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Shafrazi Gallery (closed)

Galleria Private
Shafrazi Gallery
544 West 26 Street
New York, NY 10001
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 212-274-9300
fax +1 212-334-9499

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Pablo Picasso  2
Jean Michel Basquiat  220
Keith Haring  241
Francis Bacon  450

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Kenny Scharf  2274 24
Keith Haring  241 24
Donald Baechler  813 22
Jean Michel Basquiat  220 15
Andy Warhol  1 10

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 381 10
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 46 5
  Gagosian Gallery , USA 43 5
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofa, Spagna 42 6
  IKON Ltd, USA 41 6

anno di fondazione: 1979
 Fiere d'Arte
Abu Dhabi Art Abu Dhabi Art (09, 10, 11)
Art Basel Art Basel (99, 00, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (09, 10, 11)
Art Cologne Art Cologne (84)
Francis Bacon  1909-1992, IE
Donald Baechler  1956, US
Jean Michel Basquiat  1960-1988, US
Bill Beckley  1946, US
Mike Bidlo  1953, US
Jean Charles Blais  1956, FR
Michael Ray Charles  1967, US
Brian Clarke  1953, UK
Enzo Cucchi  1949, IT
Patrick Demarchelier  1943, FR
Anh Duong  1960, US
Keith Haring  1958-1990, US
Dennis Hopper  1936-2010, US
David LaChapelle  1969, US
Perry Ogden  1961, UK
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Kenny Scharf  1958, US
Richard Smith  1931-2016, UK
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Robert Williams  1943, US
 Mostre anteriori   175
  Mostra personaliMonument to the Third International
  Mostra personaliKafka

  Mostra personaliEtcetera
  Mostra personaliKeith Haring

  Mostra personaliConceptual Realism IN THE SERVICE OF THE HYPOTHETICAL
  Mostra personaliSigns of the Times
  Mostra personaliAndy Warhol: From the Factory

  Mostra personaliAuguries of Innocence
  Mostra collettiveWho's Afraid of Jasper Johns?

  Mostra collettiveFour Friends
  Mostra personaliDavid LaChapelle Awakened

  Mostra personaliFrancis Bacon
  Mostra collettiveThe other side

  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Paintings, Sculpture, Objects and Drawings
  Mostra personaliAndy Warhol - Portraits
  Mostra personaliPatrick Demarchelier
  Mostra collettiveRene Magritte, Robert Williams, David LaChapelle

  Mostra collettivePicasso, Bacon & Basquiat

  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Paintings, Drawings & Sculptures

  Mostra personaliBrian Clarke - Transillumination
  Mostra personaliMarilyn - Photographs from the Estate of Andre de Dienes
  Mostra personaliDavid La Chapelle - All American
  Mostra personaliDennis Hopper - Cape Town
  Mostra personaliArnulf Rainer
  Mostra personaliFrancis Bacon - Paintings

  Mostra personaliPerry Ogden
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf - Portraits
  Mostra personaliHubert Scheibl - King of Saturn
  Mostra personaliBill Beckley - Fourteen Stations
  Mostra personaliGuggi - Paintings and Drawings
  Mostra personaliAndy Warhol - Paintings and Drawings
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler - Five Easy Pictures

  Mostra personaliRobert Williams - Best Intentions
  Mostra personaliEnzo Cucchi
  Mostra personaliAnh Duong
  Mostra collettiveOff White
  Mostra personaliPierre Molinier
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf - New Paintings and Sculptures

  Mostra personaliMichael Ray Charles
  Mostra personaliJean-Michel Basquiat
  Mostra personaliDavid LaChapelle - New Photographs
  Mostra personaliSandro Chia - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler: Paintings from Kunsthalle, Basel
  Mostra personaliPatrick Demarchelier - New Photographs

  Mostra personaliFrancis Bacon: Important Paintings from The Estate
  Mostra personaliMike Bidlo - The Fountain Drawings
  Mostra personaliBrian Clarke: The Glass Wall (Dedicated to Linda McCartney)
  Mostra personaliJean-Michel Basquiat
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf - Vivid Vision, New Paintings & Sculptures

  Mostra personaliRobert Williams - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler - Flowers
  Mostra personaliMichael Ray Charles - New Paintings & Sculptures
  Mostra personaliKeith Haring
  Mostra personaliAndy Warhol - Thirty Are Better Than One
  Mostra personaliCharles Arnoldi - New Painting

  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra personaliJean-Michel Basquiat
  Mostra personaliMichael Ray Charles - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliPeter Schuyff - Spheres - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliDennis Hopper - New Photographs

  Mostra collettiveGeorge Herms: From Then & There To Here & Now With A Little Help From His Friends
  Mostra personaliPatrick Demarchelier - Selected Photographs
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler - Selected Early Paintings
  Mostra personaliJulian Schnabel - 200 Paintings for CRIA
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf - Full Circle, New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveNow is the time
  Mostra personaliRichard Smith

  Mostra personaliBrian Clarke - Paintings and Stained Glass, Art in Architecture
  Mostra personaliJean-Charles Blais
  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Early Paintings
  Mostra personaliMichael Ray Charles - Forever Free
  Mostra personaliMichael Scott - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliJiri Georg Dokoupil - New Paintings

  Mostra personaliJean-Michel Basquiat
  Mostra personaliSteve Di Benedetto - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliGregory Botts - New Paintings
  Mostra collettive1982-83, Ten Years After
  Mostra collettiveExtravagant, The Economy of Elegance

  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf - Paintings & Sculptures
  Mostra personaliThe Other Side
  Mostra collettiveEdward Ruscha and Dennis Hopper - New Work
  Mostra personaliJiri Georg Dokoupil - New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveHow It Is

  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Important Early Works from The Estate
  Mostra personaliFord Beckman - New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveDavid Carrino, Suzan Etkin, Txomin Badiola, Maurizio Pellegrin
  Mostra collettiveSummertime
  Mostra collettiveInvitational
  Mostra personaliSteve Di Benedetto
  Mostra personaliOlivier Mosset
  Mostra personaliFred Fehlau - Level Eye
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra personaliLarry Bell

  Mostra collettiveKeith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat - Paintings
  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Sculptures
  Mostra personaliFord Beckman - New Paintings & Prints
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler - Paintings, Bronzes & Works on Paper
  Mostra personaliMichael Scott - New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveThe Last Decade: American Artists of the ’80s
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Masters of the 60's
  Mostra personaliKetih Haring - A Memorial Exhibition, Early Works On Paper
  Mostra personaliSteve Di Benedetto
  Mostra personaliM. W. Wilson - New Paintings

  Mostra personaliDavid Carrino - New Paintings
  Mostra personaliPatrick Caulfield
  Mostra personaliMichael Scott - New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveDon't Bungle in the Jungle! - A Benefit Exhibition for the Rainforest
  Mostra personaliJames Brown - The Five Sorrowful Mysteries
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler

  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Recent Work
  Mostra personaliEdward Ruscha - Early Paintings
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra collettiveSummer Group Show
  Mostra collettiveAlan Belcher, Anne Doran, Howard Halle, Marilyn Minter
  Mostra collettiveMichael Heizer, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson
  Mostra collettiveMichael Corris, David Diao, Olivier Mosset
  Mostra personaliJames de Pasquale

  Mostra personaliWilliams S. Burroughs
  Mostra personaliGerard Hemsworth
  Mostra personaliMark Dagley
  Mostra personaliJames de Pasquale
  Mostra collettiveBill Beckley, Mark Dagley, Olivier Mosset
  Mostra personaliSimon Linke - Paintings
  Mostra personaliJean-Michel Basquiat - Drawings
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf - Sculptures and Paintings
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler
  Mostra personaliWallace Donuhue - The Electric Chair Series
  Mostra personaliSamantha McEwen
  Mostra personaliKeith Haring - Sculpture and Paintings

  Mostra personaliZadik Zadikian - Sculpture Myths
  Mostra personaliDennis Hopper - Photographs, Out of the Sixties
  Mostra personaliMichael Heizer
  Mostra personaliKeith Sonnier
  Mostra personaliJames Nares
  Mostra personaliMark Dagley
  Mostra collettiveWhat It Is
  Mostra personaliOlivier Mossest
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra personaliRonnie Cutrone
  Mostra personaliZadik Zadikian
  Mostra collettiveSculpture

  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler
  Mostra personaliKeith Haring
  Mostra collettiveAndy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat - Paintings
  Mostra collettiveSteve Koivisto, Samantha McEwen, James Nares, Rick Prol, Bruno Schmidt
  Mostra personaliDavid Bowes
  Mostra personaliBrett De Palma
  Mostra personaliRonnie Cutrone
  Mostra collettiveJames Nares and Samantha McEwen

  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra personaliFutura 2000
  Mostra personaliBrett De Palma
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra personaliHerve Di Rosa

  Mostra personaliKeith Haring
  Mostra personaliJames Brown
  Mostra personaliRonnie Cutrone - In Memory of My Father
  Mostra collettivePainting Sculpture Totems and 3D
  Mostra personaliKenny Scharf
  Mostra collettiveJames Brown and Brett De Palma
  Mostra personaliDonald Baechler
  Mostra collettiveChampions

  Mostra personaliKeith Haring
  Mostra collettiveKenny Scharf and Futura 2000
  Mostra collettiveYoung Americans
  Mostra collettiveRichard McGuire and Philip Smith
  Mostra collettiveDavid Baker, Michael Corris, Ehry, Kunie Sugiura

  Mostra collettiveDean Chamberlain, Sarah Charlesworth, Peter Strongwater
  Mostra personaliCarl Apfelschnitt

  Mostra personaliBernd Naber - Paintings
  Mostra personaliCarl Afelschnitt - Recent Work
  Mostra collettiveDonald Baechler, Ronnie Cutrone, Keith Haring, Jonathan Lasker

  Mostra personaliOliver Mosset - Paintings
  Mostra personaliZadik Zadikian - Sculptures
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