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Art Affairs Gallery

Art Affairs Gallery

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News delle gallerie
(13.6.2017) Katrin Korfmann at Photo Basel, 2017 (soltanto in inglese)
(31.5.2017) Finisage: Dolk at Art Affairs. Saturday June 10, 16:00-19:00 (soltanto in inglese)
(17.5.2017) Amsterdam Art Fair (soltanto in inglese)
(4.2.2017) Art Rotterdam 2017 (soltanto in inglese)
(25.11.2016) Friendly reminder: brunch with Laurencec AŽgerter, Saturday nov. 26 (soltanto in inglese)
(18.5.2016) Amsterdam Art Fair 2016 (soltanto in inglese)
(13.5.2016) Morellet 1926-2016 (soltanto in inglese)
(2.2.2016) last week to visit 'what is waste?' (soltanto in inglese)
(6.1.2016) What is waste? at Art Affairs Gallery (soltanto in inglese)
(24.11.2015) Herman de Vries in 2015 - A Year In Review (soltanto in inglese)
(21.10.2015) Katrin Korfmann, Ensembles Assembled (soltanto in inglese)
(13.5.2015) In Memoriam: Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015) (soltanto in inglese)
(21.8.2014) Hilgemann's Park Ave Sculptures (soltanto in inglese)
(7.7.2014) ewerdt hilgemann (soltanto in inglese)
(16.7.2013) Gallery Special: Ewerdt Hilgemann - Basically White - 1960s & 70s (soltanto in tedesco)
(6.11.2012) From Dusk to Dawn - opening november 9 2012 (soltanto in inglese)
(30.7.2012) Works on Paper - Summer Sale (soltanto in inglese)
(11.6.2012) Norman Dilworth Extended - Summer Show Starting in July (soltanto in inglese)
(25.4.2012) Katrin Korfmann Wins Rado Star Prize (soltanto in inglese)
(15.2.2012) Katrin Korfmann @ Arco Madrid (soltanto in inglese)
(12.12.2011) Reminder: 'jan van munster, light 1978-2011' (soltanto in inglese)
(15.7.2011) Zdenek Sykora 1920-2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(3.5.2011) herman de vries 80 (soltanto in inglese)
(21.4.2011) Katrin Korfmann: Horizon Vanished (soltanto in inglese)
(22.3.2011) ART PARIS - march 30 through april 3 (soltanto in inglese)
(15.2.2011) madrid & paris (soltanto in inglese)
(29.10.2010) Minimal & Zero @ Pan Amsterdam (soltanto in inglese)
(19.5.2010) Art Amsterdam 2010 (soltanto in inglese)
(29.3.2010) kuno gonschior 1935-2010 (soltanto in tedesco)
(2.3.2010) Invitation - Friday, March 5, 17-19:00 (soltanto in inglese)
(8.9.2009) Art Affairs in New York (soltanto in inglese)
(30.6.2009) herman de vries im museum schloss moyland (soltanto in inglese)
(12.5.2009) herman de vries at art amsterdam (soltanto in inglese)
(5.2.2009) sykora / dekkers / morellet / de vries / hilgemann (soltanto in inglese)
(25.6.2008) tapetenwechsel (soltanto in tedesco)
(7.5.2008) Hilgemann in Berlin (soltanto in tedesco)
(28.2.2008) Art Karlsruhe - Solo Hilgemann (soltanto in tedesco)
(29.1.2008) Art Rotterdam (soltanto in inglese)
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