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University Museum of Contemporary Art - UMass Amherst

Istituzione Pubblica
University Museum of Contemporary Art - UMass Amherst
151 Presidents Drive #2
Amherst, MA 01003-9331
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 413 545 3670
fax +1 413 545 2018
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve  11:00-16:30
Sa, Do  14:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Bruce Nauman  3
Sol LeWitt  8
Roy Lichtenstein  28
Donald Judd  82
Anish Kapoor  121

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Sol LeWitt  8 8
Sylvia  Plimack Mangold  1726 5
Andy Warhol  1 5
Bruce Nauman  3 4
Anish Kapoor  121 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 352 39
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 150 10
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 100 8
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 77 27
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 61 7

anno di fondazione: 1975
Nicolas Africano  1948, US
Stephen Antonakos  1926-2013, US
Bill Arnold  1941, US
Dotty Attie  1938, US
William Bailey  1930, US
Fred Becker  1913-2004, US
Isabel Bishop  1902-1988, US
Willard Boepple  1945, US
Daniel Brush  1947
John Cage  1912-1992, US
Fredrich Cantor  
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  FR, BG
Bruce Conner  1933-2008, US
Roy DeCarava  1919-2009, US
Dorothy Dehner  1901-1994, US
Lydia Dona  1955, RO
Louis Faurer  1916-2001, US
Joan M. Fitzsimmons  
Bilge Friedlaender  
Sam Gilliam  1933, US
Jon Gintoff  
Jacqueline Hayden  
Carol Hepper  1953, US
Gillie Holme  
Chuck Holtzman  
Paul Ickovic  1944, CZ
Robert Irwin  1928, US
Lester Johnson  1919-2010, US
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
Anish Kapoor  1954, IN
André Kertész  1894-1985, HU
Lee Krasner  1908-1984, US
William G. Larson  1942, US
Leon Levinstein  1910-1988, US
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
Roy Lichtenstein  1923-1997, US
Louis Lozowick  1892-1973, US
Ralph Eugene Meatyard  1925-1972, US
Mario Merz  1925-2003, IT
Robert Motherwell  1915-1991, US
Bruce Nauman  1941, US
Helmut Newton  1920-2004, DE
Robert de Niro, Sr.  1922-1993, US
Thérèse Oulton  1953, UK
Ani Rivera da Cueva  
David Row  1949, US
David von Schlegell  1920-1992, US
Aaron Siskind  1903-1991, US
Sandy Skoglund  1946, US
Wendy Snyder MacNeil  
Alan Sonfist  1946, US
Mauro Staccioli  1937, IT
Jan Staller  1952, US
Theodoros Stamos  1922-1997, US
Richard Stankiewicz  1922-1983, US
Robert J. Steinberg  
Ralph Steiner  1899-1986, US
George Trakas  1944, CA
Jerry Uelsmann  1934, US
Minor White  1908-1976, US
William T. Wiley  1937, US
Garry Winogrand  1928-1984, US
Peter Wüthrich  1962, CH
Tom Zetterstrom  1945, US
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  Mostra personaliNina Payne Over & Over: Works in Waxed Linen
  Mostra personaliDawoud Bey
  Mostra personaliLeonardo da Vinci - Art and the Machine
  Mostra personaliThe Changing Landscape of Labor: American Workers and Workplaces
  Mostra personaliThe Dead Souls: An Interactive Virtual Reality Installation

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  Mostra personaliJim Skalman: Field Plug
  Mostra personaliFaith Ringgold: Story Quilts
  Mostra personaliAlan Wexler: Dining Rooms and Furniture for the Typical House
  Mostra personaliNaum Gabo: Monoprints

  Mostra personaliJudith Shea
  Mostra personaliThomas Lanigan-Schmidt: Halfway to Paradise
  Mostra collettivePoints of View: Contemporary Landscapes
  Mostra collettive24 Cubes
  Mostra personaliGeorg Herold: Sculpture
  Mostra personaliBelchite/South Bronx: A Trans-Cultural and Trans-Historical Landscape
  Mostra collettiveAu Dela de L’Image/Beyond the Image

  Mostra personaliScott Richter
  Mostra personaliJacqueline Hayden
  Mostra personaliDaniel Buren - Metamorphoses - Works in Situ
  Mostra personaliItalo Scanga: Recent Sculpture and Drawing
  Mostra personaliJeffery Brosk: Prairie Dance

  Mostra personaliAnish Kapoor: Recent Sculpture and Drawings
  Mostra personaliAlan Sonfist: Bronze Fallen Limbs-Rising
  Mostra personaliMel Kendrick: Recent Sculpture
  Mostra personaliPeter Shelton: Floatinghouse/deadman
  Mostra personaliDaniel Brush: Cantos for an Accompanying Role

  Mostra personaliDonna Dennis: Deep Stations
  Mostra personaliBoyd Webb: Photographs
  Mostra personaliArthur Segal: Woodcuts
  Mostra personaliAlan Shields
  Mostra personaliJay Coogan
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  Mostra personaliMartin Puryear
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