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entry-point of tinnitus

The beoff-vision is to use the latest technology in general and the latest communication technology in particular to create artwork and to distribute them to new art-consumers in new ways.
The first step has already been taken with broadcast trough
broadband- Internet-systems.
The second step is to continue to extend the network to
consist of places with receivers at public spaces and so forth.
Beoff is a web-TV for contemporary-art with spots of own art
receivers.They supply contemporary art, through internet, directly home to people and to museums directly.

One of the actual projects:

"With the Tinnitus-site, of today, you can get a hint of what we are going to do next. Already there is texts, video-clips and other things which can give you a hunch of what the development will be. We can say that it is the first sample of what is going to be an extended site for experimental ideas in line with what is on the sait today. Within the next couple of months, we will communicate with more explicit statements about processual art. Tinnitus is going to be a separate complex of ideas to be announced later. If you want to get in contact with us, have similar thoughts or have other comments, please contact us at"

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