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ArtFacts.Net™ is published in 5 languages and is delivered in a user-friendly, interactive environment that we think you'll enjoy checking out.

ArtFacts.Net™ prides itself on giving a clear vision of the contemporary art world. We publish unbiased and verified content provided by our business partners, clients (galleries, museums, art centres and associations) and others from the art community across the globe.

Entry to ArtFacts.Net™ is usually via one of three levels: the Artist pages, the Exhibition pages or the Gallery pages.


The artist pages rank different artists according to the number of their current exhibitions. On the artist pages you have the option to view the artist's biography page, with information on their current and archived exhibitions, gallery representation, museum collections, and works of art. From these pages you can also select to see information for any art institution connected to the artist. You can also select to view their current or past exhibitions.


The exhibition pages list current and upcoming exhibitions in geographical order. These pages give you access to the listings for a particular city and individual exhibition pages where can see an image and a press release for particular exhibitions. Exhibition pages are also equipped with a forwarding tool, which enable you to send the page to a friend. You can easily click through from the gallery pages to the biography pages of the presenting artists.


The gallery pages lists galleries, museums and other art institutions in geographical order. From these pages you can quickly access a city's listings or view an information page for a specific institution detailing their current and archived exhibitions, represented artists, contact information and works of art. From the gallery pages you can also select to view a particular artist's biography page or an exhibition page. You also have the option to investigate further via a link to the art institution's website or to visit a city map. From the gallery pages you can, if you want, also email the institution directly.