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Amon Carter Museum

Istituzione Pubblica
Amon Carter Museum
3501 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2695
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 817 738 1933

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Walker Evans  132
Robert Frank  257
Georgia O'Keeffe  413
Berenice Abbott  462
Edward Weston  509

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Charles M. Russell  22692 13
Eliot Porter  6338 9
Frederic Remington  10509 8
Laura Gilpin  10826 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 328 46
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 68 30
  The Art Institute of Chicago, USA 66 28
  Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), USA 62 28
  The National Gallery of Art, USA 60 23

 Mostre   8
16.08. - 02.09. (tra 79 giorni)
  Mostra personaliGabriel Dawe: Plexus no. 34

25.03. - 25.03. (ancora per piú di 9 mesi)
  Mostra personaliDarryl Lauster:Trace

18.03. - 10.09. (ancora per piú di 3 mesi)
  Mostra personaliFluid Expressions: The Prints of Helen Frankenthaler

04.03. - 02.07. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
  Mostra collettiveHomer and Remington in Black and White

25.02. - 02.07. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
  Mostra personaliAvedon in Texas: Selections from In the American West

07.02. - 06.08. (ancora per piú di 2 mesi)
  Mostra personaliBetween the Lines: Gego as Printmaker

05.11. - 04.06. (ancora per 6 giorni)
  Mostra personaliDavid Ellis: Animal

01.10. - 08.10. (ancora per piú di 4 mesi)
  Mostra collettiveAbstract Texas: Midcentury Modern Painting
anno di fondazione: 1961
Berenice Abbott  1898-1991, US
Ansel Adams  1902-1984, US
John James Audubon  1785-1851, US
George Bellows  1882-1925, US
James Gilchrist Benton  1820-1881, US
David F. Berry  
Albert Bierstadt  1830-1902, US
William Merritt Chase  1849-1916, US
Frederic Edwin Church  1826-1900, US
Thomas Cole  1801-1848, US
Carlotta Corpron  1901-1988, US
Stuart Davis  1894-1964, US
Roy DeCarava  1919-2009, US
Willard van Dyke  1906-1986, US
Thomas Eakins  1844-1916, US
Walker Evans  1903-1975, US
Edward Everett  1818-1903
Robert Frank  1924, CH, US
Laura Gilpin  1891-1979, US
William Harnett  1848-1892, US, IE
Marsden Hartley  1877-1943, US
John Karl Hillers  1843-1925, US
Lewis Hine  1874-1940, US
William Henry Jackson  1843-1942, US
Darius Kinsey  1871-1945, US
Gertrude Käsebier  1852-1934, US
Dorothea Lange  1895-1965, US
Robert Laurent  1890-1970, US
Russell Lee  1903-1986, US
Laura Letinsky  1962, CA
Buffalo Meat (Oewotoh)  1847-1917
Barbara Morgan  1900-1992, US
Elie Nadelman  1882-1946, US
Georgia O'Keeffe  1887-1986, US
Timothy H. O'Sullivan  1840-1882, US
John F. Peto  1854-1907, US
Eliot Porter  1901-1990, US
Frederic Remington  1861-1909, US
Arthur Rothstein  1915-1985, US
Augustus Saint-Gaudens  1848-1907, US
Ben Shahn  1898-1969, US
Charles Sheeler  1883-1965, US
Stephen Shore  1947, US
Clara Estelle Sipprell  1885-1975, US, CA
Erwin E. Smith  1886-1947, US
Luther Smith  
Alfred Stieglitz  1864-1946, US
Paul Strand  1890-1976, US
Karl Struss  1886-1981, US
Bessie Potter Vonnoh  1872-1955, US
Carleton Watkins  1829-1916, US
Edward Weston  1886-1958, US
Clarence H. White  1871-1925, US
Charles H. Williamson  1826-1874
Marion Post Wolcott  1911-1990, US
 Mostre anteriori   277
  Mostra personaliInvented Worlds of Valton Tyler

  Mostra collettiveBorder Cantos. Richard Misrach | Guillermo Galindo
  Mostra personaliSam Francis: Prints
  Mostra personaliProcession: The Art of Norman Lewis
  Mostra personaliDiscarded: Photographs by Anthony Hernandez
  Mostra personaliLouise Nevelson: Prints

  Mostra personaliThat Day: Laura Wilson
  Mostra collettiveRemington and Russell
  Mostra collettiveLike Father, Like Son: Edward and Brett Weston
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Still Life
  Mostra personaliAudubon’s Beasts

  Mostra collettiveModern Masters of the Woodcut
  Mostra personaliNavigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River
  Mostra personaliMeet Me at the Trinity: Photographs by Terry Evans
  Mostra personaliBenito Huerta - Lone Star Portraits
  Mostra personaliArchibald Motley - Jazz Age Modernist

  Mostra personali¡Hombre! Prints by José Guadalupe Posada
  Mostra collettiveColor! American Photography Transformed
  Mostra personaliJohn Albok's Neighborhood
  Mostra personaliLeonard Baskin: Indian Portraits
  Mostra personaliRomare Bearden: A Black Odyssey
  Mostra personaliSedrick Huckaby: Hidden in Plain Site
  Mostra collettiveBig Pictures
  Mostra personaliMarie Cosindas: Instant Color
  Mostra personaliEd Ruscha: Made in California

  Mostra personaliLarry Sultan’s Homeland: American Story
  Mostra collettiveTo See as Artists See: American Art from The Phillips Collection
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning and Their Circle, 1927–1942
  Mostra personaliRuth Asawa: Organic Meditations
  Mostra personaliSargent’s Youthful Genius: Paintings from the Clark
  Mostra personaliRomance Maker: The Watercolors of 
Charles M. Russell

  Mostra personaliJohn Marin: Modernism at Midcentury
  Mostra personaliWill Barnet: Relationships, Intimate and Abstract, 1935–1965
  Mostra personaliSubhankar Banerjee: Where I Live I Hope to Know

  Mostra collettiveAmerican Modern: Abbott, Evans, Bourke-White
  Mostra collettiveConstructive Spirit: Abstract Art in South and North America, 1920s–50s
  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams: Eloquent Light
  Mostra personaliLeon Polk Smith: The Tamarind Lithography Workshop
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Moderns on Paper: Masterworks from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
  Mostra collettiveMasterworks of American Photography: Popular Culture

  Mostra personaliEdward S. Curtis: The North American Indian
  Mostra collettiveThe Harmon and Harriet Kelley Collection of African-American Art: Works on Paper
  Mostra personaliHigh Modernism: Alfred Stieglitz and His Legacy
  Mostra personaliBarbara Crane: Challenging Vision

  Mostra personaliMary Lucier: The Plains of Sweet Regret
  Mostra collettiveAllen Jones and Nicholas Krushenick: Tamarind Lithography Workshop
  Mostra personaliSentimental Journey: The Art of Alfred Jacob Miller
  Mostra personaliMarsden Hartley and the West: The Search for an American Modernism
  Mostra personaliNell Dorr: From Everlasting to Everlasting
  Mostra personaliLouise Nevelson: Tamarind Lithography Workshop
  Mostra personaliFort Worth Landmarks in the 1950s: Watercolors by Bror Utter
  Mostra collettiveIntimate Modernism: Fort Worth Circle Artists in the 1940s

  Mostra personaliNathan Oliveira: Tamarind Lithography Workshop
  Mostra personaliAccommodating Nature: The Photographs of Frank Gohlke
  Mostra personaliChimneys and Towers: Charles Demuth’s Late Paintings of Lancaster
  Mostra personaliForging an American Identity: The Art of William Ranney
  Mostra personaliWilliam H. Johnson’s World on Paper

  Mostra personaliAudubon’s Passion
  Mostra collettiveRegarding the Land: Robert Glenn Ketchum and the Legacy of Eliot Porter
  Mostra collettiveReinventing America - Three Modern Views on Paper
  Mostra personaliFocus on Photographs - Man Ray’s Électricité
  Mostra personaliLewis Hine - Children of Texas

  Mostra personaliEdward Hopper in Four Acts
  Mostra personaliLaura Wilson: Avedon at Work
  Mostra collettiveAlfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe at Lake George
  Mostra personaliKipton Kumler - A Portfolio of Plants

  Mostra personaliBrent Phelps - Photographing the Lewis and Clark Trail

  Mostra personaliEdward Weston - Life Work
  Mostra personaliJames Otto Lewis and The Aboriginal Port-Folio, 1835–1836
  Mostra personaliWildlife and Western Heroes: Alexander Phimister Proctor, Sculptor
  Mostra personaliA Faithful and Vivid Picture - Karl Bodmer’s North American Prints
  Mostra personaliFocus on Photographs - Erwin E. Smith
  Mostra personaliCasting a Spell - Winslow Homer, Artist and Angler

  Mostra personaliEliot Porter - The Color of Wildness
  Mostra personaliCarl Mydans - American Photojournalist
  Mostra personaliThe Master Prints of Edward S. Curtis - Portraits of Native America
  Mostra personaliLaura Gilpin and the Navajo - An Enduring Friendship
  Mostra personaliStuart Davis - Prints and Drawings
  Mostra personaliThe Spirit of Buildings - Laura Gilpin’s Architectural Photography
  Mostra collettiveWoodland Portraits: Photographs by Eliot Porter and Jeannette Klute

  Mostra personaliRobert Adams - True West
  Mostra personaliAvedon’s American West
  Mostra collettiveLaura Gilpin and Eliot Porter in New Mexico
  Mostra collettiveWorks on Paper by Remington and Russell

  Mostra personaliWilliam Sidney Mount Painter of American Life

  Mostra personaliPicture Man - Charles Russell’s Watercolors
  Mostra personaliImagining the Open Range - Erwin E. Smith, Cowboy Photographer

  Mostra personaliA Passion for Birds: Eliot Porter’s Photography
  Mostra personaliCharles Sheeler in Doylestown: American Modernism and the Pennsylvania Tradition
  Mostra personaliStage Folk: Caricatures of the New York Stage by Al Frueh

  Mostra personaliThe Shores of a Dream: Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s Early Work in America
  Mostra personaliLifting the Veil: Robert S. Duncanson and the Emergence of the African–American Artist
  Mostra personaliThomas Eakins and the Swimming Picture

  Mostra personaliNew York to Hollywood: Photographs by Karl Struss
  Mostra personaliThomas Cole’s Paintings of Eden

  Mostra personaliCharles M. Russell: Sculptor
  Mostra personaliThomas Hovenden: Intimate Insights
  Mostra collettiveHow the West Was Made: Fact and Fiction in the Works of Remington and Russell
  Mostra personaliOminous Hush: The Thunderstorm Paintings of Martin Johnson Heade

  Mostra personaliEliot Porter: The Landscape of Home
  Mostra personaliHomecoming: William H. Johnson and Afro–America, 1938–1946
  Mostra personaliGertrude Käsebier, Photographer
  Mostra personaliLaura Gilpin: The Early Work
  Mostra personaliTurner’s Frontier
  Mostra personaliBror Utter
  Mostra personaliThe Paintings of George Bellows

  Mostra personaliWord Painter: The Illustrated Letters and Watercolors of Charles M. Russell
  Mostra personaliAlfred Jacob Miller: Watercolors of the American West
  Mostra personaliWilliam M. Harnett
  Mostra personaliRalph Earl: The Face of the Young Republic
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by W. Eugene Smith: A Recent Gift

  Mostra personaliNature’s Chaos: Photographs by Eliot Porter
  Mostra personaliCarl Wimar: Chronicler of the Missouri River Frontier
  Mostra personaliPortraits of Women Air Force Service Pilots by Anne Noggle: For God, Country, and the Thrill of It
  Mostra personaliArthur Wesley Dow and His Influence

  Mostra personaliCast and Recast: Sculpture by Frederic Remington in the Amon Carter Museum Collection
  Mostra personaliGeorge N. Barnard: Photographer of Sherman’s Campaign
  Mostra personaliClara Sipprell: Pictorial Photographer
  Mostra collettiveOf Time and Place: Walker Evans and William Christenberry
  Mostra personaliWorthington Whittredge
  Mostra personaliVisual Poetry: The Drawings of Joseph Stella
  Mostra personaliRobert Adams: To Make It Home: Photographs of the American West

  Mostra personaliHand, Eye and Stone: The Lithographs of Thomas Hart Benton
  Mostra personaliBourke-White: A Retrospective
  Mostra personaliRobert Mills: Designs for Democracy
  Mostra personaliSign Language: Contemporary Southwest Native America: Photographs by Skeet McAuley
  Mostra personaliBruce Goff: Toward Absolute Architecture
  Mostra personaliOscar Bluemner: Landscapes of Sorrow and Joy
  Mostra personaliWhere Images Come From: Drawings and Photographs by Frederick Sommer
  Mostra personaliThe flag paintings of Childe Hassam
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer: Paintings of the Civil War

  Mostra personaliJohn Sloan: Spectator of Life
  Mostra personaliViews of Texas, 1852–1856: Watercolors by Sarah Ann Lillie Hardinge
  Mostra personaliGeorge Bellows: The Artist and His Lithographs, 1916–1924
  Mostra personaliSupreme Instants: The Photographs of Edward Weston
  Mostra personaliLaton A. Huffman: Frontier Photographer
  Mostra personaliFrancis W. Edmonds: American Master in the Dutch Tradition

  Mostra personaliEliot Porter
  Mostra personaliThe Architecture of Richard Morris Hunt
  Mostra personaliCertain Places: Photographs by William Clift
  Mostra personaliJohn Storrs
  Mostra personaliW. Eugene Smith: Let Truth Be the Prejudice

  Mostra collettiveNew Landscapes
  Mostra personaliStuart Davis: Graphic Work and Related Paintings
  Mostra personaliBerenice Abbott: Paris Portraits
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer Watercolors
  Mostra personaliPeople of the Forest: Photographs of the Maya by Gertrude Blom
  Mostra personaliLaura Gilpin: An Enduring Grace

  Mostra personaliJohn Haberle: Master of Illusion
  Mostra personaliIn the American West: Photographs by Richard Avedon
  Mostra personaliCarl Mydans: A Photojournalist’s Journey through War and Peace
  Mostra personaliMonotypes by Maurice Prendergast from the Terra Museum of American Art
  Mostra personaliRichard Kern’s Watercolors
  Mostra personaliCervin Robinson: Photographs, 1958–1983
  Mostra personaliCharles M. Russell: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture

  Mostra personaliA Writer’s Eye: An Exhibition of Field Study Drawings by Paul Horgan
  Mostra personaliWeston in Mexico
  Mostra personaliViews of a Vanishing Frontier
  Mostra collettiveThree Documentary Photographers
  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams Photographs
  Mostra personaliThe Prints of Louis Lozowick
  Mostra personaliThe Early Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, 1845–1854

  Mostra personaliSelections from the Karl Struss Estate
  Mostra personaliImportant Information Inside: The Still–Life Paintings of John F. Peto
  Mostra personaliCarleton E. Watkins: Photographer of the American West
  Mostra personaliCharles Willson Peale and His World

  Mostra personaliPaul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio
  Mostra personaliCast and Recast: The Sculpture of Frederic Remington
  Mostra personaliAlfred Jacob Miller: Artist on the Oregon Trail

  Mostra personaliWilliam Henry Jackson, Mammoth Plate Photographs
  Mostra personaliGeorge Catlin: The Artist and the American Indian
  Mostra personaliJamie Wyeth
  Mostra personaliThe Graphic Art of Mary Cassatt
  Mostra personaliCarleton Watkins Photographs

  Mostra personaliCarlotta Corpron: Designer with Light
  Mostra personaliMarsden Hartley
  Mostra personaliThe Most Remarkable Scenery: Thomas Moran’s Watercolors of the American West
  Mostra collettiveW. H. Jackson and J. K. Hillers Photographs
  Mostra personaliJose Guadalupe Posada

  Mostra personaliWalt Kuhn, A Classic Revival
  Mostra personaliMyron Wood, Photographs of Colorado and New Mexico
  Mostra personaliBill Gollings, Cowboy Artist

  Mostra personaliThe Utah Photographs of George Edward Anderson
  Mostra collettiveTwo Portfolios: Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Elliott Erwitt
  Mostra personaliCaroline Vaughan Photographs
  Mostra personaliLaura Gilpin Retrospective
  Mostra personaliThe Forgotten Season: Winter Landscapes by George Durrie
  Mostra personaliRodeo of John A. Stryker

  Mostra personaliBen Shahn: A Retrospective, 1898–1969
  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams: Photographs of the Southwest

  Mostra personaliThomas Eakins - A Family Album
  Mostra personaliDean Brown: Photographs of Death Valley
  Mostra personaliGlenn La Fontaine Sculpture
  Mostra personaliArthur T. Lee Watercolors
  Mostra personaliFerenc Berko: Images of Nature

  Mostra collettiveThe Face of Liberty
  Mostra personaliFrank Gohlke Photographs
  Mostra personaliEadweard Muybridge: The Stanford Years, 1872–1882
  Mostra personaliThe King Ranch, 1939–1944: A Photographic Essay
  Mostra personaliJames Madison Alden, 1834–1922

  Mostra personaliWilliam H. Jackson Photographs
  Mostra personaliAudubon Quadrupeds
  Mostra personaliThe Photographs of Laton Alton Huffman
  Mostra personaliGreene & Greene: Architects in the Residential Style

  Mostra personaliDrawings by George Morrison
  Mostra personaliEliot Porter Retrospective
  Mostra personaliKrazy Kat: Original Cartoon Drawings by George Herriman
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Liliane De Cock
  Mostra personaliFrederic Remington Retrospective

  Mostra personaliBarbara Morgan Photographs
  Mostra personaliThe Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America
  Mostra personaliSelection of I. J. Benjamin Lithographs
  Mostra personaliVelox Ward
  Mostra personaliMax Weber: The Years 1906–1916
  Mostra personaliNordfeldt the Painter
  Mostra personaliAlfred Jacob Miller
  Mostra personaliAlbert Bierstadt
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Isabelle Johnson

  Mostra personaliThe Big Thicket: A Way of Life
  Mostra personaliOut of the Silence
  Mostra personaliPueblo Architecture of the Southwest
  Mostra personaliLeonard Baskin
  Mostra personaliPaul Kane’s Frontier
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Diane Hopkins

  Mostra personaliWynn Bullock Photographs
  Mostra personaliDrawings by John Marin
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Philip C. Curtis
  Mostra personaliSouthwest Color: Photographs by E. J. Poulsen
  Mostra personaliThomas Eakins: His Photographic Works
  Mostra personaliGeorge Catlin’s The LaSalle Series
  Mostra personaliThe Artist Was A Young Man

  Mostra personaliA Personal Country
  Mostra personaliThe Passion of Ahab
  Mostra personaliThe Mexican Portfolio
  Mostra personaliPortfolio One
  Mostra personaliAdolf Dehn Retrospective
  Mostra personaliMarin in New Mexico: 1929 and 1930
  Mostra personaliA Retrospective Exhibition of the Architecture of Mies van der Rohe
  Mostra personaliW. H. D. Koerner: Illustrating the Western Myth

  Mostra personaliHudson River Portfolio
  Mostra personaliThe Enduring Navaho
  Mostra personaliKhasa Goes to the Fiesta
  Mostra personaliThe Eloquent Light
  Mostra collettiveExhibit Honoring Harry Jackson, Susan M. Summer Pogzeba, and Wolfgang Pogzeba
  Mostra collettiveGravestone Rubbings by Ann Parker/Avon Neal
  Mostra personaliHaight–Ashbury, 1967

  Mostra personaliCady Wells, A Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra personaliWard Lockwood, A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings, Prints and Drawings
  Mostra personaliThe American Country Woman
  Mostra personaliPatterns of Beauty
  Mostra personaliFrank Mechau, 1904–1946, A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings
  Mostra personaliThe Architectural Genius of Bernard Ralph Maybeck
  Mostra personaliHow a Lithograph Is Made: Jose Luis Cuevas

  Mostra personaliTexas Homes of the Nineteenth Century
  Mostra personaliThe Birds of America by J. J. Audubon
  Mostra personaliBrett Weston: Photographs
  Mostra personaliCamposantos: A Photographic Essay
  Mostra personaliThe Drawings of Andrew Dasburg
  Mostra personaliGeorgia O’Keeffe

  Mostra personaliEarly Western Trails and Some Ghost Towns
  Mostra personaliPaintings and Watercolors by Henry F. Farny
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Edward Weston

  Mostra personaliSam Houston’s Texas
  Mostra personaliPeter Hurd, The Gate and Beyond
  Mostra personaliCharles M. Russell’s Miniature Wax Sculpture
  Mostra personaliIllustrated Letters by Charles M. Russell

  Mostra personaliWolfgang Pogzeba Sculpture
  Mostra personaliHarry Jackson Sculptures

  Mostra personaliEd Borein Etchings
  Mostra personaliGeorge Catlin Paintings
  Mostra personali101 Sketches by Seth Eastman
  Mostra personaliAdam Clark Vroman: Photographer of the Southwest
  Mostra personaliPaper Talk, The Illustrated Letters of Charles M. Russell
  Mostra personaliPeter Moran Sketches

  Mostra personaliHarry Jackson Sculptures and Drawings
  Mostra personaliOn the Warpath, Pipe of Peace
  Mostra collettiveInaugural Exhibition
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