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Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Galleria Private
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
521 West 21 Street
New York, NY 10011
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1-212-414 4144
fax +1-212-414 1535
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa  10:00-18:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Olafur Eliasson  33
Mark Dion  176
Ernesto Neto  255
Gillian Wearing  283
Rivane Neuenschwander  338

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Charles Long  3459 23
Olafur Eliasson  33 18
Uta Barth  1558 17
Peggy Preheim  11557 16
Ernesto Neto  255 16

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  MoMA PS1, USA 30 13
  Stalke Galleri / Stalke Out Of Space /, Danimarca 25 2
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 23 12
  Analix Forever, Svizzera 22 4
  Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA), USA 21 17

 Mostre   1
22.06. - 28.07. (ancora per piú di 1 mese)
  Mostra personaliMeschac Gaba
anno di fondazione: 1994
Direttore: Tanya Bonakdar
Collaboratori: Ethan Sklar, Director
 Fiere d'Arte
The ADAA Art Show (, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09, 10)
Art Basel Art Basel (95, 99, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
ArtRio (12)
FIAC FIAC (02, 15)
Frieze Art Fair New York (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Frieze London (03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (11)
Uta Barth  1958, DE
Martin Boyce  1967, UK
Sandra Cinto  1968, BR
Phil Collins  1970, UK
Mat Collishaw  1966, UK
Mark Dion  1961, US
Olafur Eliasson  1967, DK
Meschac Gaba  1961, BJ
Siobhán Hapaska  1963, UK
Sabine Hornig  1964, DE
Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler  CH, IE
Carla Klein  1970, NL
Liz Larner  1960, US
Charles Long  1958, US
Rita Lundqvist  1953, SE
Mark Manders  1968, NL
Jason Meadows  1972, US
Ernesto Neto  1964, BR
Rivane Neuenschwander  1967, BR
Susan Philipsz  1965, UK
Peggy Preheim  1963, US
Analia Saban  1980, AR
Tomas Saraceno  1973, AR
Thomas Scheibitz  1968, DE
Hannah Starkey  1971, UK
Haim Steinbach  1944, IL
Dirk Stewen  1972, DE
Jack Strange  1984, UK
Sarah Sze  1969, US
Neal Tait  1965, UK
Jeffrey Vallance  1955, US
Gillian Wearing  1963, UK
Nicole Wermers  1971, DE
 Mostre anteriori   197
  Mostra personaliMartin Boyce: Sleeping Chimneys. Dead Stars
  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson
  Mostra personaliUta Barth
  Mostra personaliRita Lundqvist
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - B 4 U

  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto - The Serpent's Energy Gave Birth To Humanity
  Mostra personaliSlavs and Tatars: Afteur Pasteur
  Mostra personaliNicole Wermers: Givers & Takers
  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto: Two Forces
  Mostra personaliHaim Steinbach
  Mostra personaliMark Dion: Library for the Birds of New York and Other Marvels
  Mostra personaliLisa Oppenheim: Gramma

  Mostra personaliMark Manders
  Mostra personaliSarah Sze
Description Mostra collettiveObjects Food Rooms
  Mostra personaliRivane Neuenschwander
  Mostra personaliTomas Saraceno
  Mostra personaliAnalia Saban: Backyard
  Mostra personaliSusan Philipsz: Part File Score
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim: Archipelago

  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - Up Land
  Mostra personaliAgnieszka Kurant : Variables
  Mostra collettiveThe Bigger Picture - Work From The 1990S
  Mostra personaliMeschac Gaba: Exchange Market
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliJeffrey Vallance - Enamel Paintings: Idols & Villains And Islomania: Key West
  Mostra personaliMichael Wilkinson
  Mostra personaliTeresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler - Eight, Eighteen
  Mostra collettiveBetween The Lines

  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto - Piece Of Silence
  Mostra personaliPhil Collins
  Mostra collettiveambient
  Mostra personaliMartin Boyce - It's over and Over
  Mostra personaliHannah Starkey - In the company of Mothers
  Mostra personaliMark Dion - Drawings, Prints, Multiples and Sculptures
  Mostra personaliSabine Hornig - Transparent Things
  Mostra personaliDirk Stewen - Carpets and Couplets

  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson - Volcanoes and shelters
  Mostra personali Susan Philipsz - The Distant Sound
  Mostra personaliAnalia Saban - Gag
  Mostra personaliTomas Saraceno - Air-Port-City / Cloud Cities
  Mostra collettiveMaybe it's the light that has to change and not much else.
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto - Slow iis goood
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - Minimal Surfaces_Ocean of Hours
  Mostra personaliNicole Wermers - Spray
  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz - A Panoramic View Of Basic Events
  Mostra personaliMat Collishaw - Vitacide

  Mostra personaliUta Barth
  Mostra personaliJack Strange - Deep Down
  Mostra personaliHaim Steinbach - creature
Description Mostra collettivePainting Expanded
  Mostra personaliGillian Wearing - People
  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto - After the Rain
  Mostra collettiveA Gentil Carioca: Ricardo Basbaum, Carlos Contente, Laura Lima, Maria Nepomuceno and Thiago Rocha Pitta
  Mostra personaliJason Meadows
  Mostra personaliLiz Larner
  Mostra personaliMartin Boyce - Winter Palms
  Mostra personaliHubbard/Birchler

  Mostra personaliTomas Saraceno - Cloud Cities Connectome
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - the end (final cut)
  Mostra personaliSarah Sze
  Mostra collettiveMultiple Pleasure: Functional Objects in Contemporary Art
  Mostra personaliIan Kiaer
  Mostra personaliUte Barth - walk without destination and to see only to see
  Mostra personaliSiobhan Hapaska - The Nose that Lost its Dog
  Mostra personaliSusan Philipsz - I See a Darkness
  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson - Multiple shadow house
  Mostra personaliJeffrey Vallance - Relics and Reliquaries
  Mostra collettiveStrange Travelers
  Mostra personaliMark Dion - Travels of William Bartram—Reconsidered

  Mostra personaliMark Manders
  Mostra personaliRita Lundqvist
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein - A reconstruction of a random timeline
  Mostra personaliPhil Collins - when slaves love each other, its not love
  Mostra personaliHannah Starkey
  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz - Missing link in Delphi
  Mostra personaliDirk Stewen - Paper Eye Collection
  Mostra personaliCharles Long

  Mostra collettiveSeeing the Light
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto -
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - Dont Look Now
  Mostra personaliJack Strange - Wallowing
  Mostra personaliMat Collishaw - Deliverance
  Mostra personaliNeal Tait - The Dressmaker Who Lived on the Outskirts
  Mostra personaliSusan Philipsz - Here Comes Everybody
  Mostra personaliTomas Saraceno - Galaxies Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along the Strands of A Spiders Web
  Mostra personaliMiroslav Tichy
  Mostra personaliMark Dion - The Octagon Room
  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto - The difficult journey after Géricault
  Mostra collettiveThe Office (downsized)

  Mostra collettiveThe Office
  Mostra collettiveTook My Hands Off Your Eyes Too Soon
  Mostra personaliUta Barth - Sundial
  Mostra personaliMartin Boyce - We Make an Unsubstantial Territory
  Mostra collettiveLike Leaves
Description Mostra collettiveAgitation and Repose
  Mostra personaliJason Meadows - Frame Narrative
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - Facing Time
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliIan Kiaer - Bruegel project
  Mostra personaliMark Manders
  Mostra personaliNicole Wermers - Doors and Bouncers
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - knowirds
  Mostra personaliSiobhan Hapaska

  Mostra personaliAtelier van Lieshout - Slave City
  Mostra personaliSabine Hornig - Gebilde
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto
  Mostra personaliHannah Starkey
  Mostra personaliRivane Neuenschwander - Other Stories and Stories of Others
  Mostra collettiveSatellites
  Mostra personaliTomas Saraceno - Air-Port-City
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - Monads, Soul Houses, and a Star-Off Machine
  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz - Blick über ein bewohntes Tal (View over a populated valley)
  Mostra personaliDirk Stewen - Even in its blackness, the sky did not rest
  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson - Your engagement sequence
  Mostra personaliPhil Collins
  Mostra collettivePunching Through the Clouds

  Mostra personaliMark Dion - The Curiosity Shop
  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - Configured
  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - Contained
  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - Controlled
  Mostra collettiveAlles. In einer Nacht.
  Mostra personaliUta Barth
  Mostra personaliIan Kiaer - The Grey Cloth
  Mostra personaliJason Meadows - Light Year - Clear Spot
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - Three Sheets to the Wind

  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - Material as Metaphor
  Mostra personaliHubbard - Birchler - House with Pool
  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz - Brot & Spiele
  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - Wher Do We Go From Here
  Mostra personaliAtelier van Lieshout - Humans, Machines and Body Parts
  Mostra personaliSabine Hornig - Schule - School
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - Winter Work
  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto - Under the sun and the stars

  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - Painting on Sculpture
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliIan Kiaer - Endless Theatre Project
  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto - the silent cliff: the gate, the house, the garden, the people
  Mostra personaliElmgreen - Dragset - Phone Home
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim

  Mostra personaliMark Dion - Vivarium
  Mostra personaliUta Barth
  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz - Maus Appetit Dezember
  Mostra personaliJason Meadows - Microcarving
  Mostra personaliSabine Hornig - Out Front
  Mostra personaliSiobhan Hapaska
  Mostra personaliHubbard - Birchler

  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliElmgreen - Dragset
  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto
  Mostra collettiveGroup Show - New Work
  Mostra personaliJason Meadows
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto - Only the amoebas are happy
  Mostra personaliMat Collishaw
  Mostra personaliSabine Hornig
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - Rosebud

  Mostra personaliRobin Lowe - Erehwon
  Mostra personaliOlafur Eliasson - Your now is my surroundings
  Mostra personaliHubbard - Birchler - Arsenal
  Mostra collettiveGroup Show
  Mostra personaliCarla Klein
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto - Only the amoebas are happy
  Mostra personaliMark Dion - Museum of Poison

  Mostra personaliUta Barth - nowhere near
  Mostra collettiveDrawings
  Mostra personaliSandra Cinto - Constructed Happiness
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim

  Mostra personaliThomas Scheibitz
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto - Navedenga and the Ovaloids
  Mostra personaliMat Collishaw - Minor Cuts
  Mostra personaliCharles Long
  Mostra personaliThe inventive velocity versus your inverted veto
  Mostra personaliUta Barth
  Mostra collettivePrecursor

  Mostra personaliSiobhán Hapaska
  Mostra personaliMarcus Baenziger
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - Drawings
  Mostra personaliErnesto Neto
  Mostra personaliCharles Long

  Mostra personaliMat Collishaw - Control Freaks
  Mostra personaliChris Burden
  Mostra personaliRicardo de Oliveira
  Mostra collettiveSummer Exhibition
  Mostra personaliCharles Long - Drawings
  Mostra personaliYour Strange certainty still kept
  Mostra personaliUta Barth
  Mostra collettiveMultiple Pleasure
  Mostra personaliPeggy Preheim - Passing Glances

  Mostra personaliMarkus Baenziger
  Mostra collettiveLeigh Bowery - A Tribute Exhibition
  Mostra personaliItai Doron - Mr. D's Journey to the Heart of Lightness
  Mostra personaliMarcus Harvey
  Mostra collettiveCharles Long and Stereolab - The Amorphous Body Study Center
  Mostra personaliUta Barth

  Mostra collettiveNature Morte
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