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  • 13. Jan. 2017

    Mammalia Opening At Tête

    Tête presents Mammalia, the first collaborative exhibition by Berlin-based artists Catherine Evans and Piotr Pietrus. Working across sculpture and photography, the artists mine the mythological origin of the Milky Way to uncover stellar traces in smaller, earth-bound cosmos. In this exhibition the artists will create a large-scale wall installation where roughly cut

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  • 9. Jan. 2017

    Book presentation: P74 Gallery, Wednesday, 11/1/2017 at 6 pm

    The Second Explosion: The 1990s the book Book presentation: P74 Gallery, Wednesday, 11/1/2017 at 6 pm. You are cordially invited to join Božo Repe, Tadej Pogačar, Barbara Sterle Vurnik and Dejan Habicht in a public presentation of the book The Second Explosion – The 1990s at P74 Gallery, Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1,

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  • 31. Dec. 2016

    Art Stage Singapore 2017

    Wei-Ling Gallery is delighted to announce their participation in Art Stage 2017 in Singapore. Art Stage Singapore is hailed as the most prominent art fair in South East Asia, and will bring together over 120 galleries from 27 countries. This marks the gallery’s 6th time participating in Art Stage, following

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