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Artist Ranking 1.1

Marek Claassen, Director of Artfacts.Net; Artwork by Habib Asal

Artfacts.Net is widely known and highly regarded for its Artist Ranking system. The system was first launched in autumn 2004. The Artfacts.Net Artist Ranking system is world wide the only way to objectevely compare tens of thousands artists careers and their promoting galleries.

We are now launching the on-line, updated artist ranking called Artfacts.Net Artist Ranking system 1:1. It is important to note, we depict through our econometric ranking system how an artist starts out as a fledgling in the art world and through hard work and a strong social network can become a world figure.

The updated Artfacts.Net Artist Ranking system 1.1 works basically like the older version. The idea behind the ranking is that established and very well connected artists can pass on the power of their network to the other exhibiting artists.

The Artfacts.Net Artist Ranking system 1.1 generates points for exhibitions, collects these points and adds them to the artistís account. The artist with the most accumulated points enters at the top of the list and then it factors down from there.

Artfacts.Net, has always taken the strong opposition against the market driven view of most art indexes and art coverage either in print or on-line. Thus, Artfacts.Net bases its system on the art world from the point of view of the curator and not from the point of view of the auctioneer or dealer. Artfacts.Net Artist Ranking system 1.1 focuses even more on the curatorial history of an artist which determines world fame. Meaning when an artist is recognized by a qualified person and supported by the appropriate network, they will be recognized in the art world as a significant artist.

With this updated algorithm, some artists ranking will benefit from the new regulations whereas others will not. We feel the new econometrics plus our growing database will, in the end; affect the artist ranking system in a positive and highly regarded direction. Those who find their ranking has been dramatically effected can send us an email at: and we will assist your query.

The nature of econometrics is not an exact science however an exacting science. With our ever growing data, we stand behind our system. As an archive site, our mission has always been to bring the entire cutatorial history of the vernissage online. Even when that goal is achieved the top one hundred living artists would be affected minimally. Therefore, like with a polling system our site is a strong reflection of the most significantly curated artists based on econometrical representation of the entire art market.

One of the main goals of econometrical analysis is the variety of possible applications that makes it a powerful knowledge tool. Artfacts.Net offers numerous options of rankings for all kind of areas of interest. For expample with our Top Data service, one is able to search for the top ranked Chinese video artists or female artists with a positive ranking slope within the last three years or all artist between 30 and 40 years of age with a ranking below 1000, so forth and so on.

Our knowledge tools can help you discover a new talent out of thousands of artists with just a click of a mouse. Our system makes the whole art world as assesible as typing

Thank you for being loyal to our site and please stayed tuned for further improvements to our system, new product launches and deeper explanations of what we do.

At Artfacts.Net, we factor the artist and bring the art of curation to light.


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