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Event: Frenetic art weekend in Berlin

Artfacts.Net Stand P128 at ART FORUM - Foto (c) Jens Lüstraeten

Rushing from one event to another, worrying that you would miss out on the ultimate art experience, surviving the busiest art weekend in Berlin…
To start off the new art season there was the BERLINER LISTE, hosted in an old school; then the BERLINER KUNSTSALON and the ART FORUM BERLIN 2004, both more formal and official. The 9th ART FORUM BERLIN opened just a few days ago with more than 1,300 artists and 130 galleries representing twenty countries. Sums paid for the works went into the thousands. The Galerie EIGEN + ART sold Neo Rauch for 170,000 Euros. The Galerie Arndt & Partner sold Massimo Vitali’s Dittico Rimini in Four, 2001 for 70,000 Euros and Thomas Hirschhorn’s North Pole installation went for 105,000 Euros. Peter Doig was one artist who didn’t see any money for his series of paintings 35 Filmposter 2003/2004 depicting personal impressions of film movie posters like 'Amores Perros', 'Black Orpheus', or 'City of God'. His purpose was not to make a profit out of it but to promote the project and raise funding for his new Film Club in Saint Trinidad! New York Palme d’Or Film Club experimented with the ART FORUM Berlin by setting up a film production platform. It uses the scenario of the art fair and its public in which artists, curators’, art critics’ and gallery owners’ faces will be applied to famous films such as the Matrix and Harry met Sally. For instance, the stars of the fair, Eva and Adele, will be casted for the Matrix. Political messages could be read in many of the artworks exhibited; the ironic pun written on the stand wall of Kuckei + Kuckei by Hlynur Hallsson read "Schröder is asocial/lovely, Merkel is dim-witted/good and Fischer is stupid/genial". It gave visitors a clear message about the state of German politics and the peoples' feelings about it. The Berlin-based artists who showcased their work in the exhibition Made in Berlin expressed themselves in a similar way. The exhibition gives a panorama of the vibrant art scene in Berlin. The Rolf Ziervogel. Immobilie 2004 brings Bosch’s paintings to mind and welcomes the viewers with acrobatic little people, drawn in ink, taking off in a hot air balloon. The Polish artist Wayrzyniec Tokarski impresses visitors with his ethical paintings. His text-painting reveals nothing new: the knowledge is mostly second hand. Meanwhile, Thomas Locher frames fragments of the universal declaration of human rights, questioning the morality of the document itself. At the Artfacts.Net stand 'Drawing here_and Now' focuses on the topicality and the scope of the medium of drawing. Svätopluk Mikyta (Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie) presents his socialist red and blue drawing series on paper focusing on sport competitions and mass demonstrations, while Paolo Piscitelli (Bernhard Knaus gallery, Mannheim) shows his drawings, composed using conceptual, audio and visual stimuli. Jasper Sebastian Stürup (Galleri Susanne Ottesen) explores the limits of drawing by combining cut-outs and spray paint. Running parallel to the ART FORUM Berlin, the BERLINER LISTE, an initiative organized by Berlin-based galleries, has proved to be a fresh and alternative forum for contemporary art. The photographic work of Christiane Frezl dominates the premises and is quite remarkable. At the BERLINER KUNSTSALON, there is an overview of Berlin’s diverse and dynamic artistic talent in the flee market of Treptow Park, curated by Engler & Piper (for those in Berlin the names might ring a bell - they are editors of the art magazine Kondensat).
All in all, an art fair not to be missed.

Drawing here and_Now


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