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Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Istituzione Pubblica
Dunedin Public Art Gallery
30 The Octagon
Nuova Zelanda
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +64 (0)3 4774000
fax +64 (0)3 474 3250

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Claude Monet  214
Edward Burne-Jones  3646
Peter Robinson  3918
Bill Culbert  4240
Laurence Aberhart  4621

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Frances Hodgkins  12428 15
Ralph Hotere  6142 7
Colin McCahon  10780 5

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Auckland Art Gallery, Nuova Zelanda 79 26
  Christchurch Art Gallery, Nuova Zelanda 57 28
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 50 6
  Wellington City Gallery, Nuova Zelanda 44 22
  The National Gallery of Art, USA 42 6

Laurence Aberhart  1949, NZ
Henry Alken  1776-1850, UK
Rita Angus  1908-1970, NZ
Edward le Bas  1904-1966, UK
Edward Burne-Jones  1833-1898, UK
Nicholas Chevalier  1828-1902, AU
John Constable  1776-1837, UK
Walter Crane  1845-1915, UK
George Cruikshank  1792-1878, UK
Bill Culbert  1935, NZ
Don Driver  1930, NZ
Andrew Drummond  1951, NZ
Stanhope Alexander Forbes  1857-1947, IE
Jacqueline Fraser  1956, NZ
William Powell Frith  1819-1909, UK
Thomas Gainsborough  1727-1788, UK
Charles Frederick Goldie  1870-1947, NZ
Kate Greenaway  1846-1901, UK
Jeffrey Harris  1949, NZ
Hiroshige  1797-1858, JP
Frances Hodgkins  1869-1947, NZ
Hokusai  1760-1849, JP
John Hoppner  1758-1810, UK
Ralph Hotere  1931-2013, NZ
Megan Jenkinson  
Richard Killeen  1946, NZ
Thomas Lawrence  1769-1830, UK
John Thomas Linnell  1792-1882, UK
Claude Lorrain  1600-1682, FR
Colin McCahon  1919-1987, NZ
Claude Monet  1840-1926, FR
Milan Mrkusich  1925, NZ
Anne Noble  1954, NZ
Michael Parekowhai  1968, NZ
Peter Peryer  1941, NZ
Lucien Pissarro  1863-1944, FR
Henry Raeburn  1756-1823, UK
Peter Robinson  1965, NZ
Stanley Spencer  1891-1959, UK
James Tissot  1836-1902, FR
Philip Trusttum  1940, NZ
J. M. W. Turner  1775-1851, UK
Petrus van der Velden  1837-1913, NL
Gordon Walters  1919-1995, NZ
Christine Webster  1958
John Weeks  1886-1965, UK
Richard Westall  1765-1836, UK
Lois White  
Robin White  1946, NZ
 Mostre anteriori   187
  Mostra personaliDoris Lusk
  Mostra collettiveRidiculous Sublime
  Mostra personaliYayoi Kusama - The Obliteration Room
  Mostra collettiveLight Switch And Conduit
  Mostra collettiveEugene Hansen & Jenny Gillam - Hometown
  Mostra personaliMargarita Robertson - 3.33.12
  Mostra personaliKate Davis - The Unswept Floor
  Mostra personaliLuke Munn - Seo Story

  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins - Sitting For Frances
  Mostra collettiveThe Future Is A Do-Over
  Mostra personaliJeffrey Harris - Renaissance Days
  Mostra collettiveArchives Te Wahi Pounamu
  Mostra collettiveRebecca Baumann & Brendan Van Hek - Untitled
  Mostra personaliMartin Thompson - Sublime Worlds
  Mostra personaliJae Hoon Lee - Stranger In Strange Land
  Mostra personaliGabrielle Amodeo - Even A Long Human Life Adds Up To Only About 650,000 Hours
  Mostra personaliZina Swanson - For Luck
  Mostra personaliAlice Alva - The Hand Of The Artist Is Present
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins - Lace Collars And Calico
  Mostra collettivePrivate Utopia - Contemporary Art From The British Council Collection
  Mostra personaliEvan Woodruffe - Dodge
  Mostra personaliMary Mcfarlane - Room Temperature

  Mostra personaliNick Austin - The Town Wrist Watch
  Mostra personaliGabriella And Silvana Mangano - Visiting Artists Project
  Mostra personaliErica Van Zon
  Mostra collettiveParallel Play - Frances Hodgkins And Her European Contemporaries
  Mostra collettiveTed Whitaker & Rachel H. Allan - A History Of Things I Once Had
  Mostra personaliBarry Brickell - His Own Steam
Description Mostra collettiveSleight Of Hand
  Mostra personaliPaul Maseyk - One Pot Wonder
  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson - The Cubic Structural Evolution Project
  Mostra collettiveCampaign Furniture
  Mostra personaliLaurence Aberhart - Anzac
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins - Frances Hodgkins In 1913
  Mostra personaliTanya Carlson - Not All White
  Mostra personaliSteve Carr - Stretching Time

  Mostra personaliSeung Yul Oh - Moamoa
  Mostra personaliDerek Ball - High-Tech Fantasy
  Mostra personaliNick Austin - Fallen Picture With Harpoon
  Mostra collettiveHotere Culbert
  Mostra personaliGregory Crewdson - In A Lonely Place
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins - Specular Reflection
  Mostra personaliJack Hadley - Frances Hodgkins Umbrella
  Mostra collettiveAmong The Machines - Australian And Nz Artists
  Mostra personaliSaskia Leek - Desk Collection
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins - Colour And Light
  Mostra personaliGoldin+senneby - M&a
  Mostra collettiveSomeone Else

  Mostra personaliJeffrey Harris - The Melbourne Drawings
  Mostra personaliPhilip James Frost - Forkboy
  Mostra collettiveTrue Stories: Scripted Realities
  Mostra personaliA.h. O'keeffe - Light In The Shadows
  Mostra personaliSir Frank Brangwyn
  Mostra personaliWall of Seahorsel
  Mostra collettiveSound Full - Sound In Contemporary Australian And New Zealand Art
  Mostra personaliPast and Future Clouds
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins
  Mostra personaliFiona Connor
  Mostra personaliThe Fourth Wall
  Mostra personaliWatercolours By Paul Braddon

  Mostra personaliRuth Watson: Myriad Worlds
  Mostra personaliJane Venis: Gymnauseum
  Mostra personaliFiona Pardington: The Pressure of Sunlight Falling
  Mostra collettiveRalph Hotere and Bill Culbert
  Mostra personaliSarah Lucas: NUZ: Spirit of Ewe
  Mostra personaliDane Mitchell: Radiant Matter Part II
  Mostra personaliPieter Hugo: Nollywood
  Mostra personaliJeena Shin: Fractus
  Mostra personaliNina Katchadourian: Seat Assignment
  Mostra personaliReuben Paterson: Te Pūtahitanga ō Rehua
  Mostra personaliJohn Pule: Hauaga (Arrivals)

  Mostra personaliSimon Morris: Black
  Mostra collettiveFieldwork: Eugene Hansen and Andy Thomson
  Mostra personaliDriver '71 - '75
  Mostra personaliJohn Ward Knox
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins: Portraits
  Mostra personaliSéraphine Pick
  Mostra personaliEffigies
  Mostra personaliCao Fei: Utopia
  Mostra personaliMadeleine Child: Sweet As

  Mostra personaliTaryn Simon: An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar
  Mostra personaliCho Duck Hyun, Dark Water: the Antipodes Project
  Mostra personaliDavid Clegg: Rerecordings 2006-2009
  Mostra personaliMiguel Angel Rios
  Mostra personaliTom Kreisler
  Mostra personaliJoanna Langford: The Landless
  Mostra collettiveBill Culbert and Ralph Hotere: P.R.O.P.
  Mostra collettiveRussian Art in New Zealand
  Mostra collettiveI Was Russia
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins: femme du monde
  Mostra personaliBen Buchanan: Sleeps
  Mostra personaliMichael Morley: You Say You Don’t Love Me
  Mostra personaliDi ffrench: Activating Ideas
  Mostra collettiveTe Huringa/Turning Points
  Mostra personaliCatharine Hodson: Touching the Unthinkable
  Mostra personaliJohn James Audubon: a very special gift

  Mostra personaliJoyce Campbell: Ice falls
  Mostra personaliThe Alumni: Peter Stichbury
  Mostra personaliMichele Beevors: Debbie Does Disney
  Mostra personaliRita Angus: Life & Vision
  Mostra personaliJim Cooper: Peppermints and Incense
  Mostra personaliInez Crawford: Bouncy Marae
  Mostra personaliRussell Moses: Garden of Light
  Mostra personaliColin McCahon
  Mostra personaliMary McFarlane: Hikoi
  Mostra personaliRokahurihia Ngarimu-Cameron: Tōku Haerenga
  Mostra personaliThe Colour of Everyday: The European Watercolours of Frances Hodgkins
  Mostra collettiveZeitgeist Becomes Form: German Fashion Photography 1945–1995
  Mostra personaliSpencer Finch: First View
  Mostra personaliJourneywork: The Sculpture of Peter Nicholls
  Mostra personaliJulian Hooper: The Future's Counsel

  Mostra personaliMeg Cranston: The Pleasure of Obvious Problems
  Mostra personaliLaurence Aberhart
  Mostra personaliPaul Cullen: Falsework
  Mostra collettiveCreed
  Mostra personaliJames Robinson: Maker
  Mostra collettiveThe Secret Life of Paint
  Mostra personaliSalla Tykkä: Cave and Zoo
  Mostra personaliGiven: Jewellery by Warwick Freeman
  Mostra personaliReuben Paterson: When the Sun Rises and the Shadows Flee
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins: Earthly Pleasures
  Mostra collettiveAnother View: Photographs from the Seresin Family Collection
  Mostra personaliSimon Denny

  Mostra collettiveWorld's Edge
  Mostra personaliJulia Morison: a loop around a loop
  Mostra collettiveFrances Hodgkins and Edith Collier: The Lessons of St. Ives
  Mostra personaliChiho Aoshima: City Glow
  Mostra collettiveReboot
  Mostra personaliPae White: Going Up?
  Mostra personaliMichael Smither: The Wonder Years
  Mostra personaliJude Rae: Victoria Chambers
  Mostra collettiveThe Op Shop
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins: Leitmotif
  Mostra personaliRohan Wealleans: Tatunka
  Mostra personaliFiona Clark: Go Girl
  Mostra collettiveTall Tales and History Lessons
  Mostra collettivePartners in Paint: Frances Hodgkins and DK Richmond at Home and Abroad
  Mostra personaliJudy Darragh: Frozen Flood
  Mostra collettiveWar and Peace: From the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Collection
  Mostra personaliHandboek: Ans Westra Photographs
  Mostra personaliJeffrey Harris: The Melbourne Drawings
  Mostra personaliKerrie Poliness: Black 0 Wall Drawings 1-6

  Mostra personaliScott McFarlane: Eighty-five Per Cent Reality
  Mostra personaliPeter Robinson: The Humours
  Mostra personaliRebecca Horn: Time Goes By
  Mostra personaliMichel Tuffery: ‘O le Povi Pusa Ma’ataua’ (jewel box of bulls)
  Mostra personaliMaryrose Crook: Bringing all the things that run
  Mostra personaliRalph Hotere Figurative Works: Carnival, Song Cycle and the Woman Series
  Mostra personaliRobin White: Island Life
  Mostra personaliRichard Killeen: Nature, Culture
  Mostra personaliJames Morrison: The Great Tasmanian Wars
  Mostra personaliShirin Neshat: Tooba
  Mostra collettiveShadowplay
  Mostra personaliWalters en Abyme
  Mostra personaliFrank Carpay
  Mostra personaliFrances Hodgkins: Frances, France and the French
  Mostra personaliMichael Reed: Cultural Vulture
  Mostra personaliPip Culbert: 36 Pinnies, NZ
  Mostra personaliJohn Kinder's New Zealand
  Mostra personaliJoanna Braithwaite: Wonderland
  Mostra personaliGretchen Albrecht: Returning

  Mostra personaliFruits: Tokyo Street Style. Photographs by Shoichi Aoki
  Mostra personaliMladen Bizumic -
  Mostra personaliJeffrey Harris
  Mostra personaliBekah Carran: Welcome to Paradise
  Mostra personaliMark Braunias: Lemons and Rats
  Mostra collettiveStephen Mulqueen and Erwin Brinkmann: Tiwai Project
  Mostra personaliPhil Dadson: Polar Projects
  Mostra personaliDaniel von Sturmer: Screen Test
  Mostra personaliChris Braddock: Sanitate
  Mostra personaliBill Culbert: Light Wine Things
  Mostra personaliMaddie Leach: Take Me Down to Your Dance Floor
  Mostra personaliKay Rosen: Big Talk
  Mostra personaliDavid Haines and Joyce Hinterding
  Mostra personaliTeresa Andrew: dis-grace (wool, fat, soap, milk)
  Mostra personaliDouglas Kelaher: Doug's World
  Mostra personaliGregor Kregar: I Appear and Disappear
  Mostra personaliEveryday Miracles: The Art of Stanley Spencer

  Mostra personaliI is She as You to Me

  Mostra personaliJohn Edgar: Calculus
  Mostra collettiveSouthern Heat: Ewan McDougall and Wayne Seyb
  Mostra personaliPeter Siddell: Landscape
  Mostra personaliMark Braunias: First-Time Caller
  Mostra personaliAndrew Drummond
  Mostra personaliGavin Hipkins. The Homely
  Mostra personaliMarti Friedlander

  Mostra personaliPhotographs by David Hockney
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