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The Cleveland Museum of Art

Istituzione Pubblica
The Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 216 421 7340

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Gerhard Richter  4
Robert Rauschenberg  11
Sigmar Polke  12
Louise Bourgeois  14

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2 10
George Bellows  1583 7
Vincent van Gogh  243 7
Winslow Homer  1953 6
Odilon Redon  598 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 671 94
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 262 41
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 238 17
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 141 73
  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), USA 116 56

anno di fondazione: 1913
Shafti Abbasi  
Valerio Adami  1935, IT
Ansel Adams  1902-1984, US
Robert Adamson  1821-1848, UK
Josef Albers  1888-1976, DE
Jakob Alt  1789-1872, DE
Richard Anuszkiewicz  1930, US
Karel Appel  1921-2006, NL
Frank Auerbach  1931, UK
Francis Bacon  1909-1992, IE
Olle Baertling  1911-1981, SE
Harry S. Barrett  
Jennifer Bartlett  1941, US
Georg Baselitz  1938, DE
Leonard Baskin  1922-2000, US
Christiane Baumgartner  1967, DE
William Baziotes  1912-1963, US
Jayne Hinds Bidaut  1965, US
Peter Blume  1906-1992, US
Louise Bourgeois  1911-2010, FR
Reg Butler  1913-1981, UK
Guoqiang Cai  1957, CN
Alexander Calder  1898-1976, US
Anthony Caro  1924-2013, UK
John Chamberlain  1927-2011, US
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  FR, BG
John Clague  
Francesco Clemente  1952, IT
Chuck Close  1940, US
Robert Colescott  1925-2009, US
Miguel Condé  1939, US
William Congdon  1912-1998, US
Susan Crile  1942, US
David E. Davis  1920-2002, US
Stuart Davis  1894-1964, US
Dorothy Dehner  1901-1994, US
Richard Diebenkorn  1922-1993, US
Burgoyne Diller  1906-1965, US
Marylyn Dintenfass  1943, US
Burhan Dogancay  1929-2013, TR
Edward Dugmore  1915-1996, US
Don Eddy  1944, US
Françoise Gilot  1921, FR
Robert Gober  1954, US
Michael Goldberg  1924-2007, US
Arshile Gorky  1905-1948, US
Red Grooms  1937, US
Philip Guston  1913-1980, US
Jim Hodges  1957, US
Hans Hofmann  1880-1966, US
Richard Hunt  1935, US
Neil Jenney  1945, US
Simen Johan  1973, NO
Jasper Johns  1930, US
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
Alex Katz  1927, US
Craig Kauffman  1932-2010, US
Grace V. Kelly  1877-1950, US
Anselm Kiefer  1945, DE
R.B. Kitaj  1932-2007, US
Franz Kline  1910-1962, US
Gerard Koch  
Willem de Kooning  1904-1997, NL, US
Lee Krasner  1908-1984, US
Guillermo Kuitca  1961, AR
Maurice Lambert  1901-1964, FR
Peter Lanyon  1918-1964, UK
Doris E. Lee  1905-1983, US
Ulrich Lindner  1938, DE
Robert Lobe  1945, US
Morris Louis  1912-1962, US
Loretta Lux  1969, DE
Giacomo Manzù  1908-1991, IT
Conrad Marca-Relli  1913-2000, US
Brice Marden  1938, US
Agnes Martin  1912-2004, CA
Cameron Martin  1970, US
Ira Matteson  
Edwin Mieczkowski  1929, US
Joan Mitchell  1926-1992, US
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Robert Motherwell  1915-1991, US
Elizabeth Murray  1940-2007, US
Ugo Nespolo  1941, IT
Ken Nevadomi  1939, US
Ben Nicholson  1894-1982, UK
Isamu Noguchi  1904-1988, US
George Ortman  1926-2015, US
Philip Pearlstein  1924, US
Hobson Pittman  1898-1972, US
Sigmar Polke  1941-2010, DE
Jackson Pollock  1912-1956, US
Richard Pousette-Dart  1916-1992, US
Robert Rauschenberg  1925-2008, US
Milton Resnick  1917-2004, US
Gerhard Richter  1932, DE
John Rood  1902-1974, US
James Rosenquist  1933-2017, US
Theodore Roszak  1907-1981, US
Mark Rothko  1903-1970, US
Georges Rouault  1871-1958, FR
Kay Sage  1898-1963, US
Berthold Schiwetz  
Linda Schwarz  1963
Richard Serra  1939, US
Joël Shapiro  1941, US
David Alfaro Siqueiros  1896-1974, MX
Leon Polk Smith  1906-1996, US
Tony Smith  1912-1980, US
Pierre Soulages  1919, FR
Theodoros Stamos  1922-1997, US
Julian Stanczak  1928, PL
Saul Steinberg  1914-1999, US, RO
Frank Stella  1936, US
Louis Stettner  1922-2016, US
Rolf Stoll  1892-1978, US
Jack Tworkov  1900-1982, US
Brian Ulrich  1971, US
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Charmion von Wiegand  1896-1983, US
Christopher Wilmarth  1943-1987, US
Yun-Fei Ji  1963, CN
Adja Yunkers  1904-1983, US
William Zorach  1887-1966, US
 Mostre anteriori   437
  Mostra personaliStag at Sharkey’s: George Bellows and the Art of Sports
  Mostra collettiveConverging Lines: Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt
Description Mostra personaliJi Yun-Fei: Last Days of Village Wen

  Mostra personaliJordan Wolfson: Two Early Videos
  Mostra collettiveShadows and Dreams: Pictorialist Photography in America
  Mostra collettiveChinese Landscape Duets of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney
  Mostra collettiveGloria: Robert Rauschenberg & Rachel Harrison
  Mostra personaliRagnar Kjartansson: Song
Description Mostra personaliHostage: The Bachar Tapes
  Mostra personaliTR Ericsson: Crackle & Drag
  Mostra personaliMy Dakota: Photographs by Rebecca Norris Webb
  Mostra collettiveFresh Prints: The Nineties to Now
  Mostra collettiveMusic Video
  Mostra personaliThe Novel and the Bizarre: Salvator Rosa's Scenes of Witchcraft

Description Mostra collettiveFive Pioneers
  Mostra collettiveConstructed Identities
  Mostra collettiveForbidden Games: Surrealist and Modernist Photography
Description Mostra personaliJacob Lawrence: The Toussaint L’Ouverture Series
  Mostra personaliEpic Systems: Three Monumental Paintings by Jennifer Bartlett
Description Mostra collettiveThe Believable Lie: Heinecken, Polke, and Feldmann
  Mostra personaliBeijing: Contemporary and Imperial: Photographs by Lois Conner
  Mostra personaliVan Gogh Repetitions
  Mostra collettiveRemaking Tradition
  Mostra collettiveOur Stories: African American Prints and Drawings

Description Mostra personaliHank Willis Thomas
  Mostra collettiveThe Unicorn
  Mostra personaliAi Weiwei: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads
  Mostra personaliCarrie Mae Weems: Three Decades of Photography and Video
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Vesuvius: The Aftermath of Mount St. Helens by Frank Gohlke and Emmet Gowin

  Mostra personaliFred Wilson: Works 2004–2011
  Mostra personaliPicasso and the Mysteries of Life: Deconstructing La Vie
  Mostra personaliWilliam H. Johnson: An American Modern
  Mostra personaliWork No. 965: Half the air in a given space
  Mostra collettiveYouth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties
  Mostra personaliRembrandt in America

  Mostra personaliChinese Art in an Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi (1904–1965)
  Mostra personaliBrian Ulrich: Copia—Retail, Thrift, and Dark Stores, 2001–11
  Mostra collettiveCle Op: Cleveland Op Art Pioneers

  Mostra personaliKim Beom: Objects Being Taught They Are Nothing But Tools
  Mostra personaliMidwest Modern: the Color Woodcuts of Mabel Hewit
  Mostra personaliThe Jewelry of John Paul Miller
  Mostra personaliAndrew Borowiec: Cleveland Photographs

Description Mostra personaliPaul Gauguin: Paris, 1889
  Mostra personaliToshiko Takaezu: Form without Function
  Mostra personaliFriedlander

  Mostra collettiveArtistic Luxury: Fabergé Tiffany Lalique

  Mostra collettiveImpressionist and Modern Masters from The Cleveland Museum of Art
  Mostra collettiveIcons of American Photography
  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams: A Legacy
  Mostra personaliMonet in Normandy

  Mostra collettiveBarcelona and Modernity
  Mostra collettiveDrawn, Exposed, and Impressed - Recent Works on Paper from the Cleveland Museum

  Mostra personaliMichaël Borremans - Hallucination and Reality
  Mostra collettiveDrawn with Light - Pioneering French Photography
  Mostra collettiveMasterworks from The Phillips Collection

  Mostra personaliLuc Delahaye Photographs - History
  Mostra collettiveNature Sublime - Landscapes from the Nineteenth Century
  Mostra personaliKelly McLane - My Blue-Green Algae
  Mostra personaliTracing Light - Garry Fabian Miller Photographs
  Mostra personaliTrenton Doyle Hancock - Moments in Mound History
  Mostra collettiveModern American Masters - Highlights from the Gill and Tommy LiPuma Collection
  Mostra personaliTime Stands Still - Muybridge and the Instantaneous Photography Movement
  Mostra personaliAftermath - Laura Letinsky Still-Life Photographs

  Mostra personaliVoyage of Discovery - The Landscape Photographs of Ray K. Metzker
  Mostra personaliAssumed Identities - Nikki S. Lee Photographs
  Mostra personaliJasper Johns - Numbers
  Mostra collettiveDrawing Modern - Works from the Agnes Gund Collection
  Mostra personaliPeru 1983 - Aaron Siskind Photographs
  Mostra personaliAernout Mik
  Mostra personaliIndian Temples - Masumi Hayashi Photographs
  Mostra personaliPoints of Light - Sato Tokihiro Photographs
  Mostra collettiveCharles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Collection of American Photography
  Mostra collettiveMetaScape
  Mostra personaliZwelethu Mthethwa - Portraits

  Mostra personaliPhotographs by John Szarkowski
  Mostra collettiveA City Seen
  Mostra personaliGirl Culture - Photographs by Lauren Greenfield
  Mostra personaliElizabeth Catlett - Prints and Sculptures
  Mostra personaliHouse Hunting - Photographs by Todd Hido
  Mostra collettiveLooking at Children - Photographs from the Permanent Collection
  Mostra collettivento the Light: The Projected Image in American Art, 1964–1977
  Mostra personaliBlanche Lazzell and the Color Woodcut
  Mostra personaliInventing the Past - Tintypes by Jayne Hinds Bidaut
  Mostra personaliVisions of India - Photographs by Ram Rahman
  Mostra collettivePhotography Transformed

  Mostra personaliGordon Parks - Photojournalism
  Mostra personaliPicasso's Studio - David Douglas Duncan Photographs
  Mostra personaliSol LeWitt - Incomplete Open Cubes
  Mostra personaliStarlight - David Stephenson Photographs
  Mostra collettiveThe Model Wife - About the Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveHuman Intervention - Contemporary Landscape Photography
  Mostra personaliPeruvian Portraits - Javier Silva Meinel Photographs
  Mostra personaliArchitecture of Silence - David Heald Photographs
  Mostra collettiveArtists Photographing Artists
  Mostra personaliBody/Culture/Spirit: Photographs by Maria Magdelena Campos-Pons

  Mostra personaliYasuhiro Ishimoto Photographs: Traces of Memory
  Mostra personaliSheron Rupp Photographs: In Montana with Beth
  Mostra personaliImage and Enterprise: The Photographs of Adolphe Braun
  Mostra collettiveFaces of Impressionism - Portraits from American Collections
  Mostra personaliLynn Geesaman Photographs: Poetics of Place
  Mostra personaliJeff Brouws Photographs of Cleveland: A City Renewed

  Mostra personaliJacob Lawrence's Toussaint L
  Mostra personaliThe Lithographs of Jean Dubuffet
  Mostra personaliEdward Weston - photography and modernism
  Mostra personaliJacques-Henri Lartigue Photographs: Automobiles
  Mostra collettiveBugatti
  Mostra personaliStephane Couturier Photographs: Urban Archaeology
  Mostra personaliGraciela Iturbide Photographs: Visions of Mexico
  Mostra personaliDiego Rivera - Art and Revolution
  Mostra personaliR. Clarke-Davis Photographs: In Between

  Mostra personaliMediterranean: Photographs by Mimmo Jodice
  Mostra collettiveCleveland Collects Contemporary Art
  Mostra personaliBackwaters: Landscape Photographs by Thomas Joshua Cooper
  Mostra personaliJasper Johns: Process and Printmaking
  Mostra personaliMark Klett Photographs of Japan: Shikata Ganai
  Mostra personaliAndrea Modica Photographs: Treadwell
  Mostra personaliAbelardo Morell Photographs: Pictured Pages
  Mostra personaliJoel Sternfeld Photographs: On This Site

  Mostra personaliPeople Working: Photographs by Lee Friedlander
  Mostra personaliCatherine Wagner Photographs: Investigating Matter
  Mostra personaliJacques Bellange: 17th-Century Printmaker of Lorraine
  Mostra personaliJohn Pfahl Photographs: Niagara Sublime
  Mostra personaliBirney Imes Photographs: Whispering Pines
  Mostra personaliA Graphic Odyssey: Romare Bearden as Printmaker
  Mostra personaliKenro Izu Photographs: Light Over Ancient Angkor
  Mostra personaliFabergé in America
  Mostra personaliThomas Eakins: The Rowing Pictures
  Mostra personaliSol LeWitt Prints 1970-1995
  Mostra personaliPoetic Pasts: Digital Photography by Martina Lopez

  Mostra personaliMary Ellen Mark Photographs: Indian Circus
  Mostra personaliMetamorphosis: Cindy Sherman Photographs
  Mostra personaliShimon Attie Photographs: Writing on the Wall
  Mostra personaliDebbie Fleming Caffery Photographs: Dreams of Mexico
  Mostra personaliGustave Baumann: Hands of a Craftsman, Heart of an Artist
  Mostra personaliRobert Glenn Ketchum: Landscape Photographs
  Mostra personaliWillie Robert Middlebrook Photographs: Portraits of My People

  Mostra personaliPoussin - works on paper from the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  Mostra personaliIsamu Noguchi: Early Abstraction
  Mostra personaliToshio Shibata: Landscape Photographs
  Mostra personaliDorothy Dehner: Prints, Drawings, Sculpture
  Mostra personaliAlbert Chong Photographs

  Mostra personaliSandy Walker: Woodblock Prints
  Mostra personaliAndrew Borowiec Photographs: After the Deluge
  Mostra personaliJo Ann Callis Photographs: Color Mysteries
  Mostra personaliDawoud Bey Photographs: Portraits

  Mostra collettiveMary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot
  Mostra personaliHenry Keller: Paintings of a Traveler
  Mostra personaliAnsel Adams: The Early Years
  Mostra personaliSally Gall Photographs
  Mostra personaliCarl Chiarenza Photographs

  Mostra personaliRichard Long Photographs: Art of Walking
  Mostra personaliLynn Davis: Recent Photographs of Egypt
  Mostra personaliNan Coulter: War Decor: Photographs in America
  Mostra personaliMichael Kenna: Photographs of England
  Mostra personaliPicasso and Things: The Still Lifes of Picasso

  Mostra personaliMasahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens
  Mostra personaliRay K. Metzker: Landscape Photographs

  Mostra personaliEvelyn Svec Ward Retrospective
  Mostra personaliA Tribute to Frederick L. Hollendonner, 1928-1990
  Mostra personaliLinda Butler: Photographs of Japan
  Mostra personaliReckoning with Winslow Homer: His Late Paintings and Their Influence
  Mostra collettiveReal Life: Prints by Winslow Homer and George Bellows
  Mostra personaliPhotographing the Coast of Maine: Henry G. Peabody
  Mostra personaliRobert Motherwell's A la Pintura
  Mostra personaliMichael Spano: Sequential Photographs
  Mostra personaliBourke-White: A Retrospective
  Mostra personaliWilliam Earle Williams: Photographs of the Gettysburg Battlefield

  Mostra personaliRobert Lobe: Recent Sculptures
  Mostra personaliCervin Robinson: Cleveland, Ohio
  Mostra personaliHiroshi Sugimoto: Seascape Photographs
  Mostra personaliFrancesco Clemente: India
  Mostra personaliHelen Levitt Photographs
  Mostra personaliBrassai: The Secret Paris of the 1930s
  Mostra personaliLucian Freud: Works on Paper
  Mostra personaliAgnes Martin: Recent Paintings
  Mostra personaliLucas Samaras Photographs
  Mostra personaliWhite Lights in Leningrad: Work in Progress by Joel Meyerowitz

  Mostra personaliThe Magic Garden of Josef Sudek
  Mostra personaliJoel Shapiro - recent sculptures and drawings
  Mostra personaliJohn Gossage: Photographs of Berlin
  Mostra personaliEileen Cowin: Photographic Tableaus
  Mostra personaliPicasso and the Spanish Civil War
  Mostra personaliBarbara Bosworth: Photographs of Sacred Ohio Indian Mounds
  Mostra personaliAlex Katz - Nocturnal paintings
  Mostra personaliRichard Misrach: Color Photographs
  Mostra personaliMilton Rogovin Photographs: Portraits Revisited
  Mostra personaliLois Conner: Photographs of China

  Mostra personaliW. Eugene Smith - Let truth be the prejudice
  Mostra collettiveEmmet Gowin and Richard Pare: Views of the Middle East
  Mostra personaliRobert Arneson - Portrait Sculptures
  Mostra personaliZeke Berman Photographs
  Mostra personaliPaul Klee
  Mostra personaliMarie Cosindas: Color Photographs
  Mostra personaliSol LeWitt - wall drawings
  Mostra personaliLeon Borensztein: Portrait Photographer

  Mostra personaliWilliam Wegman: Color Photographs
  Mostra personaliDennis Oppenheim
  Mostra personaliAlvin Langdon Coburn: A Retrospective
  Mostra personaliRobert Frank: New York to Nova Scotia
  Mostra personaliLee Friedlander: Photographs of Cleveland
  Mostra personaliRichard Long
  Mostra personaliJan Groover Photographs
  Mostra personaliJudy Rifka Paintings
  Mostra personaliWilliam Rimmer: 1816-1879
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Nicholas Nixon
  Mostra personaliJennifer Bartlett: Recent Work

  Mostra collettivePrints by Toulouse-Lautrec and Pierre Bonnard
  Mostra personaliWilliam Clift: Photographs of Mont Saint-Michel
  Mostra personaliGeorge Inness: An American Landscape Painter
  Mostra personaliRobert Adams: Landscape Photography
  Mostra personaliKenneth Snelson: Panoramic Views of Venice
  Mostra personaliThe Work of Atget: The Ancien Regime

  Mostra personaliBernardo Cavallino of Naples
  Mostra collettiveThe Cleveland Museum of Art Presents Four Cleveland Artists
  Mostra personaliOdilon Redon: Dream Creatures and Anemones
  Mostra personaliLoie Fuller

  Mostra personaliFrank Stella Prints: 1967-1982
  Mostra personaliHarry Callahan Photographs
  Mostra personaliFairfield Porter: Realist Painter in an Age of Abstraction
  Mostra personaliDurer: German Master Printmaker
  Mostra collettiveGoya, Gericault, and Delacroix

  Mostra personaliPaul Travis: Africa, 1927-1929
  Mostra collettiveCleveland Masters from The Cleveland Museum
  Mostra personaliGeorge Bellows Prints: Centennial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliMarcel Breuer: Furniture and Interiors

  Mostra personaliRonald B. Kitaj
  Mostra personaliHenri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer
  Mostra collettiveContemporary artists
  Mostra personaliKandinsky Watercolors
  Mostra personaliPhilip Guston: The Last Works
  Mostra personaliWhistler

  Mostra personaliPaintings by Abel (Buck) Warshawsky
  Mostra personaliThe Most Remarkable Scenery: Thomas Moran's Watercolors of the American West
  Mostra collettiveStefano della Bella, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, Jacques Bellange, Jacques Callot
  Mostra personaliKathe Kollwitz

  Mostra personaliChardin

  Mostra personaliMary Cassatt
  Mostra collettivePhotographs by Minor White and Robert Frank
  Mostra collettiveFour contemporary painters
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Aaron Siskind
  Mostra personaliConstantin Guys - Crimean War drawings, 1854-1856
  Mostra personaliFrancisco Goya y Lucientes 1746-1828
  Mostra personaliThe Graphic Work of Max Klinger
  Mostra collettive7 artists, contemporary drawings
  Mostra personaliThe graphic art of Federico Barocci

  Mostra personaliEdvard Munch: The Major Graphics

  Mostra personaliMinor White Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliThe Prints of Winslow Homer

  Mostra personaliJohann Liss
  Mostra collettiveLandscapes, interior and exterior
  Mostra personaliNevelson: Wood Sculptures

  Mostra personaliAlberto Giacometti: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveAspects of the figure

  Mostra collettiveContemporary American artists
  Mostra personaliPrints by Yozo Hamaguchi
  Mostra personaliIn Memoriam - Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973
  Mostra personaliThe Collages of Robert Motherwell: A Retrospective Exhibition

  Mostra personaliClarence H. White Photographs
  Mostra personaliEdward Lear in Greece
  Mostra personaliMiro - sculptures

  Mostra personaliPrints by Lyonel Feininger
  Mostra personaliPicasso: Master Printmaker

  Mostra personaliJasper F. Cropsey

  Mostra personaliThe Art of Henry O. Tanner

  Mostra personaliGeorge Caleb Bingham

  Mostra personaliWorks of Richard Lindner
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Morris Louis
  Mostra personaliThe Work of Ron Kitaj
  Mostra personaliSculpture by Richard Hunt
  Mostra personaliThe Work of John Chamberlain

  Mostra personaliWorks by Roy Lichtenstein
  Mostra personaliWork of George Cohen
  Mostra personaliWork of Richard Anuszkiewicz
  Mostra personaliJosef Albers

  Mostra personaliSketches by Constable
  Mostra personaliThe Boxes of Joseph Cornell
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer, Portrait of America
  Mostra personaliPiero Dorazio
  Mostra personaliJacques Callot

  Mostra personaliThe Private World of John Singer Sargent
  Mostra personaliJuvenal Sanso
  Mostra personaliAuguste Rodin: An Exhibition of Sculptures and Drawings
  Mostra personaliTurner Watercolors

  Mostra personaliMark Tobey
  Mostra personaliGeorge Bellows Lithographs
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Gabor Peterdi
  Mostra personaliJulio Gonzalez

  Mostra personaliVincent van Gogh - paintings, watercolors and drawings
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Werner Drewes
  Mostra personaliThe Work of Maurice B. Prendergast

  Mostra personaliLyonel Feininger: Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliPrints by Shiko Munakata

  Mostra personaliRecent work of Peter Takal
  Mostra personaliThe Decisive Moment: Photographs, 1930-1957, by Henri Cartier-Bresson
  Mostra personaliSculpture by Maillol

  Mostra personaliCharles E. Burchfield Retrospective Exhibition
  Mostra personaliBaron Antoine-Jean Gros: Painter of Battles: The First Romantic Painter
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by William Garnett
  Mostra personaliThe Family of Man: The Photography of Edward Steichen
  Mostra personaliWork of Charles Meryon

  Mostra personaliRudy Pozatti
  Mostra personaliWork of Rudy O. Pozzatti
  Mostra personaliThe Sculpture of Jacques Lipchitz

  Mostra personaliPrints and drawings by Walter R. Rogalski
  Mostra personaliTextiles by Mariska Karasz
  Mostra personaliColor Lithographs by Raoul Dufy: La Fee Electricite
  Mostra personaliDrawings of Henry Fuseli
  Mostra personaliEdouard Vuillard

  Mostra personaliJose Clemente Orozco Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliThe drawings of Charles E. Burchfield
  Mostra personaliCarl Gaertner Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliPaintings and Drawings of Ingres
  Mostra personaliWork of Georges Rouault

  Mostra personaliWalter Gropius, Architect and Teacher
  Mostra personaliThe Work of Antonio Frasconi
  Mostra personaliWork of Wassily Kandinsky
  Mostra personaliPaintings and Drawings by Ingres. from the Ingres Museum at Montauban
  Mostra personaliHenri Matisse

  Mostra personaliOdilon Redon - pastels and drawings
  Mostra personaliWork of James Ensor
  Mostra personaliThe work of Lyonel Feininger
  Mostra personaliModigliani - paintings, drawings, sculpture
  Mostra personaliToulouse-Lautrec. Masterpieces from the collection of the Lautrec Museum, Albi, France

  Mostra personaliThe Henry G. Keller Memorial Exhibition

  Mostra personaliMexico: Photographs by Fritz Henle
  Mostra personaliMatisse Drawings
  Mostra personaliWork of Le Corbusier
  Mostra personaliPierre Bonnard
  Mostra personaliGeorges Braque: A Retrospective Exhibition

  Mostra personaliWork by Vincent Van Gogh
  Mostra collettiveWork of Reginald Marsh and Stevan Dohanos
  Mostra personaliPortraits by Henry P. Boynton: Cleveland Artists and Craftsmen

  Mostra personaliExhibition of the Work of Louis Sullivan: Architectural Photographs
  Mostra personaliSalvador Dali
  Mostra personaliPhotographs by Edward Weston
  Mostra personaliEdgar Degas

  Mostra personaliGoya Aquatints
  Mostra personaliLithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Stow Wengenroth

  Mostra personaliMexico: Photographs by Fritz Henle
  Mostra personaliPrints by Odilon Redon
  Mostra personaliDrawings and Lithographs by Leon Kroll
  Mostra personaliRetrospective Exhibition of Paintings by Charles Burchfield

  Mostra personaliThe Graphic Art of Henry G. Keller
  Mostra personaliBritish Champion Animal Sculpture by Herbert Haseltine

  Mostra personaliLithographs by Joseph Pennell
  Mostra personaliEngraved Portraits by Robert Nanteuil
  Mostra personaliEugene Berman Retrospective
  Mostra personaliJerome Myers Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliWorks by Salvador Dali

  Mostra personaliWater Color Drawings by William Blake illustrating The Pilgrim's Progress
  Mostra personaliWork of Childe Hassam
  Mostra personaliCharles H. Woodbury Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliMemorial Exhibition of the Work by George Pop Hart
  Mostra personaliWork by Edmund Blampied

  Mostra personaliPicasso: His Forty Years of Art
  Mostra personaliPrints of Kathe Kollwitz

  Mostra personaliWilliam J. Glackens Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliPrints from Woodcuts and Blocks by Paul Gauguin
  Mostra personaliPrints of John Marin

  Mostra personaliPaintings by Matisse
  Mostra personaliEmbroideries and Rugs designed and worked by Marguerite Zorach

  Mostra personaliPaintings and Drawings by Theodore Gericault
  Mostra personaliThe Work of Honore Daumier
  Mostra personaliThe Work of Wassily Kandinsky
  Mostra collettiveCubism and Abstract Art

  Mostra personaliLithographs by George Bellows
  Mostra collettivePrints by Piranesi and Canaletto
  Mostra personaliWorks by Vincent Van Gogh
  Mostra personaliPhotographs of India by Fritz Henle

  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Arthur B. Davies

  Mostra personaliBronzes by Herbert Hazeltine lent by Mr. and Mrs. Parmely W. Herrick
  Mostra personaliLithographs by Fantin-Latour
  Mostra personaliPlates of The North American Indian, by Edward S. Curtis
  Mostra personaliMemorial Exhibition of Lithographs by Glenn O. Coleman
  Mostra personaliLithographs by James A. McNeill Whistler

  Mostra personaliSculpture by Carl Milles

  Mostra personaliPaintings by Albert Gos

  Mostra collettiveMemorial Exhibition of Paintings by Thomas Eakins, Albert P. Ryder, and J. Alden Weir
  Mostra personaliThe Joseph Pennell Memorial Exhibition

  Mostra personaliSculpture and Drawings by Aristide Maillol
  Mostra personaliPrints and Drawings by Emil Fuchs
  Mostra personaliSculpture in Wood by Alec Miller
  Mostra personaliThe George Wesley Bellows Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliThe Maurice Prendergast Memorial Exhibition

  Mostra personaliThe Max Bohm Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Antoine Carte
  Mostra personaliLithographs by Joseph Pennell
  Mostra personaliExhibition of Prints and other Works by Henry G. Keller
  Mostra personaliPrints by Alphonse Legros

  Mostra collettiveExhibition of paintings : Edouard Manet, Pierre Renoir, Berthe Morisot
  Mostra personaliWork by Jean Louis Forain
  Mostra collettivePaintings by Ramon and Valentin de Zubiaurre
  Mostra collettiveNew Paintings by Winslow Homer, Homer D. Martin, and Henry Golden Dearth

  Mostra personaliEtchings, Drypoints, and Drawings by Mary Cassatt, lent by Robert Hartshore and Charles T. Brooks

  Mostra collettiveWestern Etchings by George Elbert Burr, Charles W. Dahlgreen, Ralph M. Pearson, and Bror J. Nordfelt
  Mostra personaliEtchings by Charles A. Platt
  Mostra collettiveEtchings by Lester G. Hornby, Troy Kinney and Arthur W. Heintzelman
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Gaston de LaTouche
  Mostra personaliDrawings and Sketches by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel
  Mostra personaliMemorial exhibition of etchings by Otto Henry Bacher
  Mostra personaliLoan Exhibition of Etchings by Frank W. Benson
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Arthur H.K. Hammond lent by Dow Chemical Co.

  Mostra personaliLithographs by Henri Fantin-Latour lent by Ralph King
  Mostra personaliCleveland-Owned Etchings and Lithographs by Auguste Lepere
  Mostra personaliMedallions by Josiah Wedgewood
  Mostra personaliPaintings by William Ritschel
  Mostra personaliPaintings, Drawings and Etchings by Charles H. Woodbury
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Jean-Julien Lemordant
  Mostra personaliWork by James McNeill Whistler owned in Cleveland
  Mostra personaliOil Paintings by Abel George Warshawsky

  Mostra personaliFlower Paintings by Mabel Key
  Mostra personaliHenry Golden Dearth Memorial Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveEtchings by Anders Leonard Zorn and David Young Cameron
  Mostra collettiveArchitectural Drawings and Sketches by Wilson Eyre and John Gilbert McIllvaine
  Mostra personaliPaintings and Sketches by Boris Anisfeld

  Mostra personaliPhotographs by H. Ravell
  Mostra personaliWar lithographs by Lucien Jonas
  Mostra personaliWood-Block Prints by Gustave Baumann
  Mostra personaliWood-Block Prints by Rudolph Ruzicka
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Henry Caro-Delvaille
  Mostra personaliMedals by Theodore Spicer-Simson
  Mostra personaliEtchings by Rembrandt lent by J. Pierpont Morgan
  Mostra collettivePaintings by George Gardner Symons, James R. Hopkins, and Frederick C. Frieseke
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Andrew T. Schwartz
  Mostra personaliSculptures by Mrs. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
  Mostra personaliLithographs and Drawings of American War Works by Vernon Howe Bailey
  Mostra personaliPaintings, Drawings, and Lithographs of New York by William Jean Beauley
  Mostra personaliPaintings by Frederic Clay Bartlett

  Mostra collettiveWatercolors by Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent
  Mostra personaliRodin Memorial Exhibit
  Mostra personaliCartoons Pertaining to the World War by Louis Raemaekers
  Mostra personaliEtchings & Dry-Points by Whistler
  Mostra personaliJohn White Alexander Memorial Exhibit
  Mostra personaliLithographs by Fantin-Latour lent by Charles L. Freer
  Mostra personaliPastels by John McLure Hamilton lent by the artist and Mrs. Edward H. Harriman

  Mostra personaliBronzes by Paul Manship
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