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Pallant House Gallery

Istituzione Pubblica
Pallant House Gallery
9 North Pallant
Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1TJ
Regno Unito
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +44 (0)1243 774557
fax +44 (0)1243 536038

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2
Man Ray  20
David Hockney  52
Claes Oldenburg  75
Salvador Dalí  113

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Henry Moore  421 4
Richard Hamilton  130 4
Ben Nicholson  2143 4
R.B. Kitaj  1173 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 525 44
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 68 10
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spagna 65 23
  The National Gallery of Art, USA 60 15
  Tate Britain, Regno Unito 58 31

anno di fondazione: 1982
 Fiere d'Arte
Outsider Art Fair (15)
Eileen Agar  1904-1991, AR
John Armstrong  1893-1973, UK
Kit Barker  1916-1988
Edward Bawden  1903-1989, UK
Peter Blake  1932, UK
David Bomberg  1890-1957, UK
Norah Braden  1901-2001
Edward Burra  1905-1976, UK
Michael Cardew  1901-1983, UK
Leonora Carrington  1917-2011, UK, MX
Patrick Caulfield  1936-2005, UK
Paul Cézanne  1839-1906, FR
Geoffrey Clarke  1924-2014, UK
Prunella Clough  1919-1999, UK
William Coldstream  1908-1987, UK
Salvador Dalí  1904-1989, ES
Andre Derain  1880-1954, FR
Jacob Epstein  1880-1959, UK
Hans Feibusch  1898-1998, DE
Lucian Freud  1922-2011, UK
Roger Fry  1866-1934, UK
Mark Gertler  1891-1939, UK
Spencer Gore  1878-1914, UK
Duncan Grant  1885-1978, UK
Juan Gris  1887-1927, ES
Gawen Hamilton  1698-1737
Jann Haworth  1942, US
Ivon Hitchens  1893-1979, UK
David Hockney  1937, UK
William Hogarth  1697-1764, UK
Peter Howson  1958, UK
R.B. Kitaj  1932-2007, US
Henry Lamb  1883-1960, UK
Bernard Leach  1887-1979
Fernand Léger  1881-1955, FR
Wyndham Lewis  1882-1957, UK
René Magritte  1898-1967, BE
Aristide Maillol  1861-1944, FR
John Milne  1931-1978, UK
John Minton  1917-1957, UK
Denis Mitchell  1912-1993, UK
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Paul Nash  1889-1946, UK
Ben Nicholson  1894-1982, UK
Claes Oldenburg  1929, SE, US
Eduardo Paolozzi  1924-2005, UK
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
John Piper  1903-1992, UK
Eric Ravilious  1903-1942, UK
Man Ray  1890-1976, US
Ceri Richards  1903-1971, UK
George Romney  1734-1802, UK
Colin Self  1941, UK
Gino Severini  1883-1966, IT
Walter Sickert  1860-1942, UK
Matthew Smith  1879-1959, UK
George Smith (of Chichester)  1714-1776
Graham Sutherland  1903-1980, UK
Keith Vaughan  1912-1977, UK
Edward Wadsworth  1889-1949, UK
Ethelbert White  1891-1972, UK
Victor Willing  1928-1988, UK
Christopher Wood  1901-1930, UK
Jack B. Yeats  1871-1957, UK
 Mostre anteriori   115
  Mostra personaliChristopher Wood: Sophisticated Primitive
  Mostra personaliLaura Ford: Beauty in the Beast
  Mostra personaliFriedrich Nagler: Wunderkammer
  Mostra personaliPippa Blake: Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me
  Mostra personaliPassion for Painting: William Lai
  Mostra personaliJohn Piper: The Fabric of Modernism
  Mostra personaliHelen Muspratt: Photographer
  Mostra collettiveClare Woods and Des Hughes: The Sleepers

  Mostra personaliDavid Jones: Vision and Memory
  Mostra personaliEdmund de Waal: if we attend
  Mostra personaliDavid Remfry: We Think the World of You
  Mostra personaliEvelyn Dunbar: The Lost Works
  Mostra personaliNek Chand: The Rock Garden Sculptures
  Mostra collettiveSt Ives and British Modernism
  Mostra collettiveDrawing the Nude: From Manet to Auerbach

  Mostra collettiveConscience and Conflict: British Artists and the Spanish Civil War
  Mostra collettiveThe Wonders of Women: Vivien Van Dyke and Nicola Hancock
  Mostra personaliTerry Frost: Eleven Poems by Federico García Lorca
  Mostra collettiveBritish Self-Portraits: Highlights from the Ruth Borchard Collection
  Mostra personaliAlice Kettle: Odyssey
  Mostra personaliThe Scottish Colourist: J.D. Fergusson
  Mostra personaliSimon Roberts: Pierdom
  Mostra personaliBarbara Rae: Prints
  Mostra personaliEmily Young: Four Heads
  Mostra personaliNicholas Sinclair: Artist Portraits
  Mostra personaliManuel Bonifacio – My Imaginary Cave
  Mostra personaliStanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War
  Mostra personaliDennis Creffield: Cathedrals of England and France

  Mostra personaliClare Leighton: Working Life
  Mostra personaliPauline Boty: Pop Artist and Woman
  Mostra personaliKate Bradbury: Squalls and Murmurations
  Mostra personaliSean Scully: Triptychs
  Mostra collettiveThe Nicholsons and their Circle: The Mill House Collection
  Mostra personaliEric Ravilious: Prints
  Mostra collettivePartners in Painting: Simon Russell and Stephen Codner
  Mostra personaliKeith Miller: Travel Sketchbooks
  Mostra personaliPhil Baird: Simple Complex Drawings
  Mostra collettiveSussex Artists' Award
  Mostra personaliEduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture
  Mostra personaliLouise Bristow: Unofficial Paintings
  Mostra collettiveModern British collage and its Legacy
  Mostra personaliPaul Nash: The Clare Neilson Collection
  Mostra personaliR.B. Kitaj: Obsessions
  Mostra personaliThe Hospital Drawings
  Mostra personaliLaetitia Yhap: Fishermen of Hastings Stade
  Mostra personaliJohn Hubbard: Landscapes
  Mostra personaliRoy Anderson: All is Mortal

  Mostra personaliPat Douthwaite: An Uncompromising Vision
  Mostra personaliJean Dubuffet: Transitions
  Mostra collettiveGwen John and Celia Paul: Painters in Parallel
  Mostra personaliAndy Hood: Gold Run
  Mostra personaliJon Adams: Look About
  Mostra personaliBouke de Vries: Bow Selector
  Mostra personaliBow Selector
  Mostra personaliDerek Boshier: David Bowie and The Clash
  Mostra personaliPeter Blake and Pop Music
  Mostra personaliKate Jenkins: Stitched Fish
  Mostra collettivePrints of Darkness
  Mostra personaliAdrian Berg: A Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliRon King: On and Off the Page
  Mostra personaliIan Sherman: Artefacts from the Contrarium
  Mostra personaliKeith Vaughan: Romanticism to Abstraction
  Mostra personaliRobin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary
  Mostra personaliTom de Freston: Paintings from Shakespeare
  Mostra personaliDavid Dawson: Working with Lucian Freud
  Mostra personaliEnid Marx: The Eve-Breuning Gift

  Mostra personaliHans Feibusch: Printmaker
  Mostra personaliEdward Burra
  Mostra personaliDavid Jones: Xtensions Part One
  Mostra personaliClifford Charles: Less ness
  Mostra personaliStephen White: Ten Days in Venice
  Mostra collettiveThe George and Ann Dannatt Collection
  Mostra personaliGuillermo Kahlo
  Mostra collettiveManuel and Lola Álvarez Bravo
  Mostra collettiveFrida Kahlo & Diego Rivera: Masterpieces from The Gelman Collection
  Mostra personaliNick Blinko: The Visions of Pope Adrian 37th
  Mostra personaliAnna Fox: Resort
  Mostra personaliMervyn Peake: A Centenary Celebration
  Mostra collettiveNicola Hancock and Viviene Van Dyk PiA Partnership
  Mostra collettiveRobin and Lucienne Day: Design and the Modern Interior
  Mostra collettiveA Passion for Prints: Ten Years of the Golder-Thompson Gift
  Mostra personaliGarrick Palmer: A Life in Wood Engraving

  Mostra personaliGods & Monsters: John Deakin’s Portraits of British Artists
  Mostra collettiveContemporary Eye: Crossovers
  Mostra personaliThe Evening Star and ‘Passing Cloud after Constable'
  Mostra personaliOutside In: Danielle Hodson
  Mostra personaliSurreal Friends: Remedios Varo
  Mostra personaliSurreal Friends: Kati Horna
  Mostra personaliFrancisco Toledo: Papalotes
  Mostra personaliJulian Trevelyan: Centenary
  Mostra personaliJohn Tunnard - Inner Space to Outer Space
  Mostra collettiveSt Ives and Beyond

  Mostra personaliEmma Stibbon: Firn
  Mostra personaliEric Gill: Sacred and Profane
  Mostra personaliHenry Moore Textiles
  Mostra personaliJon Adams: The Goose on the Hill
  Mostra personaliScottie Wilson
  Mostra personaliPatrick Caulfield: Between the Lines

  Mostra personaliEileen Agar
  Mostra personaliColin Self - Art in the Nuclear Age
  Mostra collettiveColin St John Wilson: Collector and Architect

  Mostra personaliPeter de Francia - The Ship of Fools
  Mostra personaliIn Camera: Snowdon and the World of British Art
  Mostra personaliVisages des Mortes
  Mostra collettiveEye-Music - Klee, Kandinsky and all that Jazz
  Mostra personaliIvon Hitchens
  Mostra collettivePoets in the Landscape - The Romantic Spirit in British Art
  Mostra personaliR.B. Kitaj
  Mostra personaliBomberg and the borough group
  Mostra personaliEngland at play
  Mostra collettiveArt for the classroom - school prints 1946-49

  Mostra collettiveThe Wonderful Fund - Collecting Art for the New Millenium
  Mostra collettiveModern British Art. The First 100 Years

  Mostra collettiveBritish Studio Pottery: From Bernard Leach to Luvie Rie
  Mostra personaliRichard Hamilton - Selected Works
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