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Life Science - Ars Electronica, Linz 4.9. - 9.9.99

Life Science Symposium
The current scenarios of science and business revolving around the gene will occupy the focal point of attention during this two-day symposium. The question "Will the
Digital Revolution be followed by a Biological Revolution?" is the point of departure for theoretical and artistic elaborations. In a series of speeches and discussions, prominent experts will confront a set of highly controversial views on the complex of issues related to life science. The LifeScience Symposium discussion will focus on:
* Ideology and Science - Biological Determinism
* Industrial Processing of Life
* Biobusiness - Patented Life as a Guarantee of Total Marketing?
* Agribusiness Genetically-Modified Foods
* Pharmabusiness - Medicine
* Genetic Fingerprint - The Visible Man
* How Science is Done and Promulgated and the Critique of Science
(Sun, 5.9 - Mon, 6.9.)
To get all information about Ars Electronica 99, please use the link.

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