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Basis voor Actuele Kunst - BAK

Istituzione Pubblica

News delle gallerie
(27.9.2013) New Publication: We Roma: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art (soltanto in inglese)
(28.11.2012) Guided Tour How Much Fascism? (soltanto in inglese)
(2.7.2012) Upcoming: Save the date / Guided tour & / lecture Boris Groys online (soltanto in inglese)
(29.5.2012) Guided tours, Video´s online & Overige activiteiten/other activities (soltanto in inglese)
(13.4.2012) Museumweekend, Finissage & Save the Date (soltanto in inglese)
(3.4.2012) Lecture-performance Rabih Mroué - The Inhabitants of Images (soltanto in inglese)
(13.3.2012) Films van/by Christoph Schlingensief: Freakstars 3000 (soltanto in inglese)
(13.12.2011) Spacecraft Icarus 13 & Save the Date: Christoph Schlingensief (soltanto in inglese)
(11.11.2011) Cinematic Narratives from Elsewhere: The Political Carnivalesque, 19.11.2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(27.10.2011) Cinematic Narratives from Elsewhere: Excavating a Cinematic Future, 05.11.2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(19.10.2011) Cinematic Narratives from Elsewhere: Against Amnesia and Apathy, 22.10.2011, 11:00-19:00 (soltanto in inglese)
(28.9.2011) Spacecraft Icarus 13 - Public program (soltanto in inglese)
(6.4.2011) Olga Chernysheva, In the Middle of Things - Finissage 17.04.2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(21.3.2011) Rabih Mroué solo exhibition travels in 2011–2012 (soltanto in inglese)
(7.2.2011) Conversation: How can realism be critical today? Olga Chernysheva & Cosmin Costinas, 17.02.2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(19.11.2010) Vectors of the Possible, Finissage 28.11.2010 (soltanto in inglese)
(28.6.2010) 2nd FORMER WEST Research Congress (soltanto in inglese)
(7.6.2010) Lecture Simon Critchley and performance Rabih MrouXX, 17.06.2010 (soltanto in inglese)
(16.4.2010) Artists Beyond – Artist Talk Mark Boulos, 27.04.2010 (soltanto in inglese)
(24.3.2010) Musée de la danse, expo zéro, 16.–17.04.2010 (soltanto in inglese)
(8.12.2009) New BAK Critical Reader: The Return of Religion and Other Myths (soltanto in inglese)
(4.11.2009) 1st FORMER WEST Congress & Finissage Surplus Value (soltanto in inglese)
(24.9.2009) BAK at The London Art Book Fair (soltanto in inglese)
(23.9.2009) 1st Former West Congress (soltanto in inglese)
(23.6.2009) Former West Research Meeting and Seminar at Reina Sofía, Madrid (soltanto in inglese)
(18.5.2009) Symposium "When is Feminism in Art? The Case of Sanja Iveković" (soltanto in inglese)
(23.4.2009) Julius Koller, U.F.O.-naut?, international conference, 23–26 April 2009 (soltanto in inglese)
(5.3.2009) BAK welcomes new Curator, Cosmin Costinas (soltanto in inglese)
(25.2.2009) On Post-Secularism: Alternatives to Monotheism, 01.03.2009 (soltanto in inglese)
(13.2.2009) On Post-Secularism: Revolution & Critique, 15.02.2009 (soltanto in inglese)
(29.1.2009) On Post-Secularism: Iconoclasm, 01.02.2009 (soltanto in inglese)
(4.11.2008) Experimental Repetitions - 13.11.2008 (soltanto in inglese)
(31.10.2008) The Return of Religion and Other Myths (soltanto in inglese)
(10.10.2008) Once is Nothing, part of Brussels Biennial 1–Opening 19.10.2008, Brussels (soltanto in inglese)
(14.5.2008) Hosted by BAK–Artist’s talk by Michael Stevenson (soltanto in inglese)
(1.3.2008) WomenSpeak! A Series of Debates and Presentations, Saturday 8 March 2008 (soltanto in inglese)
(27.2.2008) Lectures by Judith Butler and Rosi Braidotti, Thursday 6 March 2008 (soltanto in inglese)
(11.1.2008) Presentation of AICA Award and Lecture by Irit Rogoff, 3 February 2008 (soltanto in inglese)
(7.11.2007) Citizens and Subjects: Practices and Debates (soltanto in inglese)
(25.1.2007) conversation between Althea Thauberger, Fergal Gaynor and Victoria Scott (soltanto in inglese)
(22.11.2006) Concerning "Knowledge Production" (Practices in Contemporary Art) (soltanto in inglese)
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