Professional Analytics

ArtFacts.Net™'s artist Career Analysing Tool is unique in the art world. The artist career analyser calculates and evaluates the exhibitions of every artist in our database and compares the results on a yearly basis. The simple thesis is that the greater number of shows the artist has the greater the will be the fame of a particular artist. Familiarity generates demand.

Based on the idea that the exhibition career of an artist can predict the market career of an artist, ArtFacts.Net™ developed the artist Career Analysing Tool.

Our tool is aimed at art professionals, providing them with the ability to monitor the career of hundreds of thousands of contemporary artists by visualising key market information.

The Career Analysing Tool reveals two graphs. The first graph visualises the artists exhibition career and the second one his/her auction career.

The art professional can monitor up to four artists in one graph to compare their exhibition and market careers.

Furthermore, a trend line can be added and the time frame can be adjusted.

Career Analyser

The Career Analyser Tool examines an artist's career in the ranking system from two further perspectives: the position in the ranking and the score for each exhibition - both results are calculated over the years. The last object of the analysis is the "Peer Group": on the basis of the different ranking careers, we detect the artist's artistic entourage that is the artists with whom he/she usually exhibits in group exhibitions.

Working with the secondary market data starting from 2000 (source, ArtFacts.Net™, in collaboration with, made it possible to have a detailed and in depth analysis of an artist's career in the auction market and produced the Auction Analyser Tool.

The tool examines the following aspects: quantitative analysis, localisation and characterisation of the markets; sales volumes, top sells, beaten prices and bids; absolute and average values relative to the used medium and the period of production; analysis of the "Peer Group".

The Analytical Section combines a transparent and complete set of instruments that have been designed to help people, both professionals and art-lovers, orientate themselves in the world of modern and contemporary art. The end results show the market's development without distortions and without answering to a logic of commercial or personal interest. We do not pass criticism on artists, we only place an analytic and cognitive tool at your disposal.