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Updated Artist Ranking for 2014 now online

We are pleased to announce that the updated ArtFacts.Net Ranking algorithm is now live. We are confident that the new algorithm will improve the accuracy of the statistics, helping you with your analysis.

Since we introduced the Artist Ranking system 10 years ago, both the art market and ArtFacts.Net have evolved and grown. We started with just 40,000 listed artists compared to over 400,000 artists today listed in over 600,000 exhibitions. The amount of data has grown rapidly since inception and the Artist Ranking must reflect this growth.

When we first started the Artist Ranking just summarized points year by year. This is fine if there are gaps in the data. Even with this fragmented data a Ranking could be computed. However, increasingly we are closing those gaps and the summarization no longer makes sense. In 2012 we introduced points deprecation: the older an exhibition, the
lower impact it has on today's career. We have now updated the ranking so that no exhibition over 5 years ago will impact the today's ranking.

Whilst this means that the maximum number of points has been reduced, it also means that the charts are more dynamic – more accurately reflecting the fluidity of the contemporary art market.

For example, we have plotted the points history chart for Andy Warhol. The red line reflects the points growth using the old algorithm, where as the green line represents the new updated version. The difference is clear. Even though Andy Warhol is ranked number 1, you can see that the points curve is going down. This is because his work is not being exhibited as predominantly as it was before 2010. The new algorithm more
accurately reflects this.

This accuracy can be seen within the top 100 living artists. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has the most dynamic rank in 2014 propelling him into 41st place (see table below). US Artists Sherrie Levine and Jimmie Durham both jumped into the top 100 as well. British artist Ryan Gander has only been exhibition since 2001, however, his astonishing career
will most likely see him enter the Top 100 listing soon.

 Name* 20142013  2014Difference
1 Ai WeiweiChart  *1957 (57)CN41+ 1960  10968.98-1271.88
2Sherrie LevineChart  *1947 (67)US97+ 14111  8644.16-1300.35
3Jimmie DurhamChart  *1940 (74)US91+ 11102  8818.61-1328.55
4Claire FontaineChart  *2004 (10)FR119+ 10129  7962.90-1344.15
5Christian JankowskiChart  *1968 (46)DE87+ 1097  8971.79-1371.88
6Tony CraggChart  *1949 (65)UK72+ 981  9526.14-1567.82
7Ryan GanderChart  *1976 (38)UK111+ 9120  8135.57-1372.49
8Louise LawlerChart  *1947 (67)US125+ 9134  7847.44-1332.24
9Matt MullicanChart  *1951 (63)US129+ 9138  7750.42-1182.43
10Harun FarockiChart  *1944 (70)CZ38+ 846  11166.95-1614.21

Whilst we have reduced the time before points are deprecated, we have increased the length we can trace back artists careers. We now have Exhibitions going back 20 years. One day we hope to list all exhibitions from the Salon des Refusés (Paris, 1863) up to the present day.

The Salon is probably the exhibition that triggered the modern art market. Since medieval times the ruling elite, first the church and later the Aristocracy had a monopoly of influencing what was considered art. With the invitation to the Impressionists, the Salon des Refusés gave another voice to what was considered art – that of civil society.
Since then, a possibly millions of exhibitions have been staged, evolving a huger variety of artistic tastes.

We at ArtFacts.Net are glad to invite you to a thrilling journey through 151 years of contemporary art.


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