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Interview with Adrian Torres by Andrea de Sancho

Adrian Torres

Adrian Torres a young painter that started his career in the very south of Spain is being welcome in the world art. Always supported by his mum he started studying his degree of Fine Arts in Seville and after that he moved to Barcelona. A trip to Texas, that was initially to learn English suddenly changed Adrian´s life. After his experience in Forth Woth were Ron Tomlinson invited him to work in his studio he has been climbing in the difficult art world and nowadays he is a successful man with lot of enthusiasm and motivation to develop his art and new techniques.

AS: Who discovered your potential? Who was the first person who was interested in your art?

AT: The biggest support that I received was from my mum, she is also a painter and she has become my counselor. Ron Tomlinson has been also another crucial person in my beginnings. I learned a lot with him during my stay in the USA. Theresa Bernabe, my actual manager, has been also big support through his communication team.

AS: At what age would you say that you painted your first work?

AT: Since I can remember I was passioned on drawing, it would be difficult to remember my first work. When I started painting it was during my degree, before I have just painted. With the pass of the years I have found my stile by hard working.

AS: Whith whom artists do you inspire yourself, do you think that your art has brush strokes from other artists?

AT: There are a lot of artists that inspire me and that have also influenced my work. During my childhood I drew characters form comics; Joe Madueria and Carlos Pacheco(drawers from Marvel) were very important for me. Later Picasso was also a big influence. While I was studying Fine Arts I was totally fascinated for the Abstract Expressionism: Pollock, De Kooning, Egon Schieler ( a genius painting), Matisse, Basquiat and Van Gogh have had a big influence on my paintings.

Adrian Torres, Torso

AS: How would you describe your experience in Forth Worth? Do you think that there was were your career started as a painter?

AT: It was such as an artistic experience as wonderful. I had really good luck. I have met extraordinary people who supported me from the very beginning and I was also lucky meeting Ron Tomlinson. I learn a lot painting in his studio every day with all his students for 2 years. There was were I did my first exhibitions and orders and where I also decided to continue painting when I go back to Spain.

AS: Where do you think that there are more opportunities for your art? Abroad or in Spain?

AT: Being conscientious of the current situation and also due to my experience abroad I would say there are more possibilities. I think that at the very beginning Governments should give helps, even more for artists that are starting now that is a hard career and a lot of support is needed.

AS: Would you like to continue developing your art in Spain or do you think there are more opportunities in other countries?

AT: So far my art has been welcome in Spain in a extraordinary way. In my first exhibition in Valencia with the Art Wanson Gallery(I have been working with Mercedes and Frocois Duerinckx, proprietary´s from the gallery),we had a really good reception. At the moment I am very happy exposing in Spain. Also right now we are having success in Arabic countries such as Qatar and in the near future I would love to go back to the USA, specially to Miami.

AS: From all the places you have exhibit, which welcomed better your art, which not? Would you like to repeat?

Installation view: Adrian Torres paintings

AT: I have good memory´s from all the exhibitions, so far my work it is being welcome. I always try to learn something new ad positive from every place, so yes, I will repeat exhibiting in all of them.


AS: In which way do you think it will help in your personal career becoming part of the ranking of Artfacts.Net?

AT: It is a honor and a great recognition for me to become part of the Artfacts.Net ranking. Becoming part of it among so many artists that I admire and from whom I have learn so much, I think is really positive for my career.

AS: Which opinion deserve the artists that are in the first positions of Artfacts.Net? Do you know all them or have you seen before something from their work?

AT: Yes I know them. I have studied them and I have also learn from them. Lots of them have influenced my work and I had been able to watch their works in some exhibitions.

AS: To finish, which type of yearnings do you have for the future? How do you see yourself developing your art in 10 years?

AT: In 10 years I will still have the necessity of expressing myself in an artistic way. I do not know if I will be expressing it through the painting or through new forms of expression. I am really interested in photography and cinema but I think there are lots of things to explore in the painting´s world. Basic, I wish to continue being happy and feeling realized, and at present painting give both.

Interview by Andrea de Sancho


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