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Art Gallery of Hamilton

Istituzione Pubblica
Art Gallery of Hamilton
123 King Street West
ON L8P 4S8 Hamilton, ON
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 905 527 6610
fax +1 905 577 6940
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Ve  11:00-18:00
Gio  11:00-20:00
Sa, Do  12:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Karel Appel  344
Fernando Botero  862
Lawren Harris  4974
Gustave Doré  7080
Sadko Hadzihasanovic  8967

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
William Blair Bruce  37423 7
Anne Savage  31005 5

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Canada 34 1
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 28 4
  Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canada 26 5
  Marlborough Contemporary, USA 17 1
  Galerie Simon Blais, Canada 17 1

anno di fondazione: 1914
Kim Adams  1951, CA
Sophie Anderson  1823-1914, FR
Karel Appel  1921-2006, NL
Fernando Botero  1932, CO
William Blair Bruce  1859-1906, CA
William Brymner  1855-1925, CA
Dorothy Cameron  
Antonio Ciseri  1821-1891, CH
Alex Colville  1920-2013, CA
Emily Coonan  1885-1971, CA
Charles-Henri-Joseph Cordier  1827-1905, FR
Maurice Cullen  1866-1934, CA
Jules-Élie Delaunay  1828-1891, FR
Gustave Doré  1832-1883, FR
Jean-Léon Gérôme  1824-1904, FR
Sadko Hadzihasanovic  1959, BA
Lawren Harris  1885-1970, CA
Stephen Livick  
Mihály von Munkácsy  1844-1900, HU
Thomas J. Thomson  1877-1917, CA
An Whitlock  1944, CA
Irene F. Whittome  1942, CA
Badanna Zack  1933, CA
 Mostre anteriori   165
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  Mostra personaliThe World is An Apple: The Still Lifes of Paul Cézanne
  Mostra personaliJenn E. Norton: Dredging a Wake
  Mostra personaliInto the Light: The Paintings of William Blair Bruce (1859 - 1906)
  Mostra personaliKim Adams: One for the Road

  Mostra personaliGraeme Patterson: Secret Citadel
  Mostra collettiveA Play on Nature: Joseph Calleja & Viktor Tinkl
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  Mostra personaliJean-Antoine Houdon: Flayed Man
  Mostra collettiveZidane, A 21st-century Portrait, Douglas Gordon And Philippe Parreno
  Mostra collettiveRhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky: The Searchers
  Mostra collettiveFresh Meet
  Mostra personaliValérie Blass
  Mostra personaliAnselm Kiefer
  Mostra collettiveBy Popular Demand
  Mostra personaliNature and Spirit: Emily Carr's Coastal Landscapes
  Mostra personaliWilliam Kurelek - The Messenger
  Mostra personaliKristin Bjornerud: Safe Harbour
  Mostra personaliMark Lewis: Rush Hour, Morning and Evening, Cheapside
  Mostra collettiveFrom Rude to Rodin

  Mostra personaliAttila Richard Lukacs from the Collection of Salah J. Bachir
  Mostra collettiveBecoming: Photographs from the Collection of John and Ginny Soule
  Mostra collettiveMasters of French Realism
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  Mostra collettiveOut of Place / Non lieu
  Mostra collettiveThe French Connection
  Mostra collettiveElegant Verve: Modern French Graphics from the Collection
  Mostra personaliBrendan Fernandes: New Video Acquisitions
  Mostra collettiveMise-en-scène: Views of France
  Mostra collettivepasse-partout A Century of Canadians in France
  Mostra collettiveVidéoStudio: New Work from France
  Mostra personaliDiane Landry: The Defibrillators
  Mostra personaliEugène Carrière: Shadow and Substance
  Mostra collettiveGreat Masters Series

  Mostra personaliall my little failures: Andrew McPhail
  Mostra collettiveValise Biographique
  Mostra collettiveForging a Path: Quebec Women Artists 1900 - 1965
  Mostra collettiveAnd She Was
  Mostra collettiveConversations
  Mostra personaliBrendan Fernandes: until we fearless
  Mostra personaliCake: Fiona Kinsella
  Mostra collettiveEurope’s Exoticized East
  Mostra personaliRobert Mason
  Mostra collettiveShaped by Light
  Mostra personaliMax Streicher: Architecture of Cloud
  Mostra personaliEnd of the American Road: Terence Byrnes
  Mostra personalidavid merritt: sham
  Mostra collettivePosing Beauty in African American Culture
  Mostra personaliRitual Evidence: Tim Whiten

  Mostra personaliSimon Glass: The Thirteen Attributes of God
  Mostra collettiveLiquid of Rain and Rivers
  Mostra collettiveModernist Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada
  Mostra collettivePhotography into Painting
  Mostra personaliJesse Boles: Crude Landscapes
  Mostra collettiveNature Observed: Dutch Painting at the Art Gallery of Hamilton
Description and image Mostra collettiveTURN ON: Contemporary Italian Art
  Mostra collettiveNew Dawn: Italian Renaissance Art from Canadian Collections
  Mostra personaliGreat Masters Series: Psyche with a Butterfly
  Mostra collettiveOn the Edge of Your Seat: Italian Chairs from the Collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  Mostra collettiveThe Shock of Seven: The Group and Their Contemporaries
  Mostra personaliCanadian Classics: Celebrated Works from the Collection
  Mostra personaliGiovanni Battista Piranesi: Vedute E Capricci
  Mostra collettiveScultori Italiani
  Mostra personaliJean-Pierre Gauthier: Machines at Play
  Mostra collettiveVisual Poetry: The Collection of Pierre Karch and Mariel O’Neill Karch
  Mostra collettiveLiving Spaces: Imagining Hamilton
  Mostra collettiveInspirational: The Collection of H.S. Southam

  Mostra collettiveIl bellissimo panorama: Views of Italy
  Mostra personaliHamilton / New York: Portraits of Sound photographs by Jimmy Katz
  Mostra collettiveLight, Colour, and Grace: The Romeo Paintings Collection
  Mostra personaliInspiration through Struggle: Leonard Hutchinson and The Great Depression
  Mostra personaliPascal Grandmaison
  Mostra collettiveBlood, Sweat and Tears: Labour in Art
  Mostra personaliBaskin in Black and White: TD Waterhouse Great Masters Series
  Mostra personaliIn Motion: The photography of Eadweard Muybridge
  Mostra collettiveGreat New Wave: Contemporary Art from Japan
  Mostra personaliTor Lukasik-Foss - The Monotheatrum
  Mostra collettiveThe Japonisme of Edgar Degas and James Tissot
  Mostra collettiveTD Waterhouse Great Masters Series: Masters of the Ukiyo-e
  Mostra collettiveHome Again: Our Canadian Treasures Return
  Mostra personaliAngkor Wat, Cambodia: Vision of the God-Kings - Photographs by Lois Conner
  Mostra personaliStory Time: Narrative in Contemporary Art
Description Mostra personaliMunkácsy’s Epic Christ before Pilate
Description Mostra personaliOra Markstein
  Mostra personaliHeart of the City
Description Mostra personaliKen Gregory - Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns
Description Mostra collettive2 Artists Time Forgot: Frances Jones (Bannerman) & Margaret Campbell Macpherson

  Mostra personaliThe Word Made Flesh: Images of Devotion
Description Mostra collettiveThe Chic of the Parisienne
  Mostra personaliFrançois Morelli: Table D’Hôte
  Mostra personaliAntoine Plamondon - Milestones of an Artistic Journey
  Mostra personaliRunway - Contemporary Fashion by Richard Robinson
  Mostra personaliGerald Zeldin: Days of Views
  Mostra personaliRoger Vivier - the "Fabergé of Footwear"
Description Mostra personaliRoger Vivier - the "Fabergé of Footwear"
Description  Ghost Signs of Hamilton
  Mostra personaliEdward Steichen Portraits
Description Mostra collettiveCarnival: Scenes from a Spectacle
  Mostra personaliKent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief
  Mostra personaliHenri Rousseau, “Petit Douanier” of Modernism
  Mostra collettiveWit and Whimsy: Folk Art in Canada From the Collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Art Gallery of No
  Mostra collettiveCanadian Folk Art from the Collection of Susan A. Murray
   Around Seven: The Group of Seven & Their Contemporaries
  Mostra collettiveA Visual Bestiary
  Mostra collettiveWild Nature: George McLean and Chris Bacon from the Collection of Mr. David Braley
  Mostra personaliKarel Appel - The Cry of Colour
Description Mostra personaliEdward Steichen - Portraits
  Mostra personaliEdward Steichen: Nature Crystallized
Description Mostra collettiveDomestic Poetry
  Mostra collettiveI.D.
  Mostra personaliNell Tenhaaf - Fit / Unfit
  Mostra collettiveFRAMED - The Art of the Portrait
  Mostra personaliÉdouard Vuillard

  Mostra personaliSusan Kealey: Synopses
  Mostra personaliFerdinando (Fred) Bilanzola - Visual Sensations
  Mostra personaliValeska Soares - Walk on by
  Mostra personaliClarissa Schmidt Inglis - Devotion
  Mostra personaliMarcel Vertès and the Spectacle of Dance
  Mostra personaliSara Angelucci: Everything in My Father’s Wallet/Everything in My Wallet
  Mostra personaliAnna Torma: Entering the Garden
  Mostra collettiveHungarian Splendour: Masterpieces from the National Gallery in Budapest
  Mostra personaliPeter Horvath - Inventory of Being
   The Moving Figure: Canadian and European Sculpture
  Mostra personaliMichel Lambeth - (Re)Producing Identity
  Mostra collettiveA Glimpse of the Sublime through 19th Century Canadian Art
  Mostra personaliVisions of Nature: European Landscapes from the Collection
  Mostra collettiveSublime Embrace: Experiencing Consciousness in Contemporary Art
  Mostra personaliVincent Van Gogh
  Mostra personaliAtelier Series: Shirley Elford
  Mostra personaliC. Wells - White Roma /White Pelee
  Mostra personaliAlan Flint: Commerce
  Mostra personaliChagall's Lyrical Visions
   In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun: Inuit and Sámi Art: 2000 - 2005
  Mostra personaliGREAT MASTERS SERIES Quiet Elegance: Henri Fantin-Latour

  Mostra personaliAganetha Dyck - Walking Closet
  Mostra personaliJane Adeney. Atelier Series
  Mostra collettiveThe Feast - Food in Art
  Mostra personaliRichard Serra - Mantagua
  Mostra personaliAn Whitlock - Means of Escape
  Mostra personaliJohn Massey- Untitled
  Mostra personaliArnaud Maggs - Joseph Beuys, 100 Profile Views
  Mostra collettiveHeaven and Earth Unveiled: European Treasures from the Tanenbaum Collection
  Mostra collettiveLasting Impressions: Celebrated Works from the Art Gallery of Hamilton
   A Lasting Legacy: A.Y. Jackson, Collection Builder
  Mostra personaliGREAT MASTERS SERIES James Tissot Croquet
  Mostra personaliKim Adams: Bruegel-Bosch Bus
  Mostra personaliThe Company We Keep: Exploring Kinship in William Kurelek’s The Polish Canadians
  Mostra personaliWilliam Blair Bruce Memorial Donation

  Mostra collettiveTHE GIFT: Generous Offerings, Threatening Hospitality
  Mostra collettiveZones

  Mostra collettiveAlmost Warm and Fuzzy: Childhood and Contemporary Art

  Mostra personaliLouis Comtois : la lumière et la couleur

  Mostra personaliChristo - Collection on loan from the Rothschild Bank AG, Zurich
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