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  • Art Fair Tokyo May 11 - 14

    4. May. 2016

    Art Fair Tokyo May 11 - 14

    Dear, on behalf of SODA gallery, it is our greatest pleasure to invite you to the Art fair TOKYO 2016 which will take place in Tokyo International Forum. We highly appreciate our standing relations and value your ardent collecting sense. We are content to announce that our gallery will be exhibiting

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  • Shanghart First Time At Frieze New York 2016

    29. Apr. 2016

    Shanghart First Time At Frieze New York 2016

    XU ZHEN / MADEIN | 徐震 - 没顶公司出品: New (Marsyas) | 新(马息阿斯) 2016 With works by: BIRDHEAD 鸟头, DING Yi 丁乙, JIANG Pengyi 蒋鹏奕, LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基, XU Zhen / MadeIn 徐震 - 没顶公司出品, PU Jie 浦捷, SUN Xun 孙逊, YANG Fudong 杨福东,

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  • P420 at Frieze New York

    29. Apr. 2016

    P420 at Frieze New York

    Milan Grygar (Slovakia, 1926) solo show booth D33 If you wish to receive an invitation please do not esitate to contact us for the gallery preview please write us an e-mail P420 Via Azzo Gardino 9 40122 Bologna Italy tel +39 (0)51 - 484 79 57 cellular 3205635213 Send E-mail Opening hours: We, Fr

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