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  • 8. Dec. 2016

    Edition 2016 Soda Gallery - December 7, 2016 At 7pm

    Cordially invite You to the opening of exhibition in SODA gallery EDITION 2016 SODA gallery Opening: December 7, 2016, at 7pm On view: December 7 - December 13, 2016 Group exhibition of 15 artists titled Edition 2016 is a sort of continuation of the annual project SODA gallery with Christmas Bestseller but

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  • 8. Dec. 2016

    Invitation to Advent celebration

    Dear friends of Lausberg Contemporary, we would be pleased to welcome you and your friends to our Advent celebration on Sunday, December 18th, 4-8 pm In addition to the space illusionistically lightboxes by Hans Kotter you can enjoy music by Zuzana Ermlová at the violoncello and Aleksandar Filic at the

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  • 7. Dec. 2016

    Schaudepot - Galerie Rothamel Erfurt

    Dear friends, for a few days now our new display repository has been finished and this week it will be equipped.From now on, visitors of our Erfurt gallery will always have an insight into our entire program.On the first floor of the new building, our series "public eye" will be launched

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