exposition individuelleDissenting Histories: 25 Years of The Power Plant

  Exposition de groupeComing After
  Exposition individuelleStan Douglas - Entertainment: Selections from Midcentury Studio
  Exposition de groupe13th Annual RBC Canadian Painting Competition
  Exposition individuelleDerek Sullivan - Albatross Omnibus
  Exposition de groupeThe Plot
  Exposition individuelleWelcome to the Hotel Munber
  Exposition individuelleThe Otolith Group: Otolith III
  Exposition de groupeRearview Mirror
  Exposition individuelleA Sign in the Northwest Passage
  Exposition individuelleDas Auge (The Eye)
  Exposition individuellePhantom Truck + Always After (The Glass House)
  Exposition de groupeTo What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong?

  Exposition individuelleIan Wallace: The Economy of the Image
  Exposition individuellePae White: Material Mutters
  Exposition de groupeAdaptation: Between Species
  Exposition individuelleRyan Trecartin : Any Ever
  Exposition individuelleSharon Lockhart : Podwórka
  Exposition individuellePeter Campus : Reflections and Inflections
  Exposition individuelleJoachim Koester : Hypnagogia

  Exposition de groupeNothing to Declare: Current Sculpture from Canada
  Exposition individuelleRecent Snow: Projected Works by Michael Snow
Description Exposition individuelleCandice Breitz: Same Same
Description Exposition de groupeUniversal Code: Art and Cosmology in the Information Age
  Exposition individuelleLawrence Weiner - CUL-DE-SAC
  Exposition individuelleCarey Young: Counter Offer

Description Exposition de groupeIf we can’t get it together
Description Exposition individuelleGoldin+Senneby: Headless
  Exposition individuelleEmily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby: Beauty Plus Pity
  Exposition individuelleScott Lyall: The Power/Color Ball
  Exposition individuelleHarrell Fletcher - Collective Learning
Description Exposition individuelleManon de Boer
  Exposition de groupeNot Quite How I Remember It
  Exposition individuelleSimon Starling - Cuttings (Supplement)
  Exposition individuelleSadie Benning - Play Pause

  Exposition individuelleSteven Shearer
  Exposition individuelleAndrea Bowers - The Weight of Relevance
  Exposition individuelleStephen Andrews - Cartoon
  Exposition individuelleFrancesco Vezzoli: A True Hollywood Story!
  Exposition individuellePaul P. - Dusks, Lamplights
  Exposition individuelleRafael Lozano-Hemmer: Pulse Front: Relational Architecture 12
  Exposition de groupeAuto Emotion - Autobiography, emotion and self-fashioning
  Exposition individuelleFiona Banner: The Bastard Word
  Exposition individuelleYael Bartana: Ritual

  Exposition individuelleCarlos Amorales: Useless Wonder
  Exposition individuelleAleksandra Mir: Organized Movement – A Video Diary
  Exposition de groupeWe can do this now
  Exposition de groupeMake Your Own Life - Artists In & Out of Cologne
  Exposition individuelleEve Sussman - 89 Seconds at Alcázar
  Exposition individuelleAnnie Pootoogook
  Exposition individuelleAngela Bulloch
  Exposition individuelleMichael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset - The Welfare Show
  Exposition individuelleShary Boyle. Lace figures
  Exposition individuelleSimon Martin. Wednesday afternoon

Description Exposition individuelleOn Kawara: Consciousness. Meditation. Watcher on the hills.
  Exposition de groupeThe Cold City Years
  Exposition individuelleJavier Téllez
  Exposition individuelleGeoffrey Farmer: Pale Fire Freedom Machine
  Exposition individuelleIgnacio Iturria
  Exposition individuelleJoëlle Tuerlinckx: NO'W'
  Exposition individuelleMy Barbarian: Gods of Canada
Description Exposition individuelleGlenn Ligon: Some Changes
  Exposition individuelleKelly Mark: Glow House #3
Description Exposition de groupeDedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening

Description et image Exposition individuelleKen Lum - Works With Photography
Description et image Exposition individuelleEmma Kay
  Exposition individuelleChristian Jankowski – This I Played Tomorrow
  Exposition individuelleKelly Wood: The Continuous Garbage Project 1998–2003
  Exposition individuelleJohn Kormeling
  Exposition individuelleLaura Kikauka: Exactly the Same, but Completely Different
  Exposition individuelleJanet Cardiff: Forty-Part Motet
  Exposition de groupeRepublic of Love: Shary Boyle, Jay Isaac, Paul P, Tony Romano
  Exposition individuelleWim Delvoye: Cloaca – New & Improved
  Exposition individuelleDaniel Richter: Pink Flag – White Horse

  Exposition individuelleA.A. Bronson: The Quick and the Dead
  Exposition individuelleJudy Radul
  Exposition individuelleJoao Penlava
  Exposition individuelleRodney Graham: Phonokinetoscope
  Exposition individuelleLiam Gillick: Communes, Bars and Greenrooms
  Exposition de groupeStretch Americas Beneath the Surface.
  Exposition individuelleGuy Maddin: Cowards Bend the Knee
  Exposition individuelleLIZ MAGOR
  Exposition individuelleThe Royal Art Lodge: Ask the Dust

  Exposition individuelleLee Bul: Live Forever
  Exposition individuelleJanet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The Paradise Institute
  Exposition de groupeBounce
  Exposition de groupeIn Through the Out Door
  Exposition individuelleEvan Penny
  Exposition individuelleBruce Mau Design: Three Moving Projects, 1991–2002

  Exposition de groupeMagnetic North: Canadian Experimental Video
  Exposition individuellePeter Doig: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleKim Adams
  Exposition individuelleZhang Huan
  Exposition individuelleMarla Hlady
  Exposition individuelleAernout Mik: Reversal Room
  Exposition de groupeSubstitute City: Artists Infiltrate Toronto

  Exposition individuelleCandida Höfer
  Exposition individuelleChristine Davis: Pluck
  Exposition individuelleShirley Wiitasalo
  Exposition individuelleDouble Cross: The Hollywood Films of Douglas Gordon
  Exposition individuelleTim Hawkinson
  Exposition de groupeMike Kelley and Paul McCarthy: Collaborative Works

  Exposition individuelleJonathan Lasker Selective Identities: Paintings from the 90s
  Exposition de groupeBeck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches
  Exposition individuelleAngela Grauerholz: SENTENTIA I-LXII
  Exposition individuelleStan Douglas
  Exposition de groupeThe Hand
  Exposition individuelleJessica Stockholder
  Exposition individuelleHagop Sandaldjian - The Eye of The Needle
  Exposition individuelleChrysanne Stathacos: The Wish Machines
  Exposition individuelleArnaud Maggs: Works 1976 - 1999
  Exposition individuelleEugene Leroy
  Exposition individuelleSophie Ristelhueber

  Exposition de groupeAmerican Playhouse: The Theatre of Self-Presentation
  Exposition de groupePicturing The Toronto Art Community: The Queen Street Years
  Exposition de groupeChanging Spaces: Artists' Projects from The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadel
  Exposition individuelleGeorganne Deen
  Exposition de groupeThreshold
  Exposition individuelleCatherine Richards: Charged Hearts/Coeurs électrisés

  Exposition de groupeFast Forward: The Vibrant Art Scene of the Republic of Korea
  Exposition de groupeRococo Tattoo: The Ornamental Impulse in Toronto Art
  Exposition de groupeDialogue with Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen
  Exposition de groupeHypermnesiac Fabulations: The New British Art Scene
  Exposition individuelleSteve Reinke: The Hundred Videos

  Exposition de groupeDigital Gardens: A World in Mutation
  Exposition individuelleStacey Lancaster: The Happening
  Exposition individuelleJohn Marriott: The Happening
  Exposition de groupeLiaisons
  Exposition de groupeThe American Trip

  Exposition de groupeHeavy Mental
  Exposition individuelleMelvin Charney
  Exposition de groupeThe Age of Anxiety
  Exposition de groupeBeauty #2
  Exposition individuelleJohn McEwen
  Exposition de groupePress Enter: Between Seduction and Disbelief
  Exposition individuelleSpring Hurlbut: La Somnolence
  Exposition individuellePeter Bowyer: Further Arrangement

  Exposition individuelleVera Frenkel : ...from the Transit Bar
  Exposition individuelleKiki Smith
  Exposition individuelleStephen Schofield
  Exposition de groupeNaked State: A Selected View of Toronto Art
  Exposition individuelleJanet Cardiff: To Touch
  Exposition individuelleYasumasa Morimura: Psychoborg
  Exposition individuelleRoland Brenner: Capital Z
  Exposition individuelleFaye HeavyShield: Into the Garden of Angels
  Exposition individuelleThe Michael Snow Project: Embodied Vision
  Exposition individuelleSusan Schelle: A Question of Behaviour
  Exposition individuelleWill Gorlitz: Real Time

  Exposition individuelleAnish Kapoor
  Exposition individuelleGeoffrey James: Asbestos
  Exposition de groupeWhiteness and Wounds
  Exposition de groupeRx: Let's Play Doctor
  Exposition individuelleAnn Hamilton: a round
  Exposition individuelleDavid Buchan: Inside the Image
  Exposition individuelleEldon Garnet: When?
  Exposition individuelleGeneral Idea's Fin de siècle
  Exposition individuelleJan Vercruysse: Toronto 1993
  Exposition individuelleJanice Gurney: Sum Over Histories

  Exposition individuelleYves Gaucher 1978-1992: Abstract Practices
  Exposition individuelleVia Lewandowsky
  Exposition de groupeRegeneration
  Exposition individuelleMark Luyten: Stepping Stones
  Exposition individuelleRonald Jones
  Exposition individuelleJack Goldstein
  Exposition individuelleCarl Beam: The Columbus Boat
  Exposition de groupeThe Creation...of the African Canadian Odyssey
  Exposition individuelleGünther Forg
  Exposition individuelleTania Mouraud
  Exposition individuellePer Barclay
  Exposition de groupeAndy Fabo and Shelagh Keeley: From the Intimacy of the Page
  Exposition individuelleJerry Pethick: Still Veils
  Exposition individuelleKim Adams: Earth Wagons
  Exposition individuelleRaymond Gervais: Roto-Univers
  Exposition individuelleRosemarie Trockel
  Exposition individuelleColette Whiten: New Needleworks

  Exposition individuelleIntersections: Claude Philippe Benoit - Interieur, jour
  Exposition individuelleColin Campbell: Media Works 1972-1990
  Exposition de groupeIlya Kabakov and John Scott
  Exposition individuelleIntersections: Clegg and Guttmann -Proposal for an open tool shelter
  Exposition individuelleTony Cragg: Sculpture 1975-1990
  Exposition individuelleJoanne Tod
  Exposition individuelleIntersections: Mark Lewis – What is to be done?
  Exposition individuelleIntersections: Afrika – Sergei Bugaev
  Exposition de groupeComedies of Objecthood: Gordon Lebredt / Stephen Prina
  Exposition individuelleMary Kelly: Interim
  Exposition individuelleJoey Morgan: Everything You Always Wanted, Anywhere But Here
  Exposition individuelleArlene Stamp: Red Works

  Exposition individuelleIntersections: Alan Storey – Climatic Drawing Machine
  Exposition individuelleIntersections: Tunga
  Exposition individuelleTanya Mars: Pure Hell
  Exposition individuelleSandra Meigs: Pas de deux
  Exposition individuelleIda Applebroog: Happy Families
  Exposition individuelleMichael Fernandes: Walls
  Exposition individuelleAdrian Piper: Reflections
  Exposition individuelleTim Jocelyn: Fictions & Realities
  Exposition individuelleA Spanner in the Works: The Furniture of Russell Spanner 1950–1953

  Exposition individuelleChristian Boltanski: Lessons of Darkness
  Exposition individuelleAttila Richard Lukacs: A Selected Survey
  Exposition individuelleEd Poitras: Indian Territory
  Exposition individuelleRobin Collyer: In Site - On Place
  Exposition individuelleJohn Greyson: Fictional Documents – Gay Culture & the Media
  Exposition individuelleRobert Fones: Selected Work 1979–89
  Exposition individuelleAlain Paiement: Amphitheatres
  Exposition individuelleAlan Belcher: Photos, Sculpture, Objects
  Exposition individuelleLouise Noguchi: Selected Work 1982-85
  Exposition de groupeSamuel Beckett and Stan Douglas: Teleplays
  Exposition individuelleNancy Spero: Works Since 1950

  Exposition de groupeEnchantment / Disturbance
  Exposition individuelleIan Wallace: Selected Works 1970–1987
  Exposition individuelleMuseum Stories: Works by Andrew Forster
  Exposition individuelleDavid Griggs: Blind Portage
  Exposition individuelleGeneviève Cadieux
  Exposition individuelleJana Sterbak
  Exposition individuelleAntonio Muntadas

  Exposition individuelleBrian Groombridge
  Exposition individuelleThe Architecture of Frank Gehry
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