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Annet Gelink Gallery

Galleria Private
Annet Gelink Gallery
Laurierstraat 187-189
1016 PL Amsterdam
Paesi Bassi
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +31 20-3302066
fax +31 20-3302065
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve  10:00-18:00
Sa  13:00-18:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Ryan Gander  129
Yael Bartana  230
David Maljkovic  284
Erik van Lieshout  413
Wilfredo Prieto  552

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
David Maljkovic  284 14
Yael Bartana  230 13
Ryan Gander  129 12
Glenn Sorensen  7648 11
Anya Gallaccio  2809 9

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Corvi-Mora, Regno Unito 16 2
  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi 14 8
  de Appel Arts Centre, Paesi Bassi 12 7
  Witte de With, Paesi Bassi 12 5

 Mostre   2
07.05. - 17.06. (ancora per piú di 3 settimane)
  Mostra collettiveOn the Nature of Things

07.05. - 17.06. (ancora per piú di 3 settimane)
   Ella Reitsma.Snoep - Ode to the Four Seasons
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Amsterdam Drawing (13, 14)
ARCO ARCO (00, 01, 02, 03, 05, 09, 12, 16)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 11)
Art Basel Art Basel (04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)
ART FORUM Berlin (02)
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Artbo - Bogotá International Art Fair (13, 14)
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Unseen Photo Fair (12)
Yael Bartana  1970, IL
Ed van der Elsken  1925-1990, NL
Alicia Framis  1967, ES
Anya Gallaccio  1963, UK
Ryan Gander  1976, UK
Roger Hiorns  1975, UK
Carla Klein  1970, NL
Meiro Koizumi  1976, JP
Kiki Lamers  1964, NL
Erik van Lieshout  1968, NL
David Maljkovic  1973, HR
Dan McCarthy  1962, US
Wilfredo Prieto  1978, CU
Muzi Quawson  1978, UK
Glenn Sorensen  1968, AU
Barbara Visser  1966, NL
Erik Wesselo  1964, NL
 Mostre anteriori   178
  Mostra personaliSarah van Sonsbeeck - Some Lies Are Extremely Beautiful
  Mostra personaliEd Van Der Elsken - Look. Ed! Again
  Mostra collettive Where Do We Go From Here?

  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic
  Mostra personaliMaria Barnas - The Planet O
  Mostra collettiveWhat Are We Gonna Paint?
  Mostra collettiveTheater Dreams Of A Beautiful Afternoon
  Mostra personaliRoger Hiorns - Christians

  Mostra personaliRezi van Lankveld - Si Tu Sors, Je Sors
  Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen - Future Houses
  Mostra personaliWilfredo Prieto
  Mostra personaliHisachika Takahashi - Memory Of Past And Future Memory
  Mostra collettiveBack to the Future
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein

  Mostra personaliAlicia Framis - Forbidden Rooms
  Mostra personaliYael Bartana - True Finn – Tosi Suomalainen
  Mostra personaliAntonis Pittas - Montage
  Mostra collettiveThrough My Eye – Artists Portraits
  Mostra personaliMeiro Koizumi - Double Projection
  Mostra personaliSarah Van Sonsbeeck - Mistakes I've Made

  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic - Afterform
  Mostra personaliRoger Hiorns
  Mostra collettiveIf You Will It, It Is Not a Dream
  Mostra personaliDick Verdult - Internet and Elvis Will Never Die
  Mostra personaliChemi Rosado Seijo - 173 Days In The Tropical Forest Latitude 18ş 23' 26.88" N. Longitude 66ş 22.93" W. Bo. Maricao,
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander - Once Upon A Bycicle, Not So Long Ago
  Mostra personaliJacqueline Bebb - She Showed A Bit Of Skirt, But Settled For A Kit-kat
  Mostra personaliDick Verdult
  Mostra collettiveChasing Rainbows

  Mostra personaliErik Van Lieshout - Ministry of Subculture
  Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen - The Fly, the Dahlia and the Picket Fence
  Mostra personaliSaskia Wendland - Circle
  Mostra collettiveLook.ed!
  Mostra personaliShawmut circle
  Mostra personaliMuzi Quawson - Shawmut Circle
  Mostra personaliHarry Meadley - Stay Gold (exhibition prolonged)
  Mostra personaliArno Nollen - Still Life
  Mostra personaliHarry Meadley - Stay Gold
  Mostra personaliMeiro Koizumi
  Mostra collettiveVip Showroom

  Mostra personaliWilfredo Prieto - The Emperor's New Clothes
  Mostra personaliAnya Gallaccio - Highway
  Mostra personaliAlex Farrar
  Mostra collettiveTwo Versions of the Imaginary
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander - 'Now there's not enough of it to go around
  Mostra collettiveLimoncello Yellow
  Mostra personaliFelix Gmelin - Manifesto, de antivader
  Mostra personaliAntonis Pittas - Shame on You
  Mostra personaliRoger Hiorns

  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic - Missing Colours
  Mostra personaliSarah van Sonsbeeck - Breaking the Silence
  Mostra personaliCarlos Amorales - Vertical Earthquake
  Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen - The Valley Floor
  Mostra personaliSharon Houkema
  Mostra personaliMeiro Koizumi - Total Ecstasy
  Mostra collettiveThe Drawing Room
  Mostra personaliKiki Lamers
  Mostra personaliGiorgio Andreotta Caló
  Mostra personaliYael Bartana - If you want, we'll travel to the moon togethe
  Mostra personaliArtur Zmijewski

  Mostra collettiveItalian Open
  Mostra collettiveItalian Open! Video Programme
  Mostra personaliMuzi Quawson - The Old Home
  Mostra personaliRy Rocklen
  Mostra personaliDan McCarthy
  Mostra personaliKeith Mayerson - Souvenirs
  Mostra collettivePLACES TO BE. New York - Shanghai - Tel Aviv - Texas - Zagreb
  Mostra collettiveVideotheque
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander - I let somebody get under my skin
  Mostra personaliBedwyr Williams - Methodist to my Madness

  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliBarbara Visser - Former Futures 2
  Mostra personaliDick el Demasiado - Amplify Me To The Moon
  Mostra collettiveHanded over
  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic - Lost Memories From These Days
  Mostra collettiveTHE DISOBEDIENTS
  Mostra personaliAnya Gallaccio - Comfort and Conversation
  Mostra personaliKelly Eginton - The Greater Inland Empire
  Mostra personaliGienn Sorensen - Masonite Loop
  Mostra collettivestain pattern

  Mostra personaliAlicia Framis - From China With Love
  Mostra personaliYael Bartana
  Mostra personaliArmando Andrade Tudela
  Mostra personaliDelphine Courtillot - Ohrwurm
  Mostra personaliBradley Pitts - Ten Pound Seed
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander - Gallery Cover
  Mostra personaliKiki Lamers
  Mostra personaliDeclan Rooney

  Mostra personaliVictor Man - With the first totters
  Mostra personaliInti Hernandez
  Mostra personaliErik Wesselo - 56 Beaver Street
  Mostra collettiveThe Wrong Gallery
  Mostra personaliRobert Suermondt
  Mostra personaliMuzi Quawson - Pull Back The Shade
  Mostra personaliDan McCarthy
  Mostra collettiveEllen Berkenblit & Chris Caccamise
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander - Your Clumsiness is the Next...
  Mostra personaliMeiro Koizumi

  Mostra personaliVictor Man - Farewell To Next Time
  Mostra personaliDavid Maljkovic - Waiting Tomorrow
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliLuis Romero: The Shadow Of The Leaf Cannot Touch The Ground
Description Mostra personaliShirin Neshat
  Mostra collettiveEd van der Elsken - Joost Conijn - Summershow
  Mostra personaliJoost Conijn
Description Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen
Description Mostra personaliYael Bartana
  Mostra personaliKiki Lamers
  Mostra personaliFrancis Upritchard
  Mostra personaliJenny Perlin - Sight Reading
  Mostra personaliDelphine Courtillot - Down The Valley Below

  Mostra collettiveWhat's New?
  Mostra personaliWhat's New: Drip and Splat
  Mostra personaliMarko Lehanka - Not To Rest In Piece-Wood
  Mostra personaliDaniel Guzmán
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliMachiel van Soest
  Mostra personaliClaudia & Julia Müller - Popular Abstractions
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander: But It Was All Green
  Mostra personaliCarlos Amorales - The Nightlife of a Shadow
  Mostra collettiveThe human face is an empty force...
  Mostra collettive24/7

  Mostra personaliBarbara Visser - New Work
  Mostra personaliFriedrich Kunath: We Are Not As Far West As We Suppose We Are
  Mostra personaliYael Bartana
  Mostra personaliBecky Beasley - From the series: Institute of N
  Mostra personaliAnya Gallaccio - Sometimes with one I love
  Mostra personaliSkafte Kuhn
  Mostra collettiveSummer Show
  Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen
  Mostra personaliChemi Rosado Seijo
  Mostra personaliArmando Andrade Tudela
  Mostra personaliGeorgina Starr
  Mostra personaliJohannes Schwartz - Shadow Stabbing
  Mostra personaliJennifer Petterson - Electric Himalaya
  Mostra personaliBarbara Visser

  Mostra collettiveGruppenausstellung
  Mostra personaliDanica Phelps - Walking 9-5 Amsterdam
  Mostra personaliAlicia Framis
  Mostra personaliMeir Kordevani
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliAlbrecht Fuchs
  Mostra personaliDavid Claerbout
  Mostra personaliClaudia de Cleen - One FIne Day
  Mostra personaliJohn Pilson
  Mostra personaliSerge Onnen - Cell Animations
  Mostra personaliJenny Perlin - White Noise
  Mostra personaliKiki Lamers
  Mostra personaliMarina Abramović - The Hero (for Antonio)
  Mostra personaliErik Wesselo - Forest Time

  Mostra personaliMarine Hugonnier
  Mostra personaliTal Adler - One To Thousand/Conflict
  Mostra personaliChristian Denzler - Zwarte Tuin
  Mostra personaliDelphine Bedel
  Mostra collettiveEn verder...
  Mostra personaliJohn Biesheuvel
  Mostra personaliArno Nollen - Kaalgeslagen Tolerantie
  Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen - Presentation of New Publication
  Mostra personaliJitka Hanzlova
  Mostra personaliDan Geesin - From the Forest
  Mostra collettiveFar from us
  Mostra personaliJeroen Kooijmans

  Mostra personaliEd van der Elsken - Show Who You Are
  Mostra personaliElske Neus Dans
  Mostra personaliElise Tak - Binary Fission
  Mostra personaliWineke Gartz
  Mostra personaliRita Ackermann - Lost & Found Notes
  Mostra personaliHarmony Korine - The Milk Chicken Review
  Mostra personaliAnya Gallacio
  Mostra personaliGlenn Sorensen
  Mostra personaliJohannes Schwartz
  Mostra personaliPaul de Reus - Vender In Vuil Ondergoed
  Mostra personaliLars Arrhenius
  Mostra personaliWineke van Muiswinkel
  Mostra personaliJitka Hanzlova
  Mostra personaliAlicia Framis - Domestic Loneliness
  Mostra personaliGovinda Mens
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